vce history


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today i was unable to attend my classes due to the intense hay fever symptoms at the moment, so i spent the day resting and reflecting on my exam results.

i have currently received my results for english and history and picked out where i did well and areas where improvement is required. despite not doing mainstream english and history in year 11, reflecting on the exam papers brings a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment on the achievements of the year.

i’m quite nervous to see the results for the rest of my subjects tomorrow, but at least i know i did the best i could

anonymous asked:

How did your history exam go?? Also, I am picking up history revolutions next year for vce. Do you have any tips coz I am kind of freaking out.

the exam was good! there was one question that was a bit of a curveball, but overall it was easier than i expected :)

tips for history!

  • make summary notes throughout the course! it’s very useful when you get to the end of the year
  • remember a good handful of quotes and statistics! if you know what rev you’re going to do for section a and section b in the exam make sure you have relevant quotes for that aos (i did russia section a, and had historian quotes from aos2, and for france section b i had quotes for aos1)
  • make a timeline! textbooks usually have them but its easier to remember if you make it yourself (laminate it and stick it somewhere you often go eg. shower, bathroom, back of a car seat)
  • i find easy to remember things if i record a mini-summary voice memo amongst my music 
  • if you’re really not getting it watch a documentary or two (some may not be accurate though so :/)
  • flashcards! great for policies, dates and important events
  • try to actually enjoy the subject! it makes everything wayyyyyyy easier trust me