Why are most Gochi fans always not active at all in the fandom?

This is to my 99% of my followers,

This is sad that but the 1500+ followers here (minus creepy porn bots, you’ll always be blocked) never ever like and reblog or even support any kind of Gochi posts, except for the same 10-15 blogs. Like out of 1500+ blogs, only a mere 15 actively show support!
If atleast half of you showed support for Gochi, especially since the haters have been very active now, there would have been a strong support base for this OTP!

Even during Gochi posts against haters or any fans getting harassed… these people keeps quite and the rare support messages I get are in anon.

It’s kinda sad but makes me a bit angry and hopeless to see this no-show from all these people while vegeta and vb fans are so overactive that they’ll reblog the same posts multiple times and sadly, a frightening number of them actively has this insane mania to shower extreme illogical hatred on Goku x Chichi and even Goten to show their love~ for their own character/ship!!

It’s like most of you are ashamed to be call a GoChi fan and I’ve no freaking idea why you’re following this ship blog in the first place while not giving a shit to the ship or it’s fan artists and writers!!!!

So what is the exact reason of following this Gochi blog but never supporting the ship at all?!! Because me and my friend had never done ‘follow me, follow you back’ at all.
And please while giving opinions, do try to stay from anon mode for once… It always feel like talking to a non existing person or a ghost.
Also, no throw away blogs while replying. Please, there’s no need to be so scared of me, I won’t materialise inside your home and raid your refrigerator 😑

moodboard: violet baudelaire

violet baudelaire, the eldest, liked to skip rocks. like most fourteen-year-olds, she was right-handed, so the rocks skipped farther across the murky water when violet used her right hand than when she used her left. as she skipped rocks, she was looking out at the horizon and thinking about an invention she wanted to build.

I don’t know if I am a boy
I don’t know if I am a girl
I don’t know when I was born
I don’t know who’s my mother
I don’t know when I got alone
I don’t know how I got mad
I don’t know how I got mad
I don’t think I should get back.

É numa dessas encostas
Que eu me atraco
Faço um porto
Me amarro toda
E quando já não me cabe mais
O mar é meu guia
Vento que mata
Num vendaval
Me faço de novo

História mal contada entre o capitão e o mar. VB


Hey, Dad. It’s me. Listen, your job over the years has been to shield me from harm. But now it’s my turn to go out into this new world on my own, no shield, and discover what this Earth can offer. You know, you are the best teacher I’ve ever had, but I don’t know what more you can teach me. I love you. Please, don’t come looking for me.