Study Habits to Develop.

I am nearing the end of my grade 11 year and just wanted to share the study habits that I developed (and I wished I picked up from the start) when taking up VCE for the first time. 

1. Learning Style - There are a bunch of learning styles such as (visual learning, auditory learning and physical learning). I for one learn through visuals and jotting down notes over and over annnd over again just to get it through my head. 

2. Always have a planner - If you’re a Starbucks fan (like me) - I usually just use my Starbucks planner that I get at the end of the year through collecting stickers and what-not. Having a planner is really useful to write down reminders for school and writing down goals. I also get if you don’t like planners… so I recommend using your phone or any device that can store details of reminders. 

3. Have a specific time to do homework - If you get distracted by alot of things (like me) you should set a time in the day to get work done. In my case, this study habit wasn’t really developed I just had it pounded into my head when I was younger. Just have an alarm on what time you need to do your homework. 

4. Find a “study zone” - Find a place where you find comfort in studying and where you can be really productive. Usually I just hang around in my room as it is very quiet and nobody really disturbs me. 

5. REST - It is 100% important to get things done, but if you’re really drained from all the school activities - you need to take a power nap and regain that energy that you’ve lost. When you wake up, drink water and you’ll be good to go. 

* Note: You may get distracted (trust me, it’s normal) - try to think about the time you’re wasting not getting work done and how much time you couldve saved to do whatever you wanna do after getting things done. 

hi! my name’s cat and this is my first studyblr post.

so, a small intro:
age: 15
country: aus
interests: anime, swimming, voltron, dan and phil, p!atd, etc.

i hope making a studyblr will help me stay on top of my work/exams and keep me motivated.

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i’m currently at square one and barely know anyone (cries ;-;) so hopefully i’ll end up meeting new people and making some friends within the studyblr community c:


March 19 // 1:36pm
It’s such a nice day today (autumn seems to be running a bit late) 🌞
I have a psych SAC on Tuesday so I’m reading through and annotating my textbook. Hoping to get a good result on this SAC! 😊
Hope you’re having a brilliant day! 💞

🐝 14.02.2017

so, this is my first original photo i have posted on here! as i’m experimenting a lot at the moment with spreads since i received my moleskine journal, today i went for a hufflepuff themed spread - house pride, ya know? i have a lot of homework due in the coming days but i’m trying to stay organised with my bullet journal and school planner

xo eloise  

Spent Easter Sunday eating chocolate and hanging out with family 🍫but now it is time to crack down for the night! Currently writing up a plan for an essay I hope to knock off after dinner. Let’s see how that goes 😂

I have been using the Pentel fude touch brush sign pen recently (because I love studyquill’s note taking layout and I have zero of my own creativity and wanted to try her’s out with the stationary she uses) and I have been loving it because it is so quick and easy and rarely bleeds! Also loving my new mildliners and muji gel pens! Here’s to a productive night ✌🏼

Hey guys!

Long time no see everyone! Today, I make my big comeback with some brand new printables! So since my midyear exams are approaching, I’ve decided to make my exam timetable and why not share it with all of you?

With these timetables, you can use it for your actual exams to write up your calendar or, like me, you can plan out your study with the exam dates also there to keep in mind. I think this method also puts into perspective the time you actually have cause it’s saved me quite a few times.

This is my first set of printables so any feedback would be amazing! xx

You can access my brand new printables here!!

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