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“The only thing I want is you.”
“You taste so good.”


Anger rushing through his veins as he sees her talking to another guy. He should laugh it off, shooting him in the head and punish her.
But the way she smiles at him let him stop.

Did she ever smiled at him like that?

Possessive he grabs her arm and pulls her away from the guy.
“What are you doing?” She struggles out of his grip and looks at him with glowing eyes.
For seconds they stare each other in the eyes as she seems to realize why he’s so angry.
“Oh Jerome, the only thing I want is you.” She purrs, slightly submissive as she nips at his lower lip. “I’m yours.”
Normally it’s her on the knees, but he can’t help himself as he goes down on her. Her eyes widen in surprise as he pulls her skirt up and rips the panties from her body. She leans back with a small moan as he spreads her legs and inhales her scent. The tip of his tongue runs through her folds.
“You taste so good.” He praises her like a brave pet, knowing that he’s still in charge, even when she’s above him..

“I’m gonna make you scream.”


Derek’s hot breath tickles against your breasts before he flips you on the stomach. From second to second you’re getting more excited and you’re sure that he could smell your arousal in the entire loft.
Rough hands bring you now in a kneeling position, his erection throbs against your ass cheek and you spread your legs a little wider for him.
Both of you groaning as he guides the tip of his cock against your entrance before moving his hips forward.
“I’m gonna make you scream.” He growls.

And like a good boyfriend he keeps his promise..

“You taste so good.”


His beard over the sensitive skin of your pussy as his tongue rolls over you clit.
“You taste so good.” Jax mumbles praising as you bury your hands in his soft blonde hair to pull him closer.
Small moans leaving your mouth, getting louder as he locks his lips around your sweet spot and starts sucking. Your eyes roll back and you rasp out his name as the pleasure reaches his highest point. He groans quietly as you press your legs together and cry out, your head filled with bliss as he kisses his way back to your lips.

Imagine having a discussion with Jared

I take my shoes off as I walk into the living room, Jared is nowhere to be seen, so I immediately know that he’s in his studio. I walk there and only get my head through the door; for once, the room is pretty neat and Jared is concentrated reading something on his laptop. I leave the room quietly and walk into the kitchen to prepare dinner, I’ve been out all day and I’m pretty sure he hasn’t eaten anything.

I’m already finishing dinner when I feel Jared’s hands wrapping me from behind, he leaves a small kiss on my neck and I giggle when his beard tickles me.

“It smells nice” He whispers, and lets go of me to go to the fridge, “You had a nice day?”

“Busy, as always” I mumble, serving pasta on two plates, “Oh, by the way, before I forget, there’s this thing on Friday…”

“What thing?”

“Sarah, from work, it’s her birthday”

“I can’t on Friday, I gotta work with Emma, we’re planning tour dates and venues” He says while taking his plate on one hand and a bottle of water on the other.

“On Friday night?” I ask, narrowing my eyes.

“Yeah, sorry, babe” Jared apologizes, leaving a small kiss on my forehead, “I’ll eat in the studio, I haven’t finish work yet”

I don’t get to say anything, Jared disappears in a second through the hallway back to his studio and I’m left alone in the kitchen. I take my dinner to the living room, I sit in front of the tv and start eating without even turning it on.

Jared has always been a workaholic, so his attitude didn’t surprised me at all. I know I must be used to it by now, but it still hurt that his work came first almost a hundred percent of the time. I have this ghost boyfriend and after working for two years in the same place, they were starting to think I had a great imagination by creating this perfect boyfriend that never shows up for office parties and gatherings.

I’m happy with Jared, I’ve always been, but I just wanted a little attention. I wanted something more than a little chat during dinner, and a kiss before going to sleep, I wanted a real relationship, like the one we had when we first started.

I take my time to finish dinner, I get to rest for a few minutes before I stand to leave everything in the kitchen. When I walk into Jared’s office to get his plate, I notice he hasn’t eaten a thing.

“Do you want me to warm it up for you?” I ask him and he gives a little jump on his sit, surprised by my presence there.

“No, it’s alright, I wasn’t going to keep eaten anyway”

I don’t say a thing, take the dish and walk towards the kitchen. I save what he didn’t ate, and leave his plate with mine in the dishwasher. I lean on the cabinet and feel the tears starting to run all over my face. I was starting to feel like I was living with a stranger.

“Hey!” I hear Jared’s worried voice, his hands going straight to my face, “Are you crying because I didn’t ate your dinner? I’m sorry, it was delicious! I’m just.. not hungry”

“I’m ok, I’m just tired” I mumble avoiding his eyes, “I’ll go to sleep”

I manage to let go of his hands, but when I reach the door, his hand reaches my arm.


