SuperCat Fanfic: ch 1: both

Kara sat staring at the blinking notification light. She swallowed the massive lump in her throat and winced slightly as she opened the dating app and read the suggestive message…from her boss.

This was and had always been a terrible idea. If Cat found out about this Kara was sure she’d be fired… or worse. Like most terrible ideas, when this one backfired there wasn’t going to be any way to gently extract herself from the carnage. What the hell had she been thinking? She even coerced poor Winn to help her with the technical aspects of the plan.

This was bad, but there was nothing she could to stop it now.

Yes, Cat had asked Kara to set up an online dating profile, and yes, Cat had said “both” when Kara asked her sexual preference, replying with some typical Cat Grant philosophical mumbo jumbo about “humans being limited enough… and why deny oneself when it came to potential love?”

But Kara didn’t catch most of that, because her mouth was feeling kind of dry and the collar of her polo shirt felt extra tight on her neck, and her mind couldn’t get over the fact that her boss had casually admitted bisexuality, and yes, Kara felt the same way, but maybe all the people from her planet were bisexual? Her home planet exploded before her parents had the chance to have the sex talk with her anyway. Not that she needed a sex talk, it was, oh, Cat was kind of giving a sex talk right then, and Kara had come up with this scheme.

Fact, Cat had also admitted in a roundabout way to feeling lonely. Or at least like some aspect in her life was not being fulfilled. Or possibly that she just needed some attention, and wanted to use the dating profile as a safe, harmless way to flirt with strangers and feel a bit more attractive without the fear of being painfully rejected.

Kara understood the reasons her boss was wanted the profile, but she also understood that Cat Grant had far more enemies out there then she knew about. It simply wasn’t safe for Cat to put her picture up on the internet in an uncontrolled environment like a dating profile.

Okay, so Kara actually learned that the hard way. Nearly the moment Cat’s profile had gone live the messages started. Some were threatening and some were just downright nasty, but it became apparent instantly that traditional dating sites were not going to work for someone as notorious as Cat Grant.

But Kara also knew she couldn’t disappoint her boss. She expected results and Kara was supposed to filter out the creeps and potential supervillains and find Cat a charmer. Even with the added scope of including both men and women in the search it was downright impossible. People who sent nice messages clearly had a hidden agenda. Clearly. Kara deleted all the messages before Cat had a chance to see any of them.

That was when Kara enlisted Winn’s IT expertise to help her with her haphazard plan. He rigged a VDI of the site, so it appeared that Cat’s profile was listed and live, but it couldn’t be seen by the outside world. Kara was then able to create a new profile: a charmer, (if she did say so herself.) She sent the first sweet and innocuous message and felt pretty proud of her ingenious way of thinking.

Cat could harmlessly flirt and receive attention from strangers like she so craved, and Kara was safe in knowing that she had complete control over who her boss was flirting with and wouldn’t have to go rescue her when a cray cray decided to kidnap and drop her off an 80 story building.

There was just one thing Kara hadn’t really thought out. Okay, well, like 3000 things that Kara hadn’t really thought out. Cat had the app on her phone and she had taken the bait from the Kara’s fake profile.

Kara read Cat’s reply and didn’t know what she was going to do: 

Send pic.


Yesterday we got preview of some of the gnar thats about to go down today and tomorrow at the Van Doren Invitational Pro skate contest. Elijah Berle, Pedro Barros, Curren Caples and Chris Russell were threading together some sick lines. Watch the live webcast of the Van Doren Invitational Qualifiers today at 4pm PST.

Photos: anthonyacostaphoto

A sneak peek at the freshly painted Hastings park in Vancouver, BC for the big Van Doren Invitational this Saturday, July 12th. Watch it streaming live from Thrasher Magazine starting at 2pm Pacific time this Saturday.

