Terkadang kekecewaan itu datang dari hal-hal yang benar-benar sepele.
Coba sesekali kita buka satu-persatu lembaran masa lalu. Belajarlah dari paragraf-paragrafnya, cermati tiap kalimat-kalimatnya, pada tiap frasa-nya yang sekarang begitu cepat menguap menjadi penyesalan.
Sahabat, mari tag dan tuliskan nasihatmu dalam movement
@penggerakhati..!! semoga menjadi langkah menyenangkan menuju kebaikan.
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Watching my team play: Manchester United version

Kick off:

When the opposing team scores first:

When your team equalizes:

When nothing happens for a while:


The ref makes an unfair decision:

The other team is awarded a penalty and scores:

a player injures you team player:

Your team equalizes again:

There’s 2 minutes left in the game… AND YOUR TEAM SCORES THE WINNING GOAL:

when you’re goalkeeper saves the final dangerous attack:

And then you celebrate like:

and then:

(i do not own any of the gifs)

RED DRESS COLLECTION [for Valentine’s Day]

  • Day 7: Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥ The last dress of this collection is mini dress with a heart shaped cut-out. Comes with 9 color options. (it’s also semi-hand-painted, let me know what you guys prefer, this, or ~realistic clothing). 
  • Also I realise this technically doesn’t fit the collection…but I thought I’d make more than just a simple red dress for Valentine’s Day. 
  • TOU/FAQ can be found on my page
  • list of CC I use in previews (needs to be updated)

1. Heart-Shaped Cut-Out Dress: [ download ]