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Car Problems - Kit Walker Smut

Request: could you write a kit walker one shot (smutty please) where the reader’s car has broken down and it’s raining but it’s close to the gas station so they just like go hide out in his garage and it gets all steamy and stuff between them??
summary: after your car breaks down in the rain, you are forced to walk to a nearby gas station, where you meet kit, and things end up getting a lil (or a lot) steamy ;)))) warnings: smut (obviously)
notes: oK I’m not sure if this is quite what you meant (like I thought you either meant this or that Kit and the reader were already dating and decided to go to the gas station since it was close, so I went with the first one sorry lol) but oh well hope you like it :-) PS I wrote this whole thing on my phone bc My computer had to charge so the spacing night be weird and there aren’t any gifs or anything like that but I’ll fix/add some of that either later tonight or tomorrow morning. enjoy :)

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“No, no no no no no!” You groaned, as your car suddenly slowed to a halt on the side of the road. You sighed and looked out the window towards the sky. It was a full out thunderstorm, and the sky was so dark it looked like it was nighttime, even though it was only around 3 PM. You rested your forehead against the steering wheel in defeat. “Shit. Okay, think Y/N, think. Oh! Okay, there was a gas station a while back. I’ll just walk there and use their phone.”

You grabbed your bag and threw your jacket on, before jumping out of the car and starting the trek back.

Around half an hour later, you arrived at the gas station you’d seen, but the lights were out. You hoped they were still open and just looked dark, and pulled the door handle. And to your surprise, it opened.

“Hello?” you called, “Is anyone here?”

“Hey, yeah I’m here.” a voice called back. Suddenly the room became dimly lit, and you scanned the large room, trying to find the source. A tall man with dirty blonde hair stood by the cash register, holding a candle. “Sorry, our power’s out,” he said with a nervous laugh, “is there anything I can help you with?”

You let out a disappointed sigh. “So, if your power’s out, then no working phone?”

The man shook his head. “Nope, sorry doll.”

You rubbed your hands across your face, thinking of what to do. “Shit. Would it be alright if I stayed here for a while?” you asked hopefully, “My car broke down about a mile away and I’m not sure where else to go.”

He smiled. “Sure, stay as long as you like. There are some board games in the back that we usually use for breaks, if you’re interested.”

“Sure.” you responded with a grin. “I’m Y/N by the way.”

“Kit. Kit Walker,” he introduced, “Oh man, you must be freezing,” Kit realized, “There should be a few spare employee shirts around here, hold on.”

You stood up and followed him to a large bin in the corner of the room. “This is all we’ve got, sorry sweetheart.” Kit said, handing you a large button up shirt with the name ‘Joel’ written on the front.

“Joel?” you asked with a laugh.

“Yeah, he quit a few weeks ago and left all his junk.” Kit chuckled. “I’ll go back out to the front, just give me a holler when you’re finished.”

“You can stay if you want,” you offered, but then realizing how odd it probably sounded. “I-I mean, as long as you cover your eyes or something.”

Once Kit was seated on the couch with his hands placed over his eyes, you began stripping. Everything was wet, so it looked like you were going to be just wearing the shirt. You pulled it on over your slightly damp body and began buttoning up the front. You felt a bit odd hanging out with an attractive guy while not wearing anything else but this shirt, but it went down to a couple inches above your knee, and you didn’t want to get sick. “Alright, I’m finished.”

“Great. Now come sit so I can beat you at Scrabble.”


“You totally cheated,” Kit laughed, leaning back in his seat across from you as you won for the 3rd time in a row.

You let out a giggle, “What can I say? Not my fault you suck at this.”

Kit rolled his eyes. “Maybe I was just letting you win.”

“Mhm, whatever helps you sleep at night.” you smirked, leaning back in your seat.

Suddenly, the lights flickered back on. “Hey, the power’s back. I’ll go check the phones.” Kit sauntered into the front room, and came back a few minutes later. “The phones are still disconnected.” He sighed. “But at least now we have some other stuff to do. Wanna watch a movie?”

You nodded excitedly and plopped down next to where he was sitting before as he popped a movie into the VCR player, and then settled down next to you.

As the movie continued, you could feel yourself getting tired, and without even thinking about it, you rested your head on Kit’s shoulder, and his arm came to rest around your back. Just as you felt your eyes getting heavy, you heard a loud moan. Your eyes shot open, and you found yourself staring at a sex scene on the TV. You shifted in your spot a little, and Kit awkwardly cleared his throat. You glanced over at him and saw him staring back at you. He was biting his lip again, and his eyes flicked from your gaze to your mouth. Without even thinking about it, you leaned in and pressed your lips to his, letting your eyes flutter closed. You climbed onto his lap to have easier access to his mouth, and let one of your hands wander idly through his light brown locks.

When you finally pulled away, Kit had his arms around your waist, and a lazy smile tugged one corner of his mouth upwards. “You’re such a good kisser.”

“I’m good at some other things too,” you smirked jokingly, but you felt him shift a bit underneath you, and realized he was trying to not let you on to the fact that he had a boner. Once you’d caught on, you slowly started grinding your hips on his crotch, looking back at his face to make sure he was okay with it. “Do you want to…?” you asked, just to make sure.

“Fuck yes baby, please keep going,” Kit replied, playing with the edge of your shirt that was now ridden up to your thigh. You reached up to the buttons near your collarbones and popped one open, edging him on. Kit took the hint and reached up to keep unbuttoning your shirt. He let out a small groan once your shirt was open, giving him a good view of your breasts. “God, you’re so sexy, Y/N.

