vcr is where i wanna be

nuomicii  asked:

can I be obnoxious and ask where post/155115040965 is from? Judging by outfits I thought 161223 music bank but I went ahead and watched the whole thing and I didn't see the cut, I'm a piece of ioi/seventeen trash so I wanna see it with sound lol

heyo hahahah nah it’s cool u can ask away it was from a vcr from last year’s kbs gayo daechukje! there are no videos of the full vcr like… anywhere but i did manage to find a bts cut (which has the part you’re looking for) on dailymotion :)

post concert thought blurbs

everyone is cute
b1a4 spends all their time telling banas we’re pretty
they did this cute thing where they had channie narrating this vcr where he said the hyungs ideal types and then they’d pick someone out of the audience on the camera and he’d be like NOW THERES A CUTIE and at the end he was like wanna see my ideal type and then panned to all the banas
they gave ppl flowers during yeppeo
they wore super embarrassing costumes and sang 그대와 함께 WHICH I DIDNT THINK THEY WOULD AND IS MY FAVORITE SONG EVER
gongchan and i both cried during 10년후 except he tried to lie later and pretend he didn’t and i am doing no such thing
we all like watched bana home vids together and laughed for the 날 따라 해봐요 event and it was super cute
물한잔 had like SIX endings cause baro and cnu kept being like should we go for just ooooone more round and we were all like FUCKIN DUH
banas are seriously the cutest and when i came in and sat down the girl next to me was like “hello!” in english and just talked to me like it was a no brainer
also they came into the audience for wait and everyone was standing to look at them and baro was like “kids pls sit~” and everyone did hahaha cause we’re nice kids
encore vcr involved painting a mural for bana and each other’s faces
After the costume number they went to change and sandeul stayed to entertain us and changed on stage and got all flustered when everyone hooted at him taking off his giant schmock thing and was like “I’m wearing pants!! This isn’t sexy!!” and we were all like DUDE UR SEXY and he was like oh gosh
cnu pranked us all hard when we were waiting for chan to finish changing and cnu points to the back and is all CHAN HOWD YOU GET ALL THE WAY BACK THERE and we all looked and he was like hahaha gotcha and we were all like ARE YOU FIVE
that aside jinyoung is #1 most likely to tease bana
Baro cut his hair??
the sign event for 행복하자 was cute ofc
there was a drumming stage and it was really sexy!? like i’m mildly vexed

idk i love b1a4 they’re so cute and sweet to their fans and generally just the best