Photo: Drew Williams


Van Doren Invitational Day 1 Qualifying

Check out some of the results and photos from yesterday’s qualifiers. Join us later today or tune into Thrasher’s live webcast at 2pm to see who rips their way to the top. www.thrashermagazine.com/vdicanada

Jam 1

  1. Adam Hopkins
  2. Colin Provost
  3. Raney Beres
  4. Raven Tershy
  5. Tom Schaar

Jam 2

  1. Alex Sorgente
  2. Ben Raybourn
  3. Curren Caples
  4. Kevin Kowalski
  5. Omar Hassan

Jam 3

  1. Brad McClain
  2. Chris Gregson
  3. James Clarke
  4. Riley Stevens
  5. Rob “Sluggo” Boyce

Jam 4

  1. Chris Russell
  2. Cody Lockwood
  3. Jerry Gurney
  4. Nolan Munroe
  5. Zach Miller
Ear Stretching... #ViernesdeIlustracion #Ritual

Este es un Ritual que hace 4 meses aproximadamente he adquirido Expansion o Ear Stretching  apenas voy empezando, utilizo el #2 lo que equivale a 0.5 cm.

Consiste en por lo menos 2 veces a la semana quitar las piezas y darme una limpieza con un antiseptico MICRODACYN para ayudar a la cicatrizacion y colocar de nuevo la pieza.

Esto es parte del proceso que sigo y algunas de las piezas que he ido comprando, las cuales ya no comprare mas de esa medida, por que seguiremos expandiendolo ahora vamos por el #0 que equivale a 1 cm.

Algunas de las piezas, Tuneles, Barras y Curvas

Death of Desktops? Discuss!

Hal Rottenberg (@halr9000) recently started the following conversation 

I just saw this quote on a mailing list talking about PCs:

“PCs are not dead, there is just no more billions to be made due to competition and low margins (which is a good thing).”

This guy is dead wrong. What he had just unwittingly acknowledged is that there will be no more INNOVATION because there is no more MOTIVATION. That is not a good thing, that is a bad thing (if you like new growth in a market). Discuss.

  I’ll leave the suspense for the reader to get involved in the conversation at https://plus.google.com/106423422372421380780/posts/Yqk5rEZtDzP

Please Participate!!

Here was my initial thoughts in case you’re not interested in the full discussion:

I bought a blazing fast Dell Precision 690 workstation back in 2006 or 2007 with 4 GB of RAM and a single Quad-core xeon processor and 10k SAS drive. I have since upgraded the ram to 6GB when I cam across a few free DIMMS and just recently bought 16GB more. I’m running W7 64 ultimate and every application I can throw at it. 3+ TB of storage for media and photos. The only thing I need regularly is disk space which can be easily solved with a personal NAS.

My point in all this is that over the last 4-5 years the applications I use (which included Adobe CS4 and Pinnacle Studio) have never starved for resources. The PC isn’t dead, there’s just very little left to gain based on the applications we use today in the general market. As such there is little innovation as Hal has said because there is little market. Sure there is the gaming community which still drive innovation, but most people use their home PCs as media servers or for the feel of having a desk to sit at. Most folks I know mostly use laptops for their daily use and with the rapid expansion of online webapps the need for the traditional desktop has reduced even further.

My main function for my desktop now is for photo editing (which I could easily do on laptop w/ external monitor) and to run VMware workstation for my webserver and other VMs. Most time I’m using an RDP connection to this box….from my laptop.

I believe the manufacturers have learned what apple knew at the beginning of the century. People want to take their media and the things that were important to them on their PC everywhere they go. I am even starting to question the validity of VDI outside of the enterprise because the more capable these tablets become the less I see that value. In the end it comes down to manufacturers having to do what they can for their investors and no one is getting excited about the next new desktop PC. Perhaps we should start changing our thinking to something along PCP (Personal compute platform) or some variation.

VDI Vancouver July 11 & 12

Vans brings the world’s greatest skateboarders to Canada this summer with skateboarding’s premier bowlriding competition, the celebrated Van Doren Invitational to be held at Vancouver’s legendary Hastings Bowl on July 11 & 12. Top skaters from around the globe will battle it out before a live audience for top honors and their share of US$75,000 purse as the competition hits the global stage on Saturday, July 12 via live Webcast on Thrasher.

