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●Okuma yazması olmadığı için ev sahibesi tarafından kandırılmış, eşi tarafından evrak hususunda da insanlık yönünden de defalarca aldatılmış…
●735 tl fatura borcunu derneğimiz adına kapattık.
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●Hesap numaraları fotoğrafta mevcut…
●Lütfen rb rb rb rb …

catastrophe-creations  asked:

Hi CJ! My first question is when did you find mark and jack? Second is I happen to know someone you do seeing him at VBS, do you remember/know Tommy?

I started watching Mark a year ago last August because I wanted to see if I could play FNaF so I watch some of his videos to get an idea of the game and got hooked on the series… As for Jack I just recently started watching his videos this past April and the reason is because I was honestly getting a bit bored of Mark and had heard/seen a lot of mentions and drawings of him and Mark so I figured, why not. I think the first series that I watched of his was the Ben & Ed one ♥

(and idk what vbs or who tommy is, sorry)

Ignoring the Bismuth debate for the moment to offer brief thoughts on the information we got on Rose Quartz tonight:

There seem to be people who think Rose’s mistakes with Bismuth are being glossed over, or who think Rose lying was out of character, or who go the opposite end and think this proves Rose Was Super Evil All Along, but it’s none of those things.

Rose has always been deeply flawed. Rose has always been no better on a personal level than any other Gem. Rose has always been secretive, manipulative, prone to extremes that align with her beliefs, and bad at understanding or dealing with the feelings of others. Rose has also always been compassionate, loving, deeply interested in the experiences of others even though (or perhaps because?) they are hard for her to understand, devoted, persistent, and a huge silly dork when in situations where she could keep her guard down.

But while implications and observations have shown a rounded Rose, the Rose we’ve always been told about was Magical Space Goddess Rose. Fearless Leader Of The Rebellion Rose. Rose with Healing Tears and unconditional love for every living thing. Rose is presented as some intangible thing, and Steven’s always been overwhelmed by her shadow.

Even Jasper, an enemy, speaks highly of Rose, if from a different light. She was still the Ultimate General, the Worthiest Opponent, etc.

And now we have Bismuth.

Bismuth, who knew Rose, and loved Rose, and respected Rose, but did not idolize Rose. Bismuth who disagreed with Rose. Bismuth, who can tell us both good and bad about Rose.

For the first time, we’re seeing a character who is knowledgeable without wearing, shall we say, rose-tinted glasses.

And this is incredibly important for Steven, to understand that his mom wasn’t perfect, and that he doesn’t have to be either. That he’ll never live up to some of the things he did, but he really CAN surpass her in others. Other Gems have told them he could before, but due to their also painting Rose as Perfect, being Better Than Rose meant that he was striving to be Better Than Perfect, which is immense pressure.

Now, at long last, he has some context to realize that all he really needs to strive to be is his personal best, because that’s all Rose ever was, if she was ever even that.

You could say that…

In terms of how Rose has been presented to Steven and the audience up to this point compared to what Rose was actually like…

This episode could be seen as a sort of…

Breaking Point.

like bismuth would absolutely adore amethyst and what she represents……a gem that has never felt the oppression of homeworld……popped into the earth with no one telling her what to do or who to be………and like reassuring her that she has a place with the crystal gems and that she really is perfect the way she is….and like lots of love….and friendly sparring to help her kick jaspers ass……telling amethyst stories that no ones really told her……just…..bismethyst


Hey, Dad. It’s me. Listen, your job over the years has been to shield me from harm. But now it’s my turn to go out into this new world on my own, no shield, and discover what this Earth can offer. You know, you are the best teacher I’ve ever had, but I don’t know what more you can teach me. I love you. Please, don’t come looking for me.

Hatunda bi MEME VAR. AKLINIZ DURUR YANI. Arkadaşlar şimdi ilginizi çektiğime göre iki dakikanızı ayırır mısınız? Istanbuldan Ben ve beraberimde 3 arkadaşım bir konuda yardımınızı rica ediyoruz. Önümüz kış ve haliyle soğuk günler bizi bekliyor. Biz de kullanmadığımız temiz ve kullanılabilecek -mont, kaban, kazak, bot vb - eşyaları toplayıp ihtiyaç sahiplerine ulaştırmak için uğraşıyoruz. Bunun dışında vakit buldukça huzur evi, çocuk esirgeme kurumları gibi sevgiye ve yardıma ihtiyacı olan insanları ziyaret edip onlarla vakit geçirmek gayesindeyiz. Sadece bu gibi olaylarla ilgilenebilecek, bize ve yardıma muhtaç insanlara destek olabilecek kişilerin bana veya siyahingunahkarligi 'na mesaj atması yeterli olacaktır. Whatsapp grubu açıp sadece bu iş için emek harcayacak güzel insanları bekliyoruz. Şimdiden herkese çok teşekkürler. Sağlıcakla..

İletişim Bilgileri için lütfen mesaj atın.

Pokemon Sun/Moon Theory:

Team Skull is a scapegoat.

To just hand us the team leader this early feels… out of place. And the overt dark themes and delinquent aesthetic feels a little too cookie cutter, especially with the way Pokemon has favored moral ambiguity more and more as time has gone on. The “punk” type trainers are often portrayed sympathetically. (Who could forget the poor Mauville lesbians, with punk girl breaking up with her ace trainer girlfriend because she doesn’t want her new reputation tarnished by being seen with a low-life like her?)

This, and in the current leak, Guzma mentions “fellow rejects”. That seems more the angle Pokemon likes to play. I’d like to suspect that Team Skull is a bunch of kids and young adults raging against a system that let them fall through the cracks.

“Team Skull has a bone to pick with you!” the trailer says. (Good pun.) I’ll bet they do! You, the trainer, who just moved here and is instantly favored by the regional professor, gifted a RotomDex, even visited by a deity? You’re a walking pile of nepotism. I mean honestly.

So what I’m currently hoping is that Team Skull is legitimately dangerous, and they are causing actual problems that you need to stop. But either:

A) They’re a front being directed by another (publicly reputable) organization to distract people from things going on behind the scenes, or

B) They’re the lesser of two evils, acting of their own accord but fighting something both worse and more abstract.

Either way, I suspect that the real Big Bad of the game won’t be Guzma or anything Look How Scary We Are, but something closer to capitalism or the previously rumored tourism. Not All Evil Wears Black, basically. Based on how Pokemon has operated in the past, I could even see part or all of Team Skull making a Heel-Face Turn late in the plot to aid the hero in saving the day from the Real Evil, whatever it may be.

Or maybe I’m wrong and Team Skull is just kind of obligatory evil team presence but the games in general are less focused on team activities than usual. They’re certainly changing the formula a lot, so who knows. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. :V