Slow motion volleyball spike

Just thinking about that time I was working at VBS as a character called Eunice that didn’t believe and each day I would perform a skit and the kids had to come in and help me believe and by the end of the week I did.

On the last day these two little boys came up to me and both of them told me they loved me. One of them told me he was going to make me a red paper heart and give it to me and that he was going to love me forever. The other one told me that he was going to live and miss me forever since I didn’t go to his church. He asked me for my phone number and address so that he could stay in contact with me. Neither one of them would stop hugging me or telling me they loved me and one of them even gave me a kiss on the cheek. When it came time for them to leave the two five year olds wouldn’t, especially the little boy who wanted to keep in contact with me and I didn’t want them to leave either.

I haven’t seen them since but I don’t think they will ever know how much that moment meant to me.

I want to honor the memory of the great civil rights activist Julian Bond, who died yesterday at the age of 75. As he often noted, Mr. Bond was from several generations of college graduates (his father, Horace Mann Bond, was the first Black president of Lincoln University in Pennsylvania) but spent the bulk of his life reaching out to help others gain equality in education and civil rights. I gratefully acknowledge the decades of fearless service and leadership of Julian Bond and extend my condolences to his wife Pamela and his family. This photo of Mr. Bond with members of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (he was a co-founder) was taken by the legendary photographer Richard Avedon on March 23, 1963 in Atlanta, Georgia.

I have a stupid actor Au where Al is a Broadway actor because he finds it fun to play as different people and really really loves to be on stage. When he was a kid he was a really outgoing child despite some anxiety issues which lead him not to show what a great performer he could be.

Al really really loves it on the stage and loves all the different costumes he can wear.

( Then again Al of course has one of those fans that gush over him and watch his youtube vlogs and that would be…Alfred!

but that might never happen.

)) this took long kill me.