Jungkook Fairy!AU that consists of colors and drabble-like scenarios.


Blue - depression; melancholy; forlorn

The bright sunlight made his eyelids twitch, orange haze gleaming in front of chocolate waves, the sun graced his awaiting figure with a comfortable warmth.

His legs hung from the patio floor, calves small enough to fit through the fence, arms reaching for fresh batches of lime green grapes grown just nearby. Jungkook hummed quietly, crunching out sweet juice onto his tongue whilst panning the city, wings drooped out of pure relaxation; he was tranquil. He closed his eyes momentarily, took in small amounts of oxygen, and exhaled, counting the seconds it took him to do so.

However, his eyes shot open at the booming sound of the door crashing into its place, stomps being heard behind his stiff spine and thumps resounding angrily across the flat. He turned his head curiously with wide, doe eyes, raising an eyebrow at you, who was taking off articles of clothing whilst muttering suspiciously.

He grinned, blissfully unaware of your apparent rage.

“Welcome home!”

You turned briskly, managed a short grin back and then hotly returned back to searching the fridge.

He dejectedly scratched his cheek, frowning slightly as he turned back to the busy city, looking up at skyscrapers and feeling plump grapes between his lips. He jumped when you appeared next to him, wearing only a bralette and shorts, lips parting at how fast you managed to change out of your restricting clothes.

You held an ice cream cone, silently staring at the outlandish buildings, eyes glossy and lips thinning, you were now in the state of calming down, Jungkook observed. Your shoulders drooped as your tongue lapped the vanilla substance, face completely stoic, which was definitely not like you.

The fairy stared at you for a while, eyeing the frozen facial features, looking at the slow kicks of your bare feet.

He sighed, scrunched his nose, and popped another grape into his mouth.

“What happened?”

You side-eyed him, exhaling, quietly tapping your fingers against the wood. You licked your lips before clearing your throat, blinking continuously and messing with one of the straps of your bralette.


You mumbled lifelessly, and Jungkook’s face instantly twisted into an expression of contempt. He tasted vile at the edge of his tongue at the sound of his name, especially from your mouth.

“He…He had…”

You scrunched your nose, picking at the edge of your cone as you looked down. Jungkook waited, patiently biting into bundled groups of crisp juice.

“Another one,”

You finally breathed before hearing your guardian fairy choke on a grape that was on its way to his stomach. You were alarmed, gasping before hearing him cough, hands waving around to signal his healthy self. You frowned, crossing your arms as you looked away.

“God, Jungkook, you-“

What the fuck?”

He seethed to your surprise, vexation slipping from his tone, venom poisoning his voice. His wings were pointed, eyes flaring red, he stared at you with such intensity that you faltered back.

You gazed at him, chuckling softly when you realized that he was just as riled up as you were.

Jungkook was definitely raging, fire traveled through his veins, anger tingled in his fingertips, he never even liked your new boyfriend anyway.

But sure, he thought he was a decent guy, caring, nice, supportive, he never seemed like the type to cheat. Which explained how lax Jungkook was, he thought he could make you happy. He thought he seemed like the right type of guy. He definitely looked the part; but his personality shown the brightest.

Kim Taehyung was perfect.


Jungkook shot up, knocking over some grapes as he muttered ferociously, fury burning at the soles of his feet whilst he paced back and forth.

You sat still, unable to tell your quite spontaneous friend that you’ve known for a while, yet decided to brush it off as a horrible assumption.

That was a month ago.

He thumped next to you, furrowing his eyebrows as you peeked at his ruby eyes, his gritted teeth, his ruffled hair.

“Break up with him.”

You winced at the words that you repeated to yourself on the way home, on the run away from Taehyung, on the taxi ride with a twelve dollar fee, on the journey through a month of knowing and drinking your sorrows away.


You whispered, grinning, trying to compose yourself but teardrops already running down your cheeks. “Yeah.”

You bit your bottom lip as he gasped at the waterworks, advice spilling out his trembling lips.

“Y/N, you can’t trust him anymore, you know that. And, breaking up is the best-“

“I love him.”

Jungkook stared at you, red fading, words silencing his supportive stance. He froze as his heart weakened, pulse slowing, something deep inside, suffocating.

You sniffled, covering your damp eyes with your palms, crying in small intakes of oxygen, curling up into a ball as your heart ached from the memory of the boy you once thought of as the sun.

The pixie looked at you, grimacing, tilting his head as his eyes too suddenly filled with water. Pity? No, it was pain.

“He’s stupid,”

He mumbled, weakly punching the auburn exterior, tears staining and slipping into the crevices. His eyes turned to a dull shade of blue, matching colors of tears, floods, water. “So stupid.”

Giving you advice was probably not from the goodness of his heart, but rather the opposite. You loved him and only him. Only Kim Taehyung. And he used your love and twisted it into a scarf, knitted it into a sweater, using it only for the winter and packing it away until snow falls once again.

But your love for him was like poison to Jungkook, it wrapped needles around his heart and they pricked the beating muscle every time you whispered Taehyung’s name through pink, adoring flesh. His magic faltered when you spoke of him as the sun, missed him, loved him, loved him, and loved him even more even when he was hurting you.

And you, you were not the sun to the fairy but the galaxy. You were the twinkle in his eyes, the erratic pulse, the bundles of endorphins through his veins, you were the nebula. Gaining your love was winning the lottery, one in a million chance of happening, yet miraculously they were able to be chosen.

Jungkook loved you more than any fairy could love his pair of wings, more than any scientist could love the thrill of discovering, more than you could ever love the sun —- you had felt the same.

You just hadn’t realized it yet.