I produced and sang for a one-time project with rapper Botzy. 
We called ourselves VAYNS. 
Here is a video. 
Thank you. 

Hey. I’m Zayn. Former boybander, current artist of sorts. Im a bit quiet, but don’t let that fool you. I’m nice, I swear. Always up for a conversation of sorts, come get to know me.

AIM- a.mazayn


New VAYNS video for VAYNSVAYNS ft. Sophia Eris 

Directed by EROTES

This is probably the dirtiest beat I’ve ever made. 

lizstarday  asked:

Dyrus I;ve getting really bored of League lately, I haven't played all summer and I relly wanna play again cuz I'm really into competitive gaming. What advice do you have on falling in love with league again? Pls notice me sempai

you will never get bored with champions like riven/yasuo/vayne/zed/