Skin:  VCO ~  Jerry 001
Eyes:  Clemmm - Cosmetic Doll /// Sky Blue (@ Cosmetic Fair)
Hair:  [DUE] Jude (@ Kawaii Project)
Lips:  VCO ~ Popo Coral Mesh Lip _ Teeth

Dress:  Sweet Thing. Cleo Dress ( @ IDK)
Jewelry: -Nomi-Dessert Lolita (Gacha @ Kawaii Project)
Stockings: antielle. Baroque Corset Stockings in Neutrals  ( @ IDK)
Shoes:  The Secret Store - Becky T-strap Heels - Pink Polka

Furniture: Apple Fall (Gacha)


Making The Stars You Wish Upon

                                                   Outfit Details

Headband: Half-Deer - Velven Bunny Ears (Birthday) SECRET (Modded)

Hair: NEW Doe@Fantasy Gacha Carnival - Teagan / Streaks - Pastels (Modded)

Skin: VCO - Nina

Ears: Mandala - Simple Ears Hutuu

Earrings: Half-Deer - Wish On Me Hairclip Strawberry (Heavily Modded)

Eyelashes: LovelyAlien’s Marketplace - Starry Eyelashes

Lips: VCO - LULU Pink Lips

Collar: NEW Katat0nik@Collabor88 - Rose Gold Collar (Blush)

Dress: NEW Zenith@Fantasy Gacha Carnival - Cairen Dress (Rose)

Nails: Group Gift@ The Sugar Garden - Almond Nails - Twin Stars


Hanging Stars: NEW Kalopsia@Collabor88 - Hanging Stars

Stars In Hand: Half-Deer - Wish On Me Hairclips

Star Trails: Half-Deer - Wish On Me Hairclips (Heavily Modded)

Hey Guys,
I’m selling my Intellijel Shapeshifter.
I bought it new in Sept 2014 and didn’t used it much ever since. (Wavetable VCOs are definitely not my thing)

It’s like new (protective plastic sheet still on the screen / very minimal rack rash if any at all)
Sold with original box.

I’m asking 490 Euros + shipping costs.
If you’re interested, please send me a message through my website: #modularsynth #modular #module #eurorack #forsale #intellijel #vco #wavetables #complexoscillator

#Regrann from @clubsehatstore - By @freakartika “💜Blueberry Lemon crunchy nicecream.. tastes like cheese cake but not creamy✌😜👌 👉Base:
4 tbsp wheat biscuit fine blend
4 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp flaxseed
1 tsp psyllium husk
Pinch of spekuloos powder to taste
Mix all ingredients, pressed, fridge 10’
Blueberry blend with ½ cup yogurt & 2 frozen banana, topped with blueberry

I use local brand Roma for biscuit, Cimory for yogurt. Flaxseed, psyllium husk, frozen blueberry from @clubsehatstore
Tray from @lookanddecor
#homemade #healthydessert #nicecream #fitspo #fitfam #fitsnack #fitdessert #paleo #lowfat #diet #weightloss #berry #blueberrycheesecake #biskuitromagandum #biskuitroma #cimoryyogurt #buatsendirimakananmu #sajiansedap #coconutoil #vco #fibersnack #clubsehatstore #spekulaas #speculoos #eatclean #cheatclean #blueberrysmoothies” via @PhotoRepost_app
Thank you for sharing 🙏🙏🙏🙏

On going modular without the bucks

May Lil B the based god bless expert sleepers silent way daw-i/o-cv/gate converter for saving me the cost of getting a midi-cv interface

Also I should be able to send complex modulation to a through-0 fm oscillator from a software fm synth using the same route, while getting that delicious analog linear fm tone = complex analog fm without needing a bunch of vcos/operators

^ still need to check this, the expert sleepers thing may not be able to translate the signal properly

Now all I need is an eurorack psu/case + thru-zero fm oscillator (trying to get an fm-aid) + and maybe filter/envelope so I can do the usual subtractive synthesis setup as well… although I could probably go without an LFO

I think I’m getting a transistor ladder vcf, because you can’t go wrong with moog, and I found a cheap module

ADSR modules are kinda expensive though, I need to investigate that first

for polyphony:

I’ll probably use a pitch-mapping software from midi, I still haven’t found the right one, I would like something that triggers an envelope from each midi note, but since I want to change waveforms on the fly a sample couldn’t do it unless you’re sampling the waveform continuously onto a constantly changing lookup table, and those things don’t exist that I know of

probably going to get a simple harmonizer to experiment with simulating polyphony, despite the sound artifacts, and later a midi splitter to record each voice separately

Not having the money and really wanting something really forces you to think creatively, I guess

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Look Book ✿ 062

* EVENT LIST *The Fantasy Collective - (Monthly Event/Open May 20)Uber - (Monthly Event/Open May 25)+ Skin : VCO - Jerry Skin *NEW+ Mesh Body : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara+ Mesh Lip : VCO - Peach Smile Mesh lip+ Hair : .Olive. the Spice *NEW ✿Uber+ Big Flowers :  un Jour - reverie ROSE *NEW ✿TFC+ Fai Read more on the website


