Ruby Rose Says ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 3 Is The 'Sexiest Season Yet’

There’s only three days left until we head back to Litchfield. So what can we expect from “Orange Is the New Black” Season 3?

For one, we know Alex is back in prison, but now a new inmate is adding more drama to her and Piper’s endlessly complicated relationship.


Hi guys! I’m very excited to announce the cause to my hiatus, Raayl, is finally ready to be published but I need your help!

“Raayl” is the story of two girls, Paige Hark  and Reese Vauss , in the remnants of a world called Raayl. In this world, there are monster-type people called Runes.  Their organs are highly valuable, and commonly traded as a form of payment, because they excrete enzymes which can be used to prevent  the transition into becoming a Rune. Everybody is born a carrier, the catalyst is direct contact with saliva of a Rune, and many will sacrifice, steal and kill to save their own lives or the lives of the ones they love.
…Something that’s different about my webcomic, is the representation of tons of differect POC, LGBT and neuroatypical characters. Paige is pansexual, Reese is homosexual, and Reese herself has AVPD. The other main characters (Ace, Tobi and Kenza) are different mixes.

There’s much more to know about my comic, which you can learn in the gofundme link, and I really want to get it off the ground but I’m going to need any help I can get!

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