So, these are my guys ancestors!

  • Pheres’s ancestor: Thetis Dysseu, Deadeyes, and the founder of the Dyssue/Cuckoo line. She was bought to serve the gladiator rings shortly after leaving the caverns, where she worked for the majority of her adult life, even after she paid off her bag. She was only enticed away from the business when a blueblood aristocrat hired her to serve as her matesprit, the Courtier Vavavoom,’s personal guardian, and the captain of a guard - a proposition that ultimately ended in tragedy, as Thetis fell pale for her charge, and when her charge began to dabble in rebellion against the Empire, felt obliged to help cover her tracks. Thetis’s intervention was discovered, and she was publicly executed.
  • Rmeros’s ancestor: Medeia Cuckoo, the direct descendant of Thetis. She was plucked from the caverns to serve as a part of a helmsfleet at a young age, which is where she grew up: coddled and educated, with broken fingers and injured legs to ensure that she could entertain her buyer, but couldn’t actually escape. In her adolescence, the fleet facility was raided by a faction of the Summoner’s rebellion, and whereas the rest of the helms fled to freedom, she chose to join with them instead, using her training and her accumulated knowledge to infiltrate a major spaceport and research station as the head of bioengineering’s personal assistant. When her deception was discovered, Daedal set a trap for Medeia that backfired: Medeia used her body-jumping ability to escape, stealing Daedal’s and sacrificing her own, and her current whereabouts are unknown.
  • Sipara’s ancestor: Daedal Nzinga, one of history’s greatest bioengineers despite her caste. She cut off her own arm as a teenager and incorporated biowire directly into it, creating an ability to hook directly into the brains of helmsmen through it, and setting the first stages of simply forcibly rewriting the brains of helmsmen instead of bothering with traditional conditioning. By the time she was in her sixties, she was one of the leading researchers on the planet, and was the head of her own facility and space-port during the Summoner’s Rebellion. When Medeia joined the facility as her personal assistant, the two of them quickly became matesprits - but that fact didn’t stop Daedal, as soon as she realised Medeia had rebellious tendencies, from setting up an imperial sting and attempting to lead Medeia into it. It failed. Medeia stole her body, killing her mind in the process.
  • Liyiji’s ancestor: Sayyid Jiahuu, the Luckless.  She spent her early childhood in Mentra’s country, fleeing when it fell to the Empire into the Kirog Leth, where she became the brief squire of Neirin Orpheo: when he betrayed his queen and the country fell, she barely managed to escape with her life, setting what would quickly become the theme of the rest of it. To deal with her anxiety, she leaned into drinking and aggression, which led her to dominating most of the coastline at the time with her fleet of pirates, hassling the newly formed Tyrian Empire as well as any states foolish enough to hold out. During one brief arrest, she met Aioane Tasend, helped her escape from their scheduled executions - and found herself actually lingering afterwards, soothed by her presence into a moirallegience she couldn’t quite bring herself to address. When Aioane fled from the coastline to join Sayyid’s fleet and drowned before reaching her, Sayyid reacted badly, and retreated further into her alcoholism. She died on sea.
  • Riccin’s ancestor: the Boneseer. They were a powerful psionic who lived in the countryside of Kirog Leth, where their lusus brought them when they were very, very young. Lowbloods were rare enough in the area that they were captured in their youth and placed into one of the Kirog Leth travelling side-shows as a novelty until they managed to escape: subsequently, they were incredibly leery of strangers, utterly convinced their own powers were witchcraft, and tended to identify as “it”, as, given they were one of a scarce handful of lowbloods in the region, they were clearly a product of the divine, and no troll at all. Capricious and prone to aggressive fronting, but averse to actual conflict: more keen to hide away from strangers, until their curiousity got the best of them. They befriended Neirin Orpheo and his apprentice, Sayyid Jiaahu, prior to his death and the fall of his kingdom, and after it, stayed hidden in the forests for the rest of their life.


I’m quite a fan of wearing a smoky smudgy eye in the day as long as you pair it with neutral cheeks and lips. It’s a way to look casually sultry. AND it brings out any eye color.

There ARE ways to keep the look softer  (AND not spending too much time on it).

