“I’m gonna make you scream.”


Derek’s hot breath tickles against your breasts before he flips you on the stomach. From second to second you’re getting more excited and you’re sure that he could smell your arousal in the entire loft.
Rough hands bring you now in a kneeling position, his erection throbs against your ass cheek and you spread your legs a little wider for him.
Both of you groaning as he guides the tip of his cock against your entrance before moving his hips forward.
“I’m gonna make you scream.” He growls.

And like a good boyfriend he keeps his promise..

neko-crimson  asked:

if coran has been asleep for 10000 years then where is he getting the glasses from? did he just fall out of the cryostasis pod wearing like 10 different pairs on top of each other or what?

Cool-Ran only wore one pair in the cryopod because he’s cultured. He of course keeps a personal cryopod of sunglasses. 



“You look beautiful today.”
“You like it when I touch you there?”


“You look beautiful today.” Sam smiles, standing in the doorframe while you get dressed.
“So, I looked ugly yesterday?” Cockily you raise an eyebrow at him through the mirror and he laughs quietly, shaking his head.
“Of course not.”
Warm, strong arms wrapping around your body and he nudges his face in the crook of your neck. Your eyes close in enjoyment as his hands trail over the skin of your stomach.
“You like it when I touch you there?” He asks as he notices your goosebumps and you nod.
His hands sliding deeper in your pants, playing with the waistband of your panties.
“Dean is waiting for us.” You mumble and lean in the touch with a small moan.
“He can wait a little longer..”

“The only thing I want is you.”
“You taste so good.”


Anger rushing through his veins as he sees her talking to another guy. He should laugh it off, shooting him in the head and punish her.
But the way she smiles at him let him stop.

Did she ever smiled at him like that?

Possessive he grabs her arm and pulls her away from the guy.
“What are you doing?” She struggles out of his grip and looks at him with glowing eyes.
For seconds they stare each other in the eyes as she seems to realize why he’s so angry.
“Oh Jerome, the only thing I want is you.” She purrs, slightly submissive as she nips at his lower lip. “I’m yours.”
Normally it’s her on the knees, but he can’t help himself as he goes down on her. Her eyes widen in surprise as he pulls her skirt up and rips the panties from her body. She leans back with a small moan as he spreads her legs and inhales her scent. The tip of his tongue runs through her folds.
“You taste so good.” He praises her like a brave pet, knowing that he’s still in charge, even when she’s above him..

it is sometimes hard to understand how
to hold something so soft & wild

to watch him redden the sky โ€“ a burning
match thrown right into the mouth of morning

where his skin is an arctic fox goldbricked
in the manger of a russian wintergray

is percussed sakura coupling
with the tokyo snow; handprints

hushed over a boudoir grand piano
the octaves jumping out like indus river

dolphins. if he says my body is beautiful
like a rubato of waves โ€“ fluting & crescendos

then i am nomadic as a shepherd on the seif
dunes of his stomach; gibbous & silvered

—  Scherezade Siobhan, Between Lettuce & LSD

“I love you.. like a lot, but please stop cooking. You suck at it.”


It’s a little bit weird to see Daryl cooking and the way he looks in the pot tells you that he feels the same way.
“Ya like to taste?” He asks and you agree with a nod as he gets a spoon for you.
Waiting he looks at you as you put a little sauce on the spoon and cost. It breaks a little your heart to tell him the following words.
“I love you… like a lot.” You start easy on him. “But please stop cooking. You suck at it.”
A snort in disbelief is the response as he takes the spoon and licks the rest of sauce from it. You giggle quietly as he grimaces.
“Come, I try to safe what’s left of it and you set the table.”
He agrees with a nod, but not before giving you a short kiss on the temple.