“I’m fine, just let me go to sleep, please”

“How long have we been dating?” He asks, I tilt my head in confusion, so he tries again, “Come on, How long?”

“Three years” I whisper, still confused.

“Three years, and you think I’m gonna believe that you are just tired?” Jared says crossing his arms.

I put my hands in my pockets, waiting for him to let me go again, but seeing that I’m not willing to answer, Jared uses his hand on my arm to pull me to him. His hand rubs my back, while the other goes to my head to caress my hair.

“I just want to sleep, I’m alright” I cry, again.

“I know you’re not, just talk to me” His hands making their way to my face, forcing me to look into his eyes. He’s more than worried and I can see it on how bright his eyes are, he’s scared. “Please” Jared implores me, watching the tears wetting his hands, “Babe…”

“I miss you” I sigh, and he finally breaks.

He’s not the type of guy that holds his emotions back, but every time he breaks, my heart aches. I start feeling goosebumps all over my body, with Jared walking away from me. But now that I’ve started letting all this go, I can’t just stop.

“I barely see you, it’s like you’re married to your work, which is good, I’ve always loved how committed you are, but… I can’t help but feel that I’m alone in this”

I don’t receive an answer, Jared is leaned on the kitchen island and all I can see is his back.

“Every day I get home and do my best to get to you, I know I will hardly ever understand all the stress that you go through with your work, but I just want… I want you to notice me”

“I notice you” He replies, still in the same position, “You know I do”

“Jared, come on! This week, just this week, how many times have you got in bed before 3 am?”

“I’ve been working…”

“Just answer the damn question!” I shout, letting all the pressure go off my chest.

“None” He answers, finally turning around to look at me.


His eyes are focused on the door and I see the tears falling freely from his eyes.

“You don’t stop, not even for five minutes, to just sit and talk to me, or eat dinner. Every night I go to bed alone and I can’t stand this solitude anymore”, I take a minute to breath, hoping to get any comment from him, but Jared stays silent, “You’re gonna leave for tour soon, and I’m gonna be alone again, we should be using this little time we have to spend it together”

His eyes are still on the door, maybe thinking of ways to escape this inevitable conversation, the tears keep running and I notice he’s started to bite his bottom lip.

“I’m not the only one to blame” He finally says, and I gasp when his eyes lay on me.

“Oh, so you think I don’t blame myself for everything that is happening? That I don’t spend all those hours alone in bed thinking that maybe it was something I did, or said? There are time when you don’t even touch me, Jared, and it hurts more than your absence and silence”

I know I probably look like shit right now, with my make up all over my face, red eyes and the face wet by the tears, and yet he still looks like a goddamn fallen angel with his contrite expression and tears.

“Do you still love me, Jared? Or we’re just doing this because it feels comfortable?”

His whole body posture and look on his face changes in less than a second from sad to furious, he even laughs for a second, his hands brushing his hair out of his eyes. When he acknowledges how surprised I am by his reaction he laughs again, one of his hands still on his hair.

“Oh, sorry, I thought you were joking” Jared teases, drying his face with his sleeve, “Seriously, I can’t believe you just said that”

“It’s just what I feel” I sob, “You can’t blame me for thinking something like that”

“Of course I can't” I try to focus on the floor so I don’t have to see how annoyed he is, “But it’s my work, you’ve always seen me like this, we’ve been together for three years, so why now? Is there something I need to know? Because I’m seriously lost”

Am I just going mad or is he really trying to imply that I cheated? I would never, ever do that.

I roll my eyes, starting to walk out of the kitchen, but I hear him shouting my name ordering me to come back.

“You started this, now we finish it!!”

I take a few seconds to rub my sleeves on my cheeks, trying to clean my face, but actually thinking that I messed everything up even more. When I return to the kitchen, I meet Jared’s eyes, filled with anger, arms crossed and lying on one of the counters. I feel a shiver down my spine and I fold my arms to recover myself.

“You want me to go on?” I ask him defensive, and once he nods I continue, “You sure?”

“It can’t get any worse”

“There’s no point of me being here, we moved together to actually be together, not to live like we are doing now”

“You’re done?” I nod, and wait for him to organize his ideas, “My turn then”

Jared sighs and starts talking.

“First of all, I’m hurt, how could you possible think that I don’t love you?!” He shouts, and the shivers come back to my body, “I fucking love you, we’ve had the most amazing three years together, we’ve visited all these wonderful places around the world, got through the most difficult situations, and after all this time, I love you the same way I’ve done since day one”

I feel the tears again and I can’t bear his eyes on mine anymore, so I choose to focus on my shoes, Jared sighs again and continues.

