New Year, New You, New Closet
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Check out this video for the launch of the VCNY website.  Great job by Mr. Aesthetic on the videography tip.  Plus I’m in it.  I’ll be djing the VCNY launch party tomorrow with my mens and em, NSR and Skinny Friedman.  Peep the invite here and then come to the party and drink Asahi and get loose.

Is it Over? No. It's Just Begun

If you’re a frequent reader of our lovely little blog, I’m sure you’ve noticed a few things.

  1. We haven’t been consistently blogging
  2. Our URL changed from imopeningavintagestore.tumblr to vcny.tumblr
  3. Again, we haven’t really been blogging!

We’re so sorry for all the lack of posts and the confusing URL change. A LOT has been going on the lives of Z & Z.

First off, we were on an amazing vacation in Bonaire for a week. Yes, we were about to launch our shop and went on a vacation. Not only was this vacay scheduled months before BUT when you’ve been working so hard on something, it’s kind of nice to take a step back and relax for a minute. Not only do you see things in a much clearer light but too much work can make you crazy. We already have enough crazy in our lives!

So, there was our vacation and the little launch of our store! Yes, we have officially launched! Our nerves are so high. Presenting something as delicate as hand-picked clothing (used clothing) that you’re selling is super intense. What if people don’t like them, are they over-priced? Under-priced? The amount of questions that are running through our minds are endless. No wonder I woke up at 6:30 AM this morning, I can barely sleep! But, it’s all in good fun. We have so much faith in what we’re doing, it just has to work out! Not to mention the incredible amount of support we’ve received from friends, family and even strangers. We couldn’t be more grateful.

*Image Atif Ateeq by via VANE

Last but not least we threw a fantastic launch party with all of our friends and family at Rouge 58 in Williamsburg. We BBQ’d, danced, laughed and sipped on beers sponsored by Asahi, we couldn’t have asked for more. 

*Image Atif Ateeq by via VANE

This leads us back to day one in March when we started this blog to document our road to this very point, but what we’re realizing is that the ride has just begun. Now that Vintage Culture New York is all settled into it’s place on the Internets, the pressure is really on, but in a good way. We’re so excited to continue to find “new” beautiful and stylish pieces for you to wear. We want VCNY to be a haven for the stylishly conscious dresser. We have always stressed the importance of style not fashion, so that is what you can expect to find at Vintage Culture New York

Please check out the shop and let us know what you think. Our customers are our most important asset, we want to make you happy. Welcome to Vintage Culture New York.

Zach and Zoila

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VCNY is having a sale!

We are so fortunate to have such an amazing support system and incredible customers that we want to give thanks by offering %15 off select items starting Saturday at midnight (meaning tonight). So just type in the code: AUTUMN and start saving on amazing vintage treasures! 

Have a great weekend!!