VBRnR Race Recap

I’m going to try and keep this as short as possible.

I was terrified going into this race. I was almost certain I was going to DNF, to be honest. I’ve never felt this unprepared for a race, but I got to the start line and just told myself to do what I could.

Around mile 5, I started to catch my second wind. I knew I was keeping around a 10min pace, so I decided at that point I was going to make the best of this run. I became everyone’s cheerleader. I high-fived and thanked the spectators and cheerleaders along the course. I encouraged everyone at each mile mark. I had fun, and that’s all I wanted. As always, shortmom’s mantra kept me going. Let Go Let’s Go Legs Go

It was a bit more humid this year than previously, and my shoes were puddles by the end. My feet are sore, but I don’t have any new blisters to deal with. My knees are sore, but that comes with being slower.

I met up with Kate and Matt after the race. They killed the course. I’m really happy for them!

My goal for Philly in two weeks is to beat this time.

If anyone else is still in the area, we’re going to the concert tonight! Hit me up!

VBRnR W9D2 lift

I don’t even know how I pulled this off today. I went in, did some reps at 45 just to warm up then hit 135 for 5. I set my bar up for 155 and couldn’t find the straps anywhere. I searched the whole gym. I knew I couldn’t get 200 without the straps. My grip just isn’t there yet, and we can’t use chalk here. (Not that I have any.) I finally found them hanging with all the different attachments for the pullie system machine. Idk what it’s called. Anyway, I focused really hard on good form for 155 and keeping the bar in close to my body. Everything felt good, so I figured I wouldn’t tire myself out with a bunch of sets and just do the damn thing. I pulled that 200 up like it was 175. I had to check my math a few times. Since it was so easy, I figured I’d go for 205…well I miscalculated and put 210 on. It didn’t come up as easy as 200, and my form suffered a little, but I locked that shit out. The picture is the face I made after I got 200. I couldn’t believe it - AND NO ONE THERE TO CELEBRATE WITH ME!

Now, I’m off to foam roll my back and drink my lunch shake.

VBRnR W8D6 10 miles

The run that almost wasn’t.

I set my alarm for 630 then hit snooze for an hour until I decided to just turn it off. At 855 I got a text from Rachael(FightsBack) telling me to get my ass out of bed and go run. So I did. And I almost quit at 2 miles. Then I remembered that I wasn’t running these miles for speed. That I need to get my endurance back, and frankly I didn’t want to write another post full of excuses why I didn’t finish yet another long run.

So I did it. And I’m glad I did. Unfortunately for anyone who saw me after about three miles, my clothes were no longer hiding very much. The shorts Claire sent me go see through when they’re wet. Well played, Claire. Well played. ;)

VBRnR W9D1.2 5 miles

It would have been sacrilegious to not take advantage of the beautiful night. It felt freaking awesome to push myself. I was irked at my mile 4 pace, but then kicked mile 5 in to gonads. So it’s all evened out.

I might do some bike riding and/or PRTC stuff tomorrow. Suggestions?

VBRnR W7D4 4 miles

A beautiful day for a run. Cool with a breeze and a light sprinkle the whole time. It was nice to see my pace back in the 8’s and negative splits at that. I felt like I could have ran another mile, but it would not have been faster than my fourth.

I think I’ll cash in my free movie ticket today and walk around the mall pretending I have money.

VBRnR W10D7 10 miles

1:41:33 / 10:09 pace

I forgot to switch my watch setting back from doing intervals the other night, so I stopped at two miles to fix it. I ran all over the place today to get these miles in. I didn’t want to do a long out and back in case the rain got really rough, so I did little ones and ran through town and looped around a couple of times. My town is only 3 miles around, so it took some finagling.

Anyway, done. In the rain. Now I feed on eggs and bean and try to convince myself to do the laundry that requires a trip up and down two flights of stairs.


VBRnR W9D5 lift?

Came in and did some shoulder stuff. Sean has suggested I do more shoulder work to stabilize my bench. So, did that. A crazy storm came through and flickered the power.

Positive thoughts of the day:
- a roof over my head
- my best friend/loverrrrr
- puppy snuggles
- legs that run
- weights to lift
- a job/paycheck
- my health

Thank you for all your hugs and words of encouragement. I’m constantly surprised by the love and generosity of this community.

VBRnR W6D2 4 miles FAST

Please note the “feels like” temperature. Ninety degrees already….smh.