The invite-only organized jam format will showcase modern bowlriding’s greatest talents, such as current World Champion Pedro Barros, X-Games gold medalist Curren Caples and reigning Van Doren Invitational champion Ben Hatchell, plus top challengers like Grant Taylor, Ben Raybourn and many more.

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VirtualBox : How to clone Virtual Disk(vdi) ?




1.先找到VBoxManage.exe執行檔所在目錄,以Windows 7為例,該檔案通常在C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\目錄下

   cd C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\
     語法:VBoxManage clonevdi <uuid>|<filename> <outputfile>
     範例:VBoxManage clonevdi “${Path}\${source vdi}” “${Path}\${target vdi}”


以Ubuntu VM為例,上述拷貝VM動作後新增之VM,其網卡設定會產生新的一組MAC Address與來源VM不同,會引發網路設定失能之狀況,原因是預設網卡非eth0而是ethx,此時如何將ethx改回eth0呢?


$ sudo vi /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules


Vincent Did It!!! I LOVE YoU!!

Want better E-mail Marketing Results? “It’s In the Data!”


Every type of consumer data you collect and market to has different compliance regulations that come with it. Make sure you are compliant with the laws and regulations involved. Regulations focused on the collection and marketing of consumer data is meant to protect the consumer from abusive marketers; but it is also meant to protect the marketer. As marketers sometimes we are too eager to act and we don’t always consider the entire possible backlash. For example CANSPAM regulations dictate that you most have clear Opt-In procedures and a simple unsubscribe mechanism. This measure is beneficial for both the consumer and the marketer. Consumers who were not made aware in very clear and simple terms of what they were signing up for; or who did not take a deliberate action to opt-in are much more likely to unsubscribe or report your message as spam. Same applies to your unsubscribe mechanism; if the consumer cannot find an unsubscribe link or the procedure is too complicated he will report the e-mail as spam rather then just unsubscribe from the list. So make sure you protect yourself and your list members by following all the rules and regulations that have been put in place.


Whenever you are collecting information there is a delicate balance to be struck between too much and too little information. Although arguably you can never have too much data, you can definitely ask your user for too much. Consumers are weary of entering too much information into online forms. Identify the most important data points that will impact your marketing decisions and come up with the most non-intrusive way of collecting this data. Before you can market to a consumer you have to identify that consumer. Understanding the identity of the consumers interacting with you will highly improve your chances of a successful outcome.


Once you have the key pieces of data that matter most to you use them to segment your list.

Proper segmentation of your incoming leads is crucial to effective marketing campaigns.

Intelligent segmentation will allow you to better target as well as better analyze and understand the results of your marketing campaigns. Remember, as you collect more data regarding your client through interactions on your website or through their behavior in previous marketing campaigns to refine your segmentation strategy. Also consider sending different segments of your lists from isolated infrastructure. You could send transactional messages such as sign-up confirmations from one set of resources and weekly newsletters from another. You may consider creating different segments based on other criteria and isolating them as well.

This will ensure that you are not hit with deliver-ability problems across the board when bad data creeps into one of your segments.


The most important thing is to keep your communication relevant and personalized to the person you are speaking too. This means that you have to make the effort to adjust your campaigns based on the identifiable data points and targeted segments that each person fits into. The more relevant and the more personalized your campaigns are the greater the response from your readers. Factors such as Age, Gender, Location, etc. play a very important role in the way your reader will perceive your campaign. Ensuring that you not only know your audience but that you adapt to them will guarantee your success.

Ample Media is a data validation and intelligence company. We’re in the business of providing cleaner and more relevant data to increase your marketing results.  Please follow us on Twitter @amplemedia.


C'est officiel en France ! Lancement de la Nouvelle boisson énergisante à base d'Aloès Véra produit BIO à consommer sans modération pour booster votre journée (Pétillante avec du GURANA)