vcu graduation

While I might not be proud of everything about myself, one thing I have never been ashamed of is my heritage and where I come from. I carry my status as a first generation immigrant with immense pride and the sacrifices that my parents and family have made for me and my future are not something I take lightly. It really does take a village to raise a child and mine stretches across an ocean and 2 continents. Shout out to everyone who had a hand in raising me. I promise that I’ll make y'all proud!

We love this #MyVCUcap and the story Erlene Sam-Peal shared of why it’s important to her. Congratulations to all of our Class of 2017! 🎓🐑✨.

Oh, Tubbs. Always hogging all the food.

Love this cap by psychology major Pauline Carpio!

Be sure to tag your decorated caps with #MyVCUcap on Instagram and Twitter, or email them to if you’d like us to possibly share them.

Congratulations to all of our Class of 2015!

You show me what wholehearted love feels like everyday, you’re truly heaven sent!

Thank you Grandma for being the prime example of a woman I aspire to be. Without you NONE of this wouldn’t be even possible. I am EXTREMELY BLESSED to have a grandmother like you in my life, and would never want you to think that anything you have ever done for me has gone unnoticed. You’ve given me everything, and more even when you couldn’t and appreciate it more than words could explain. You are my icon, my Bestfriend, my support system, and a phenomenal women. Superwoman in the flesh, I love you sooo much grandma & I can’t wait to continuously make you proud in the years to come! It’s been a long road but, we made it. LOOK GRANDMA, WE GRADUATED🎓👵🏾🎉✨ 😘
(P.S. thank you for making my grad outfit dreams come to life! Despite all the arguing we went through to finish it, Everything came out exactly how envisioned. None of this could be possible without you, You never cease to amaze me. 💖)


I honestly contemplated posting this photo I took about a month or two ago because I look goofy😹 but also because I’m not very open about anything going on in my life. Most don’t anything about my college career at all or assume because I haven’t really posted anything about college since Freshman/Sophmore year. I don’t post every high & low but I feel like this is a ‘high’ moment  that I can share with you all. I believe in finishing what I started no matter what & I wouldn’t have got this far with out my grandmother. So, I wanna give a special thanks to my grandmother, grandfather and mother.  I appreciate all your love & support. You’ve listened to me & believed even when no else would. Thank you so much for for helping me get through college & making sure I had opportunity to even attend college ! I love you & I’m happy to make you and the rest of the family with proud every chance I get!! 😘💛🎓 #20daysleft #vcu2016

Hey GSEXers,

It’s about that time to start thinking about graduation! It’s also about that time to make another batch of graduationsashes. Yes, we make our own sashes here in GSEX. We need to cut, pin, sew, screenprint, and iron our fabulous ampersand sashes for our Spring 2013 GSEX graduates. To help, you don’t need to know how to sew, screenprint, or even cut. We’ll skill share! Also, you don’t need to be graduating to help out. Everyone’s invited!  We can do it potluck style: everyone bring something thirst-quenching or delicious. We’ll hang out in the conference room in Crenshaw, listen to some jams and de-stress together during exam week while being creative. We’ll have three different sash-sessions: May 6th, 7th & 8th, noon to 3pm. Come to one, come to all! Today’s the first day! Come one over! Plus, if you haven’t seen our art show yet, you can come check it out.