I treated these three miles almost like mile intervals by stopping and pausing my watch to regroup after each one.

The heat and I have a complicated relationship, so I err on the side of caution when I feel myself getting overheated. Considering I wanted to throw it in after one mile, I’m glad I toughed it out for three.

I’m coming to terms with not PRing these next two races, but that doesn’t mean I won’t do my best.

VBRnR W5D2 Lift

I utilized starting strength again to give me some guidance. I tweaked few things on my squat and only did 2x5 on the last so I don’t have major doms for my run tomorrow. Then I added some auxiliary bi/tri work to round out the workout.

Apparently today was “Hit on Erin” day at the gym, or maybe they always talk about me but I don’t hear it with my headphones in.

I asked a kid to spot me on the bench so I didn’t look like an idiot and get crushed. One of the guys who works at the gym walked by and said, “Damn she benches more than me!” To which my spotter replied, “She probably benches more than most females. Most women would have trouble with the bar.” Then he turned to me and said, “You don’t see a lot of women back here [in the weights section]. They think they’re going to get jacked.” I just smiled and nodded. When I asked him to spot me on my next set he asked it it was my heavy day. I just nodded. “Are you going for 5 again?…yeah I try to go for 5 or 3 ya know on my heavy days.”

After that, I was mid pull on my heavy dead set, and a random guy exclaimed that I was deadlifting. Like he had to make the announcement to his buddy.

Maybe the first guys were just making conversation, but no one but the employees generally speak to me here. It was different.

The best part of today, though, was at the end of my session a woman asked me who did my tattoos and when I turned to do something she jumped back like I’d shocked her and said, “Oh my gosh! You’re so fit!” So, that made up for the creepers.

VBRnR W5D1 6 hill repeats

As I stated in my training post yesterday, I don’t have access to hills and the race is super flat, so I didn’t feel the need to figure out a hill route. I decided that I wanted to push myself and do three miles FAST.

I wanted to stop so bad. I really need to work on this mental block I have. I pushed myself through it, but I really wanted negative splits the whole time. I’m going to keep working on this and work it into my training.

The rest of this day is dedicated to grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning the house.

VBRnR W4D6 8 miles

I’m pretty embarrassed by this, but my only goal today was to finish. I don’t know why these runs are intimidating me so much. I could have pushed it much harder, but I didn’t. I even walked. I haven’t walked in years during training runs.

Oh well. It’s done.

VBRnR W5D7 9 miles

This run felt good. It’s humid, but not too hot. I got through five miles fairly easily. I started to doubt myself, and then I remembered I had some GU with me. I walked a little and sucked down a GU and washed it down with some water. I slowed down a bit after that, but I kept sipping on my water and stopping in the shade when need be. At mile 8, my watch died, so I clocked my last mile with the stopwatch on my phone.

My average pace for 8 was 10:09, so I’m going to call it 10:05 maybe for the whole run. I’m very pleased with this. This run was all about positivity. It also helped to switch my watch display to time elapsed and distance instead of current pace and distance. It allowed me to get out of my head and focus on the mileage.

VBRnR W10D2 5 miles

Beast mode activated. I didn’t think I’d make it to five, but I crushed it.

RunKeeper tells me that I ran 5.36 miles at 8:10 pace which makes me question any of my runs where it told me I was traveling at warp speed last summer.

My gympact is complete for the week now as well. Boom.


VBRnR W8D4 lift

1. My matching game was on point today and/or a little overboard.
2. I didn’t realize the ez bar I was using for presses was only 35#, so my reps were off. Dumb.
3. So I went into my deadlifts thinking, “I’ll just go for 175 again and let it be,” but it came up SO EASY. Sean told me to just put 200# on it, but I was skurred. 185# was pretty easy, too, so I slapped another 5# on there. A little struggle but not much. Ecstatic! I think that if I hadn’t done so many sets, I probably could have pulled it. So this means, I should warm up at a higher weight than 95#. Or something.
4. Fuck. I’m so stoked.

Edit: I’ll pull 200# by the end of the month.

VBRnR W7D1 Lift

Same sort of workout I’ve been doing, so nothing spectacular. Failed the third set of squats and started seeing spots, so I called it a day on those. I couldn’t get 100# on the bench. Probably because I did two sets of 10 to start. I hadn’t done leg press in a while. My legs will be dead tomorrow. Then I did some auxiliary work. Pretty solid day.

Belated birthday dinner with my parents tonight. Yum!