SHORT UPDATE: OH MY GOODNESS loveliesss!! Super super thank you lots to you guys!! I have finally reached 1k followers on flickr!! YAY!! Please visit my yard sale, I made some of my gacha items free of charge as a special many thank you to you sweets!! hurry!! → taxi to yard sale thank youuuu!! ♥♥

*✧・゚:* BODY *:・゚✧*

Hair: Blues. Giselle @Kustom9 !NEW!
Eyes: AMITOMO.Eye Collection
Lashes: //LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes
Skin: [AMITOMO] erica
Lips: VCO _ Nina mesh lip
Tattoo: antielle. My Magical Prism @Cosmetic Fair !NEW!

*✧・゚:* OUTFIT *:・゚✧*

Hat: =Zenith=Summer Rattan Hat @Kustom9 !NEW!
Dress: =Zenith=Sunshine Dress with Glasses @Kustom9 !NEW!
Bag: =Zenith=Ice-cream bag -Sky
Ice Cream: {Imeka} Sweet Ice Cream 03
Phone: [Dreamsicle] Yummy Smartphone @Kawaii Project

thank you all~ ♥

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#181 Watery playground..

Hey Loves! I was so inspired by anc’s new items for The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. I really love them so much and with summer just around the corner I wanted to do something really fun. I hope you guys like it as much as I liked making this post for you all <3

On Me:

Hair: ARGRACE - Akane (blacks)

Goggles: VCO -  Snorkel Goggles (yellow RARE)(water gun gacha machine)

Choker: xyz - Mesh Tattoo Choker 

Bikini: The Sugar Garden - Sexy Bikini (lux) New!

Flippers: The Secret Store - Rubber Flippers (yellow) (Sea Adventures gacha machine)

In Scenery:

anc. - Fish Shop Daughters gacha items (lotus flowers, fish) @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival New!

The Secret Store - Sea Adventure gacha items (turtle, crab, seahorse, fishing net)

Tentacio - beach season play bucket (green)


#modularbeats with @synthrotek dsm’s and @makenoisemusic Phonogene and Echophon processing. E350 on VCO. #modularsynth

Feed your skin and your body with the nutrients that they need and you will glow from within. #virgincoconutoil #coconutoil #coconut #coco #oil #vco #raw #natural #organic #organiclifestyle #superfood #rawfood #vegan #health #healthtips #healthy #healthyfood #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #skin #skincare #moisturizer #bodyoil #beautytips #detoxtips #healthyoptions #foodmatters #skinfood #healthyskin #glowingskin by rawbeautyphilippines



Some of you may know already I’m taking a break from blogging for a while. I’ll be back sometime in June and resume as soon as possible~! Until then, hope everyone take cares, see you soons!! ^^ And as for my sponsors I sent you a notecard with all the details a while back, I hope you have received them!

LEFT TO RIGHT: Geisha, Freya, Hex, Zeniba, Ferly, Silky, Me

Thank you all for being so patient and taking photos with me, many many thank yous to Silky & Freya for staying out longer, okaasann you is strongest ♥

psstt visit my yard sale whilst i’m away? ; 3; taxi

*✧・゚:* ON ME *:・゚✧*


Hair: MINA - Milou - Pink @FaMESHed (free)
Eyes: AMITOMO.Eye Collection
Lashes: //LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes
Skin: [AMITOMO] erica
Lips: VCO _ Nina mesh lip


Top: /// offbeat /// the moment gacha @TCF
Choker: Kibitz - Stretch choker - red COMMON
Bracelet: [BREATHE]-Ataraxy Bracelet-Pink Gift @TCF (free)
Ring: {Imeka} Rose Ring in Black/White (Wayward Hunt ended)
Bottoms: [lady.fakessi] Boyfriend Jeans Medium Wash
Shoes: ::LC:: Spice Platform Sneaker -  Powder Pink

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HEADDRESS_+ Priestess of the Rose Headdress Holy +{aii} RARE @Ai gacha

HIAR_.Olive. the Spice Hair @uber

SKIN_ Enfant—Barbie3_E1_W2   @TCF

CHOKER_*miwa’s airship* Fancy Waterdrop necklace#4  @Mizu

DRESS_*miwa’s airship* Fancy Waterdrop Dress RARE#1  @Mizu

TIGHTS_.aisling. Morigan Leg Silver


HEADDRESS_+ Priestess of the Rose Headdress Holy +{aii} RARE @Ai gacha

HIAR_ .Olive. the Powder Hair @uber

SKIN_VCO ~ Nina Skin 001

CHOKER_*miwa’s airship* Fancy Waterdrop necklace#5 @Mizu

DRESS_*miwa’s airship* Fancy Waterdrop Dress RARE#2  @Mizu

BAG_Che Bella // Moon Purse - Yellow @ Cosmopolitan