Bought my 2017 planner at a Kikki K sale today because I just couldn’t resist! The last year is gonna be busy so I wanted to buy a more decent planner and I love this one so much!! It has monthly and weekly view, as well as notes, wish list, movies, books, restaurants, expenses and addresses pages plus the cutest little stickers to begin customising! Let the planning begin ❤️

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hi, i’m Mai and I recently decided to revamp my blog as I have s much time right now and throughout this year, the one regret I had was not using my studyblr enough. So I plan to be more active as I progress to uni!

I’ve finished vce and i’m hoping to get into a pharmacy or pharmaceutical science course for 2017 meaning i’ll mainly reblog chemistry/biology related posts!

also I’m looking for open studyblr networks to join so please lmk and any studyblrs from melbourne to chat with and help me out because idk what uni is like and i’m really scared..

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March 19 // 1:36pm
It’s such a nice day today (autumn seems to be running a bit late) 🌞
I have a psych SAC on Tuesday so I’m reading through and annotating my textbook. Hoping to get a good result on this SAC! 😊
Hope you’re having a brilliant day! 💞


e x a m . f e e d b a c k : 2 2 . 1 1 . 2 0 1 6 -

today i was unable to attend my classes due to the intense hay fever symptoms at the moment, so i spent the day resting and reflecting on my exam results.

i have currently received my results for english and history and picked out where i did well and areas where improvement is required. despite not doing mainstream english and history in year 11, reflecting on the exam papers brings a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment on the achievements of the year.

i’m quite nervous to see the results for the rest of my subjects tomorrow, but at least i know i did the best i could


Last Thursday I took my last Year 12 exam, and my last Maths exam forever! This year’s exams were horrible but I’m glad they’re over now 😁

Now I’m studying for my Year 11 exams - and here’s some of my Chemistry notes. Started using a highlighting system 😊



Beginning year 12 at the end of January, I spared no expense back to school shopping 😬😬 I absolutely love everything I got though so here it all is:

2 smallish whiteboards - Target
Legal revision blank notebooks - Muji
Glitter journal - Typo
Rose gold and black pens & 24 pack of markers 😍 - Target
Sharpie highlighters and InkJoy pens - Coles
Spiral notebooks - Typo
Pretty pink & green notebook - Fox and Fallow
Weekly planner - Target
2017 planner - Kikki K
Constellations notebook & pencil case - Typo
Gold binders - I just covered ugly binders with gold contact from Coles :)


Doing heaps of bio for my test next week and am also trying to understand how the Phloem works (if anyone can help that’d be great)! I decided I need to get over my fear of drawing diagrams and just try my best, the holidays are coming up soon and hopefully I’ll have bought some colour pencils to make my diagrams all look better and more understandable than all grey. I also have a psychology test tomorrow and on Friday, an English test on Thursday and next Thursday, not to mention my maths test next Monday which I’m really worried about… I hate assessment weeks