A little animatic about the Maryland Goatman (BEWARE) I made for my time studio class! 


Johannes James Barfield is a 2nd-year MFA student who works with various media. His latest body of work is about the execution of black people in America by police and the mental exhaustion he carries due to the persecution of individuals for whom he is related. Johannes states that “the use of concrete and asphalt derives from the physical relationship people have with the street and the metaphorical use of the word “street.” The street not only represents a hotbed for negative activity, but a street is a place of industrial optimism, a street is a place where destinations are completed or a place where violence is communicated.”

Johannes is currently working on a proposed project in South Africa about the psychological effects of apartheid and jim crow on black South Africans and black Americans.

Description Label:

Johannes James Barfield (b.1983)

The Lions Grazed Us To Be Street, 2017

Forensic trajectory rod, concrete, asphalt,

wood, rug, brick, metal, single-channel video

Video footage and vocal performance from the motion picture Baby Boy, 2001

Additional vocal performance from the television series Underground, 2016

Musical arrangement by artist