Since the tour ended I thought it’d be a little fitting maybe to post these now. (And I ended up rambling, sorry guys.) These are the posters Monika and I made for Ricky, David, and Jose’s birthdays (Francesca helped fund it).

We went to the Toronto show which was conveniently on David’s birthday. We waited until after the show to give it to them, which meant I was holding it the entire freaking show trying to make sure it didn’t get too destroyed (although I ended up using it as a drum a couple of times, oops). The club was pretty much empty when we called David over and asked him to help round up the other two (Jose was outside and Ricky was with Adam and Natalie). But instead of answering David started doing the robot and rather than join in we just stood there very puzzled. Eventually David stopped and got the others.

When we handed over the tube they looked kind of confused (probably because it was all decorated) and we explained the present was inside. David opened it, took out the rolled up papers, and handed the tube to Ricky who stuck his hand inside to see if there was anything inside it. When I said there wasn’t he left it on his hand and started dancing around with it (he was a bit turnt up).

Then they unrolled it and saw the posters. Jose said he would miss his Science Club shirt so Monika and I explained that’s why we designed them the way we did. (Because Jose gave away his science club shirt and David gave away his red pants for their Kickstarter.)

How the tube looked (it was triangular) 

  1. King the Kid with the crown
  2. Their names in Harry Potter font (Surprisingly Jose noticed the writing first and pointed it out to Ricky, but like I said Ricky was a little bit turnt up)
  3. We just wrote happy birthday and signed our names because we got lazy
  4. 4. On the two ends Monika painted a crown and on one I wrote “I open at the close” because the other side was taped shut. (And no, I totally didn’t ask Ricky about the quote to make sure I had it right before writing it on the tube…)

Anyways, I hope the boys liked the posters and they didn’t take up too much space (: