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today i was unable to attend my classes due to the intense hay fever symptoms at the moment, so i spent the day resting and reflecting on my exam results.

i have currently received my results for english and history and picked out where i did well and areas where improvement is required. despite not doing mainstream english and history in year 11, reflecting on the exam papers brings a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment on the achievements of the year.

i’m quite nervous to see the results for the rest of my subjects tomorrow, but at least i know i did the best i could

anonymous asked:

How did your history exam go?? Also, I am picking up history revolutions next year for vce. Do you have any tips coz I am kind of freaking out.

the exam was good! there was one question that was a bit of a curveball, but overall it was easier than i expected :)

tips for history!

  • make summary notes throughout the course! it’s very useful when you get to the end of the year
  • remember a good handful of quotes and statistics! if you know what rev you’re going to do for section a and section b in the exam make sure you have relevant quotes for that aos (i did russia section a, and had historian quotes from aos2, and for france section b i had quotes for aos1)
  • make a timeline! textbooks usually have them but its easier to remember if you make it yourself (laminate it and stick it somewhere you often go eg. shower, bathroom, back of a car seat)
  • i find easy to remember things if i record a mini-summary voice memo amongst my music 
  • if you’re really not getting it watch a documentary or two (some may not be accurate though so :/)
  • flashcards! great for policies, dates and important events
  • try to actually enjoy the subject! it makes everything wayyyyyyy easier trust me

rocking my club tee for the heats today at the Victorian State Long Course Championships
im ranked 4th but i should be in the top 3 for the finals tonight
just found out i got a study score of 39/50 for VCE history which should get marked up to 40-41 so im happy 💃
all i want now is xmas because mAkeup lol 💄