✉️ Baby Boy
  • Baby:I was stalking your insta
  • Baby:You're so attractive
  • Baby:I've been staring at your picture for about an hour
  • Baby:Why are you so attractive?!
  • Baby:I want to know now Mr. Vauss
Union City Mayor voted most effective mayor; Parsippany's Barberio near bottom of list

PARSIPPANY — Political insiders across New Jersey look to the Observer Media Group owned website for daily insights on what is happening in politics across the Garden State. PolitickerNJ recently created a list of 13 well known mayors and asked it’s readers who they thought was the most effective mayor of the group.

Mayor Brian P. Stack of Union City overwhelming won the vote with 30% of the vote with Mayor Jon Hornik of Marlboro coming in a distant second.

Parsippany’s own Mayor James Barberio came in tenth place with 2.12% of the vote just edging out Mayor Vauss of Irvington, and Mayor Guardian of Atlantic City.

For the entire results, click here.

Union City Mayor voted most effective mayor; Parsippany’s Barberio near bottom of list was originally published on Parsippany Focus

quartzou asked:

Icon da Vausse,fundo dos Hermanos , melhores posts,comecei a seguir agora e ja apaixonei 😍😍😍😍😍❤️

Vause 😍😍 Awn. Que ask mais amorzinho. Muito obrigada ❤

makersaveusall asked:

What about Alex Vausse? My other guess is either Sophia or Piper.

Guess few of my horde of fave characters.

1. D.Gray-man (male) Lavi - yesrichesandbitches
2. Sleepy Hollow (male) Ichabod Crane makersaveusall
3. Fairy Tail (male) Rogue Cheney rubrumalis
4. Yu-Gi-Oh! (male)
5. Once Upon a Time (male)
6. Orange is the New Black (female)
  [Guesses so far: Alex, Piper, Sophia.]
7. Kuroshitsuji (female)
8. Shingeki no Kyojin (female)
9. Supernatural (female)
10. Game of Thrones (female)

// Sophia actually used to be my fave so you are partially right. ^^ Latest season made me warm up a little more to one of the other characters and she became v, v precious in my book. Hint: she is best known by her nickname.