024. Up until year 11 I still didn't now the difference between their and there.

I’m such a fucking retard. Nobody ever taught me the difference so I just continued to recklessly interchange between the two. I don’t know how I figured it out but looking back I just feel like a complete spasticated dognut. Whatever that is.

001. I get overly excited over pregnant bellies.

That’s right. When I see a pregnant woman I just want to rush over to her and start prodding away at her tummy. I find it so fascinating, I can just imagine this swag-ass baby that's wearing sunglasses just casually chilling in your uterus going “that’s right bitch, I’m fucking completely inside you”.

022. Next semester I will be having 41-43 hours of uni a week.

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!? (By the way, I say 41-43hrs because one of my 2hr tutorials will be fortnightly). Seriously that’s like over 8hrs a day! 29hrs of which are going to be lectures, my arse is gonna be soo sore. But seriously, this is ridonkulous. I know, I know, first world problem right? Here I am, complaining about having too much uni when there a kids all over the world who would kill for an education. Jeez, now I just feel guilty..

019. I have a thing for commas.

No, not a sexual thing. It’s not like I go on to Microsoft Word and hold the comma button and enlarge the size and font so I can print off a page of big commas and get horny off it. Wow, that was slightly detailed.. but entirely not true, let me reassure you that. It’s just, I dunno if you guys have noticed but, if you look at my previous text posts there tends to be a lot of commas. I even chuck ‘em in there when it’s not even grammatically correct. It’s because when I type I tend to chuck commas where I pause my voice. So, it’s like, well, this sentence, it probably took me a while to say/read it, you dig? But I only use bulk commas on personal texts, like on tumblr and text messages.. I’m not stupid enough to write pages of un-grammatically correct sentences in my essays and assignments. That’s just silly.

I think I'm the only student at my uni right now..

See, it’s end-of-year uni break, plus it’s a Saturday. I had to drive my brother to Perth (because he is a tool that got his license suspended (actually I’m still on my L’s so technically I can’t drive with him now either but if the cops asked I DIDN’T KNOW OK?))so he could take his STAT test , which is at Canning College so to kill the next 3-4hrs I thought “hey, I might go chillbang at the Curtin library”. But it’s closed and no one is here so I’m sitting at an empty outdoor eating site on campus and taking advantage of the (for once) fast internet! You know, until I run out of battery or something.

015. One day I'm gonna marry a charming Scotsman.

Not that I actually know any. See, I’ve been kinda obsessed with James McAvoy lately and I’ve been watching too much The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. So when I watched the episodes where Craig interviewed James, it was this lovely Scottish overload and now I just wanna marry a Scotsman.

I wonder if people actually read my text posts?

This is my third today. I like to think at least one person does. I just like expressing myself. Because I have too many emotions. Actually, no I don’t. I just like feeling superior and smart by writing how I wish I talked. I wish I could effortlessly come up with witty puns and quick comebacks. But no, I can only do that when I’m writing because I’m too socially awkward when I talk.

021. I hate bad lecturers.

With their shitty lecture slides that make fuck-all sense. I mean seriously, how am I supposed to study for exams when I have nothing to study off! I hate the goddamn kidneys and all the freaking diseases they get. You’d think 119 lecture slides on kidneys would be helpful. NO, NO THEY FUCKING AREN’T. Argh, I’m getting so frustrated and angry. When I don’t get something it makes me procrastinate for hours on end. I actually only need to get 20% in my exam and I’ll pass the unit but I’m just so, I dunno how to explain it but, I always have to try my hardest, I don’t like half-arsing my exams. Aaand now this ‘fact’ has become a rant on exams. Fucking exams. Look what you’re doing to me!

Camelot: Take 3

Note: This refers to episode 5 & 6

Alrighty. Well there wasn’t actually much going on was there? Arthur’s still a scrawny, selfish bitch who can’t keep it in his pants. Merlin’s still mysterious as ever. Morgan’s slowly making her way up, and what the fuck is with Sibil?! “Yup, hey guys, just gonna burn down a nunnery and pay someone to bash me.. oh, did I mention I’m a nun?”. That whole head man takes every girl’s first was a bit tough, I honestly don’t know how it continued in that village for so long. I feel bad for Igraine, as lavish as her life has been she never really was happy was she? Ok, sorry for getting all boring on yous but I actually don’t know what to write ‘cos nothing much happened. So I guess that’s adios for now amigos.

012. I'm studying pharmacy.

Even though I hate chemistry with a passion. Doesn’t make sense, does it? I mean, I loved year 10 chem, “balancing equations, memorising the periodical table, woohoo!”, so I decided to do chem in year 11 & 12 too. Aaand I hated it. I passed. But I still hated it. So when it came to uni options I chose physio, ‘cos I really love human biology. Since early year 11 I had decided to do physio, and I got in. But for some reason, within the space of one week, I decided to study pharmacy instead. Actually, in all honesty that reason was my parents. They didn’t want me doing physio and they kept pushing me towards pharmacy. Dad told me it was my choice, but I knew they wanted me to do pharm. So I did, but I’m not gonna blame them, they gave me a choice. Right now I don’t mind it, I know I’d be happier in physio but I don’t regret it. I can’t regret it. You’re probably wondering why don’t I just switch courses? See, in my family, when you start something, you stick with it 'til the end. And that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’ll graduate when I’m 21, so I’ve still got plenty of time. I reckon I’ll work in a pharmacy for a couple of years then go back to uni and become a patent attorney or doctor. Or who knows, maybe even a physio.

013. Today was the first time I drove on the highway.

Woot woot! So it was about a 2hr drive and ok I’ll admit it, it was in an auto but still, I was pretty happy with myself. I ran over a kangaroo, a nun, a pregant lady and I crashed into a charity event, killing a few cancer patients in the process, so yeah, overall it was a prettty good drive. I’m still on my logbook and I don’t get my license until January. And yes, it’s a manual license. People are gonna read this and be like “so what? driving’s easy, highways a breeze” which it is but still, I felt like facting this. YEAHHHH STEREOTYPICAL FEMALE ASIAN DRIVER IN THE PROCESS. Gotta love it.

008. I have a borderline phobia of cockroaches.

See, it’s not a full-on phobia, hence why I wrote ‘borderline’. I mean, there are heaps of types of roaches right? I’m not scared of the smaller ones that are about [thiiiiiis] big, but the big fucking disgusting ones are, oh god, just writing about them gives me the creeps. We’ve got a few at our house, every now and then I’ll see one and just completely freeze up. And the shit thing is I can’t bear to squash them, they’re just so big and when you do you can hear it and their guts go everywhere. So I’ll stand there with a can of Mortein and I’ll use up half the can just killing one, but then the smell of Mortein just makes me really nauseous so I just can’t freaking win. I live with one of my brothers and, well, he can be a real big douche sometimes. He threatens me with them and puts them in my room, and I know this is gonna make me sound like a real wimp but it seriously makes me scream and bawl my goddamn eyes out.