“I want everything to be perfect, I spend all my day talking with people, answering emails, organizing simple things that my stupid record label can’t manage and I don’t even realize how time flies around me” He pauses for a minute and I hear his footsteps getting closer to me, but he stops and stands watching me from a distance, “Do you think I like being all day fixing what other people messes up? I even feel guilty by giving that much work to Emma, she’s got to deal with the same shit that I’ve had to all these years and it’s not even her band, it’s mine, I decided to get into this”

Jared shuts a few seconds, waiting for me to make a comment, every time Emma’s name appears in our conversations I don’t react in a good way. I’ve never believed that nothing has happened between them. So Jared just waits for me to make a remarkable comment about how I don’t want to talk about his assistant, but I don’t say a word and he seems shocked.

“No comments on that? Anyway, I’m sure Emma’s topic will come out other time”, Jared shrugs and continues, “I’m tired, all I want is to stop working for a second and get in bed with you, but once I realize that, it’s too late, I can’t even hold my eyes open” Another step and I finally look at him, “I know you’re awake when I get in bed, I know that you stay awake to wait for me, and I’m sorry, you work all day too and…”

“Please, don’t compare my job to yours, you know I loose the fight there”

“I won’t. But, during this whole conversation, have you stopped to think how I must feel?” I nod, but he laughs, this time, I can feel the sadness, “I believe you, but I don’t think you can imagine how I feel with all this situation”

I stay quiet, looking at his bright eyes and I see a small smirk, his hands brush his hair and I notice the tears again.

“I can’t stand it sometimes, having to be all day in that studio” Jared shakes his head, starting to dry his tears again and I feel mine too, he ends up shrugging with a smile and his eyes avoiding mine, “I can’t blame you for all this, it’s all on me, but I can’t just leave my work”

“I know” I sob, “And I’m not gonna force you either”

“I’ll understand if you leave”

When I finally acknowledge what he’s saying, he’s already leaving the kitchen, still using one of his sleeves to dry the tears. My body reacts too late to follow him, and once I get to the studio I hear the click of the lock.


My breathing turns heavy and I feel my knees getting weak. I manage to get to our bedroom and I start crying, letting go all that my chest held on while talking to Jared. I know he can hear my sobbing and how I scream trying to control the tears, but he doesn’t comes to see me.

I’m not leaving him, how could I possibly leave the only person that makes me feel whole? We understand each other, and that’s why we got along so well. We could easily know what the other was feeling just by looking at our faces, but now, even though we were still able to do so, we were ignoring all that we felt.

I take off my clothes and lie in bed just in my underwear, I don’t have the will to get dressed. I spend hours thinking about our relationship, the good and the bad moments and how the whole conversation turned out.

The clock hits five and I haven’t slept a minute, I don’t know how I’m still crying, in silence this time. Small sobs come out from time to time, but I hold my sadness in complete silence. I hear the footsteps on the stairs, yet I don’t move. When Jared starts taking off his clothes I don’t turn to say a word, I just stay in the same position, waiting for him. He gets under the blankets and traces my naked shoulders with his shaking hands. Goose bumps make my body shiver and I start sobbing again.

“For a second…” He says, his voice a little brittle, “I really thought you were going to leave”

“You know I wouldn’t do that” I whisper, turning around to face him, “I love you, and nothing would change that, not even a life away from you”

Jared rests his forehead on mine, his hand tracing my arm and shoulder, while the other holds my face.

“I don’t deserve you” I hear him whisper, and I’m about to protest, but he silents me with his index finger on my lips, “But I love you, we love each other, and we’ll get through this, it’s no the first time we have difficulties”

“It’s the first time you let me leave you”

“You should”

“I won't”

“I know” Jared mumbles, pulling my body closer to him, “And you don’t know how fearful that makes me feel”

“You look beautiful today.”
“You like it when I touch you there?”


“You look beautiful today.” Sam smiles, standing in the doorframe while you get dressed.
“So, I looked ugly yesterday?” Cockily you raise an eyebrow at him through the mirror and he laughs quietly, shaking his head.
“Of course not.”
Warm, strong arms wrapping around your body and he nudges his face in the crook of your neck. Your eyes close in enjoyment as his hands trail over the skin of your stomach.
“You like it when I touch you there?” He asks as he notices your goosebumps and you nod.
His hands sliding deeper in your pants, playing with the waistband of your panties.
“Dean is waiting for us.” You mumble and lean in the touch with a small moan.
“He can wait a little longer..”