vayel trisg


Clove Zolan ft. Vayel Trisg.  [Oops Prom].

July 12. …what more is there to say? We had a prom queen and king, we slept and danced in Jennah’s filthy foot pond to Sam’s epic playlist (we only got 70ish songs in, alas alas alas), had trivia contests, a fashion contest, a round of bingo, hide and seek in Divinity’s Reach, trivia-hide-and-seek (Kormir Quest!) across the entire world and… yeah. Always a good time with Oops. Our officers really put a lot of effort and love into our get togethers and were very generous in their party favors and prizes. THANK YOU, LOVELIES. If I weren’t in Skype chat with you all every day I would probably gush more here.

Other highlights: I had a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket with Marcus on the real end of life (alcohol to calorie content on this one not optimal, let me tell you), I quietly squeed over Anoia’s presence and I was all 

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fangirl on the dl, yo. Conceal don’t feeee~~l. And then the champagne happened and tbh I was more like

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with Marcus jamming to the music than into the Divinity’s hide and seek so I sort of started spacing out and getting antsy to play actual content/be productive on one of my million and a half side projects while in a jittery and tipsy state. So I put Clove to sleep in Jennah’s foot pool and had a good time coding in the background while jamming and drinking and voice chatting.


                           Guild Wars 2 appreciation post.

I love this game. Mostly I love the fact I have someone to play it with. Henry Irons (Human Engi) and Clove Zolan (Norn Ele) have gone through the game start to finish and its been a blast. Some stuff randomly fitting too well and creating so much back story. Like Henry’s love of Quaggans or hate for Charr.

My secondary characters are Vayel Trisg the Asura Warrior (Also pictured with Clove) and Alder Hernlock my Silvari Guardian (pictured with Our Sawyer the Silvari Mesmer). I love the amount of story and character you can create this game. I will be playing it for a long time.