RFA+Saeran, V, Vanderwood, & Rika as Kpop Songs

(Listening to the songs then reading the translated lyrics is recommended) 


  • Hello by SHINee
  • Worried about what to say
  • A little self conscious but trying to work up the courage to talk to you 
  • He’s a faithful angel who will stay by your side 


  • Just Right by GOT7
  • The song talks about self confidence and image issues which I feel Zen feels strongly about helping others with since he has had his own doubts
  • He loves you the way you are and not who people want you to be 
  • He finds your flaws beautiful and wants you to be comfortable with him 


  • I Like You by GOT7
  • A mix of soft voices and harsher upbeat tones that I think show off her personality 
  • You’re the treasure she doesn’t want anyone else to find 
  • She loves you and does’t want you to ever doubt “why”


  • Blood Sweat & Tears by BTS
  • Darker tones with sinful lyrics 
  • The fashion suits Jumin pretty well *pun intended* 
  • Even if the love is painful he’ll gladly take suffer through as long as he can be with you 


OMGT by Madtown 

  • Watch the music video, you’ll understand… 
  • The lyrics are cute yet threatening 
  • The comedy is evident 
  • I can see him liking the dance to the chorus 


  • Boy In Luv by BTS
  • Angsty boy who doesn’t know how to show his feelings 
  • His actions and words rarely match from sweet words to giving you the cold shoulder and vice versa 
  • Loud in your face music that expresses emotion suits Saeran well and makes a good cover for when he occasionally, secretly listens to soft melodies 


  • Beautiful by Monsta X 
  • He knows he should stay away but he’s drawn to your light
  • Everyday he wants to tell you how beautiful you are
  • If you’ll help him work through the pain he wants to open his heart to you 


  • SPY by B.A.P
  • It sounds cliche but it’s true
  • He keeps his distance while trying to figure out his feelings 
  • He’s slowly falling for you but won’t act on his emotions, choosing to only protect you instead


  • Overdose by EXO
  • A dangerous love
  • No matter how much you want to quit you struggle
  • You can’t stay away