anonymous asked:

9 other blogs?? What else do you blog about because holy crap that's a lot of blogs????

I mean, like I said, I really only use four of them consistently besides this blog, but if you wanna know.

  1. Vaultkey-Kun, my art blog.
  2. TKJunkdrawer, my blog for my original ideas/concepts. Though I haven’t really posted there in a while, I use it to keep my canon in line, and it’s very important to me.
  3. TKRefFile, while is where I gather art references for myself.
  4. OhNoDaBoy, my dog blog, where I reblog pictures of many wonderful dogs…though I haven’t used it in months.
  5. BabyHandsReyn, a Xenoblade blog that happened mostly because I wanted to hoard that dumb URL.
  6. FYeahWindWaker, which could definitely use new management. Please message me if you’re interested.
  7. MildadyHax, co-run with Midori. She technically owns this one. A blog for stuff from our Minecraft Realm. Hasn’t been updated since god knows when.
  8. PWoTMinecraft, also co-run with Midori, also technically owned by her. Another Minecraft blog for a different group of people. Without update for even longer than the last one.