  1. Stick with cream-to-powder shadows. They are fast to blend, don’t fade, and have no fall-out to clean up off your cheeks. I used Dior in the pictorial, but also mixed in Colourpop. In the final full-face shot, I had on Maybelline Bad To The Bronze. Use whatever you like as long as it’s the type that dries and sets.
  2. If you have sensitive/watery/smeary eyes in general, use something like Urban Decay 24/7 Waterline Pencil in your inner rims and leave the soft smudgy stuff to above the lashes.
  3. Don’t wing your liner or shadow upwards in a typical catty smoky shape. The point to this look is keeping a doe-eyed, rounded expression, so it’s softer and more approachable. Not too vavavoom for the day.
  4. Recreate the look using any cream shadow shade and smudgy black liner. Remember the black is just there to create that smoky shadow near your lashes. It’s not meant to be a visible line.
  5. Use your matte bronzer in your socket line as a transition color if you’re lazy. It’s only there to soften out any harsh lines and to contour your socket
  6. For blending cream color onto the lid, look for synthetic shadow brushes that are medium softness; not too stiff and flat, not too soft and floppy.

Products used:

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I've been trying to find a new workout regimen and was wondering if you could write a zen workout headcanon, music playlist and all? I really need some imaginary inspiration to keep working hard. P.S your writing is amazing!!

~Sure!! I’m trying to get healthier with jogging and stuff, too! And maybe this will help some other people? :D


  • Loves to go for a jog early in the morning. It’s how he gets his blood pumping and it wakes him up!
  • Always has jugs of water he is drinking from. He thinks hydration is important for beautiful skin and a healthy body, and it is!
  • Meal preps like a BOSS tbh
  • Saturday night he is cooking up all of his chicken, rice and veggies and portioning it out for the week!
  • Though, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t have cheat days lol! >.<
  • He prefers to go to the gym, but home work outs are fine when he is feeling lazy. As long as he gets some pushups, squats, crunches in-he is set! You don’t need fancy equipment or a gym membership to stay healthy!
  • Puts his hair in a bun when he works out!
  • Does enjoy yoga! He needs that time to relax and balance himself, and the stretching is so important, since his work is so physical as well!
  • He keeps his workout routine simple. There’s not need to push yourself, and it would be a shame if he ended up getting hurt because of it!
  • He focuses on form and doing the moves right, he keeps his sets at the level he is comfortable with.
  • He loves the cable rows and bench pressing the most


~It’s always best to use your own favs? But maybe this can help you? I did a variety of different types in here ^^

  1. Y.A.L.A. by M.I.A.
  2. Bitch Better Have My Money by Rhianna (R3hab remix)
  3. One by Sky Ferreira
  4. Hotline Bling by Drake
  5. So Easy by Röyksopp
  6. Praise Ye Jah by Sizzla
  7. Work It by Missy Elliot
  8. Get Low by Yin Yang Twins & Lil Jon
  9. Bullet With Butterfly Wings by Smashing Pumpkins
  10. I’m Not Okay by MCR (fite me its a good song lmao)
  11. Run The World (Girls) by Beyoncé
  12. Diva by Beyoncé
  13. Work by Rhianna and Drake
  14. Temperature by Sean Paul
  15. One, Two Step by Ciara and Missy Elliot
  16. Marriage by Gold Panda
  17. Zipper Problems by Copy
  18. Sun by Caribou
  19. Don’t Look Back by She&HIm
  20. Crush On You by Nero
  21. Make It Bun Dem by Skrillex and Damien Marley
  22. Vavavoom by Bassnectar
  23. Never Win by Fischerspooner
  24. Seventeen Years by Ratatat
  25. I Can’t Stop by Flux Pavilion
  26. Settle Down by Kimbra
  27. Hey Boy by The Blow
  28. Play Hard by Krewella
  29. D.A.N.C.E. by Justice
  30. My Boo by Ghost Town DJs

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The dancer who danced with Hoya in his solo stage tonight is Choi Hyojin from 1million dance studio! Hyojin is a phenomenal dancer and choreographer so please check out her amazing dancing here and on this channel! The other dancers and choreographers from 1m dance studio seen on this channel are also outstanding so feel free to take a look too! There was a fan account tonight posted by The Seoul Story where Dongwoo said that she’s close to Infinite and Hoya and her have been friends for ten years. Hyojin also made a post about Infinite Effect Advance on her Instagram here

photo credit: hoya vavavoom


just a quick update on the Raider Fiora custom skin progress! I’m not the best 3D artist so this is like 70% frankensteined from other Bilgewater models and 30% my modeling. I’m hoping to get this working and make it available for download! I used the captain fortune torso which I regret bc she’s a bit more vavavoom than I’d like if u catch my drift