No carnival is sweeter than Lucian Bacchanal.

My band Just4Fun released their teaser video yesterday afternoon. It is nice to see a vibrant, new, and refreshing colour palette. I can already picture the sunlight dancing off the rainbow of colours. We’re going to look incredible. 

My favourite costumes are the orange blood costume, followed by the coin tiara, and I’m secretly curious about the orange and pink costume.



Jump Over Medley Teaser 2013 (by WinnersSportsTV)

159.8 LBS

At my last doctors appointment(end of August), I weighed in at 168lbs. I was completely shocked, because here I am weighing myself at home, on a scale that weighed me in at 150lbs that same morning. I was pissed off. I went on a binge spree and couldn’t care less what I weighed. Finally, I grasped some sense, and started eating normally again.I bought a scale that correlates with the readings from my doctors scale, and off I went. It took a while, but I have officially lost 8.2lbs since that weigh in. I have 14.8lbs to go till my goal weight, and 19.8lbs if I want to get to my ugw. After that I’m going to focus on lightly toning my body. 

I’m still growing my hair out. I started using wigs as a protective style, as opposed to braids because they ruin my hair line. School’s a pain in the butt. Family is great. 9 more months until vaval! Being that I missed it this year, next year I’m jumping madder than a mad woman lmao! I can’t wait to go to the zouk night clubs as well! So much to look forward to. God is good yall,all the time!