Kit started unbuttoning his own shirt, and while you were waiting, you reached down to unbutton his jeans, and then stood up for a moment to allow him to take them off. Once you were both fully undressed, you sat back in his lap, and attached your lips to his again. One of Kit’s hands reached up to stroke your hair, and the other one slid down to your ass to hold you in place. You placed your hands on his shoulders to steady yourself, and slowly slid down onto his cock.

“Ohhhh,” you sighed as you felt him filling you up. You moved up and down on Kit’s lap, fucking yourself on his hard member, as he started leaving hickeys scattered across your collar bones and breasts.

“Mmm, you feel so good around me, baby,” he panted. His hands moved down to your waist to guide you up and down a little faster, and with every movement you could see Kit was getting closer to releasing.

“B-babe, you gotta stop, I’m gonna cum soon.” Kit warned you, clenching his jaw from hoe good you were making him feel.

“I’m on the- ohhhh, fuck Kit,- I’m on the pill,” you told him breathlessly. You reached down to rub your clit and kept bouncing up and down on him, and soon enough you felt the blissful feeling of your orgasm wash over you. A couple seconds later, Kit squeezed your hips and buried his head in your neck to muffle his moans as he came. You stayed on top of him, tired and out of breath, for a few minutes, before you climbed off of him and put your oversized shirt back around your shoulders as Kit stepped back into his boxers. You settled back into Kit’s side, pressed a few kisses on his neck, and mumbled, “So… wanna watch another movie?”

post concert thought blurbs

everyone is cute
b1a4 spends all their time telling banas we’re pretty
they did this cute thing where they had channie narrating this vcr where he said the hyungs ideal types and then they’d pick someone out of the audience on the camera and he’d be like NOW THERES A CUTIE and at the end he was like wanna see my ideal type and then panned to all the banas
they gave ppl flowers during yeppeo
they wore super embarrassing costumes and sang 그대와 함께 WHICH I DIDNT THINK THEY WOULD AND IS MY FAVORITE SONG EVER
gongchan and i both cried during 10년후 except he tried to lie later and pretend he didn’t and i am doing no such thing
we all like watched bana home vids together and laughed for the 날 따라 해봐요 event and it was super cute
물한잔 had like SIX endings cause baro and cnu kept being like should we go for just ooooone more round and we were all like FUCKIN DUH
banas are seriously the cutest and when i came in and sat down the girl next to me was like “hello!” in english and just talked to me like it was a no brainer
also they came into the audience for wait and everyone was standing to look at them and baro was like “kids pls sit~” and everyone did hahaha cause we’re nice kids
encore vcr involved painting a mural for bana and each other’s faces
After the costume number they went to change and sandeul stayed to entertain us and changed on stage and got all flustered when everyone hooted at him taking off his giant schmock thing and was like “I’m wearing pants!! This isn’t sexy!!” and we were all like DUDE UR SEXY and he was like oh gosh
cnu pranked us all hard when we were waiting for chan to finish changing and cnu points to the back and is all CHAN HOWD YOU GET ALL THE WAY BACK THERE and we all looked and he was like hahaha gotcha and we were all like ARE YOU FIVE
that aside jinyoung is #1 most likely to tease bana
Baro cut his hair??
the sign event for 행복하자 was cute ofc
there was a drumming stage and it was really sexy!? like i’m mildly vexed

idk i love b1a4 they’re so cute and sweet to their fans and generally just the best

D&E 2nd Tour Setlist | Saitama Day1

VCR #1
1. Scary House
2. Motorcycle
3. Bari 5
4. Light Camera Action
5. The Beat Goes On
6. Skeleton
VCR #2
7. 超Pressure
8. Wonderland
9. 1+1=LOVE
10. Symphony
11. Growing Pains
VCR #3
12. Mother
13. Kimi ga naitara
Ment #2
14. Where Is She
15. Breaking Up
VCR #4
16. Wine
17. Teenage Dream
18. I Wanna Dance
19. Oppa Oppa
20. Saturday Night
VCR #5
21. Kiss Kiss Dynamite
22. Hello
Ment #3
23. Gift
Last Mnet

anonymous asked:

would you happen to have a setlist for the seoul concert? thank you

  1. Rocking
  2. Walk By…
  3. Talk
  4. No More Perfume On you
  5. I Wanna Love
  6. Date
  7. Talk
  8. Stop girl
  9. Mad at U
  10. Lovefool
  11. Talk
  12. Tell Me Why
  13. Talk
  14. L.joe solo (Lil Wayne - ‘Mirror’)
  15. Changjo solo (Willow Smith - 'Fireball’)
  16. Whereas (CAP, Niel)
  17. CAP solo (Electro Boyz - 'Mama’)
  18. Niel solo (Michael Jackson - 'The Way You Make Me Feel)
  19. VCR
  20. dance performance
  21. Supaluv
  22. Clap
  23. Ricky solo (Noel - ‘Propose’)
  24. Chunji solo (Na Yoonkown - ‘If it Was Me’)
  25. song composed by L.Joe ‘LOVE U’
  26. song composed by CAP ‘Missing U(?)’
  27. Talk
  28. Missing You
  29. Brushing
  30. VCR
  31. To You
  32. Dont I
  33. Talk
  34. Rockstar (CAP, L.joe, Changjo)
  35. Wheres Ma girl (CAP, Niel, Changjo)
  36. Get crazy + Oh! Good + Why
  37. So Sweet
  38. Going Crazy
  39. VCR
  40. Encore 1) Be Ma Girl 2) Miss Right
  41. Ending event
  42. Angel