I know that part of the reason I’m loving the Great Maccau of MHX is because it fights very similar to how I headcanon Raichu fighting. It all goes back to how they used to move in Pokemon Stadium; I thought it was so cute how they would use their tails as springs and hop forward before launching their attacks ;U; Just one of the many reasons Raichu is my favorite!

Poses based on the Great Maccau screens we got today! [x]

Probably gonna be posting a lot of Christmas gifts within the few days, so just as a warning for everyone who doesn’t like warm fuzziness.

Vchu has been quite busy these past few months so I haven’t gotten a chance to really talk to her much, but she’s always produced amazing artwork, and who doesn’t love her designs for her characters? Here she’s going to be pouncing on an unsuspecting kitty. Maybe she discovered a normal one without realizing it.

I did this a loooooong time ago and have neglected to post it. Just a redesign of Ravi. He sorta became his own character after a while and demanded it xD I wanted a more bunny-ish design on a Raichu.

Old Ravi design: [x]

P.S. Dutch bunnies are the cutest, unfortunately this one is a snarky bastard.