vday leo

The Signs on Valentine’s Day

ARIES: All about the classic roses, chocolate, & jewelry

TAURUS: Plans a big movie night with friends

GEMINI: Made their Valentine’s plans in December

CANCER: Is Netflix and Chilling (but probably just alone with ice cream)

LEO: Bought themselves a present, just in case

VIRGO: Takes a bunch of selfies so everyone who isn’t their Valentine knows what they’re missing out on

LIBRA: Is either baking for everyone they know, or just buying cupcakes for themselves

SCORPIO: Goes on a tangent about how Valentine’s Day is a corporate holiday, but secretly still wants a Valentine

SAGITTARIUS: Comes up with something fun like a roadtrip or a scavenger hunt

CAPRICORN: Don’t care what they do, as long as they get to wear lipstick

AQUARIUS: Is probably busy and forgot Valentine’s Day entirely

PISCES: Writes poetry and listens to indie music

the signs as vday things
  • aries: the 10 foot tall teddy bear that is over priced but then quickly 70% markdown the day after vday
  • taurus: black velvet lingerie
  • gemini: conversation hearts candy but with sarcastic and vague sentiments "i like u i guess" "eh"
  • cancer: decadent rich chocolate that dissolves in your mouth like the gods above made it specifically for you to enjoy
  • leo: a satin red gown embedded in rubies and lethally high gold heels (prob christian dior)
  • virgo: anecdotal humored hallmark cards with cleverly hidden sentiments
  • libra: a four coursed romantic meal with a trough of the finest wine (and/or champagne)
  • scorpio: zombie films.. yet somehow they always end up in black leather or completely naked
  • sagittarius: the person with 8293402984 secret admirers who literally has a million bouquets sent to their job
  • capricorn: jewelry.. harry winston or tiffanys maybe.. something limited edition worth more than people make in a lifetime
  • aquarius: a scavenger hunt with rose petals and romantic quotes leading up to a beautiful scenic picnic + pillow fort
  • pisces: a slam poetry event centered around love and all of it's great tragedies