New Release - January 2013

VA13100 Vauxhall Cavalier Mk3 Sri 1990, Carmine Red

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Vauxhall’s thrid generation Cavalier was launched in August 1988 and marked an increase in GM Europe’s ambitions for their fleet model car. From the start there were twenty-two variants available and more followed, although no estate was ever offered.

The SRi, modelled here, offered brisk performance and precise handling without being too stiff for mass market tastes. At £11,499 it was a very appealing package to fleet buyers as the 8-valve engine was a well-known and reliable unit which, in the Mk3, gave economical motorway performance thanks to the car’s impressive Cd of 0.29.

The front-wheel-drive Cavalier consistently beat the more advanced looking but conservatively engineered Sierra in magazine tests.


BTCC Brands Hatch Grand Prix, 1996.

1. John Cleland in a Vauxhall Vectra

2. Rickard Rydell in a Volvo 850

3. Tim Harvey in a Peugeot 406

4. David Leslie in a Honda Accord

5. Owen McAuley in a Nissan Primera

6. Richard Kaye in a Vauxhall Cavalier

7. Frank Biela in an Audi A4 Quattro