Literally don’t care what you say and you won’t convince me otherwise but Russian athletes who have been clean/never doped don’t deserve to be punished for the choices that people in completely different sports made. Reigning Olympic champion on uneven bars, reigning world champion on uneven bars, and reigning world champion on vault, all of whom are CLEAN, probably won’t get the chance to win gold thanks to some asshats in COMPLETELY DIFFERENT sports who sucked so much they had to do illegal things 🙃

Why is it that most gymnastics teams seem to fall into two groups:

  • Great on bars and but kind of mehhhhhhh on everything else (Russia, Germany, let’s say China, formerly GBR)
  • Good on vault, beam and floor but bars is a ‘problem’ event (USA, Italy, …Romania)


P̴̠͓̼̖͓L͗͛ͣͫ́̐Ȁ͊Y̓̑Ĭ̲͔̬͍̟̤̭̎̂͐N͖̗̘̽͆ͪͧG̨͎̥͔̳͔̥̱͐̐ͦͬͣ ̬̲͈ͦ̒͌̀ͅG̶̼͍̟̱͉̼ͫ̆ͅṌ̲̙̤̜̣̱͍D̜͍̖́͐̄ͭ̃ ̱̭͉̻ͅC͐̎ͨ҉̫̠̫̳ͅͅOͮ̑͐͟M̳̫̖̞Ẻ͍̦͍ͫͧ̃̈̚S͉̦ͪ̿͌̍̚ͅ ̢͓͇͔ͪͫ̆̉ͩͥͭN̝͍̥̒͆̑̉̀ͦ͑͢Ą̺̩̼͛ͮ̊̿̿̇T̢͎͈̗̀͒ͥͭ̈Ů̜̲̙͙ͦ͌̌̈ͧR̲͓͍̠̳̋A̬̪̦̗̍̐̊ͤL͗ͯͤ̄̅͟ ̶̯̪̘͇̹̜̹W̵̰͇͈͈̽̆ͨ̽Ḫ̸̰̼͚͇̆͗̅ͮ͊͗̿È̵̮N͈̦͎͎̙̼̐̑̊ ̗͇ͪͫͤͭ̈́͐̚Ÿ̻̭̌̚O̟̣͐̅̍̑̊͟U̷̽̏͆́̚Ṛ͔̗̅͒ͭͫͪ͊̎͞ ̴̫͉̝̜̮̆N̵̦A̞̙̣M̛͙͊̉̊͋͑ͩ̂Ẽ̛̗̦͖̲̲͎̬̔ͫ͒̇ ̢̮͎̼͚́̎̅̑̓̂͛I̫͍͈͍̰̘̾ͮͨS͚̪̭̪̪͋ͦ͛ͅ ͚̺̤͕͎̀S҉͙̬̻̠̗Ű̘̭̭̪̩̟͋͗̏͐̕Sͣ̏A͘Ǹ̻͚̥̤̮̺̹̐ͩ ̧̅͐ͦ̍T̝͇̘̫͓͂ͥ̉̍I̪̗̹E̡̱̫̲̯̰̮̜̿̄M̨̙̩͈̳̰̗̥͒ͭͤ̌ͪ͂ͣĄ͗ͬN͇͙̺̘͙̲͒͒͗͟N̵̲̗͆̉

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so I found some polished stones that I had since I was a kid and like I'm not sure what any of them are other than my amethyst and tigers eye. Do you know where I could go to identify them? Also two of them are almost completely clear and I'm fairly certain their quartz but their round and clear instead of jagged and smoky like all other quartz I've ever seen so idk

Crystal Vaults has a decent crystal encyclopedia.

You could also try the Mineralpedia.


Okay, I am sorry but some people need a reality check. Russian gymnasts have a bad sportsmanship because they don’t smile as much as the Americans do?

And not trying to be petty, but since when are the Americans the epitome of great sportsmanship? You are all so quick to remember Komova’s doping comment, but the US girls body-shaming Chunsong or being racist towards China in general was just as bad, or even worse, and no one has heard any apologies from them.

Also, Jordyn cried in 2012, McKayla had the biggest bitchface in the vault final. I’m not in any way saying it was a bad sportsmanship, I’m saying that you need to learn how to see gymnasts in the same way, because for some people it seems like it makes a difference whether you are a crying Russian or a crying American.

Call me a crazy Russian stan, but at least I am not a hypocrite with double standards which you all seem to hate when it’s convenient.

Seriously tho there’s so much damning evidence that Deacon was originally gonna be from Vault 111 and was that shitty neighborhood kid from Sanctuary Hills. I’m really upset they cut this because Deacon in the finished game has NO backstory save what he did when he was a young adult. We get snippets from every other human characters childhood in dialogue BUT Deacons. And yeah he’s a liar, but his moment of honesty comes off as very lackluster. And I’m pretty sure the reason for that is because his big reveal originally was gonna be ‘hey I’m from your time and I knew you as a kid!’ And that would have taken me by surprise in my first play through because I was too busy predicting Shaun was gonna be an adult to even think about it.

Seriously I’m kinda pissed because they cut this stuff out but LEFT ALL THAT SETTLEMENT BULLSHIT. Or god forbid, they cut out the thicker story to make room for it…


…I wonder if I can ask Deacons voice actor if this was gonna be a thing or is he under legal contract not to give out that kind of information?

as for Juliet, a modern playwright would probably have lain her out in her shroud, and made the scene a scene of horror merely, but Shakespeare arrays her in rich and gorgeous raiment, whose loveliness makes the vault ‘a feasting presence full of light,’ turns the tomb into a bridal chamber, and gives the cue and motive for Romeo’s speech of the triumph of Love over Life, and of Beauty over Death.

Oscar Wilde on “Shakespeare and Stage Costume”, 1885. 

Read the full essay. 

hold on

a/n: no intense descriptions and it’s not explicitly said, but mentions of ptsd

still there’s strength in the blindness you fear

“Do you ever rest, Shiro?”

She means it as a jest - a smile tips up one side of her mouth and her head tilts teasingly - but her words are forced and weigh heavy even to her own ears and the flash of something across her black paladin’s face tells her he hears it as well.

He swallows and the effort it visibly takes him very nearly breaks her heart. “Sorry, Princess.” Shiro squints up at the bright lights in the vaulted ceiling of the castle. “Everything around here’s motion activated.”

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so like in fallout shelter sometimes you’ll hear the sound of the mysterious stranger from the fallout games.. and this means he’s in your vault, hiding somewhere, and if you find and click him in time before he disappears you get a bunch of caps.. and this tiny lil feature is more tense and feels more rewarding, satisfying, all that stuff.. than anything to be found in fallout 4

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How would a gymnastics AU work? Like Scepter 4 and Homra are two rival gyms whose top gymnasts always tie(oh and the gyms always tie for team awards too), like Homra tends to be better at the more power based events like floor, pommel horse and vault, while Scepter 4 tends to win rings, parallel pars and high bar(but like, Andy's the exception to that, he's really shitty at the more delicate things) and maybe some of Scepter4 branch off into rhythmic gymnastics for fun on occasion.

Just imagine the epic gymnastics rivalry between Munakata and Mikoto, Munakata cannot abide by Homra’s crude way of performing that shows no sense of artistry whatsoever and Mikoto just wants Munakata to shut up and stop lecturing him on artistry. Munakata probably wants all of his people to wear like fancy sparkly outfits too, the kind more suited for women’s gymnastics than men’s, because Munakata is all about accuracy and spectacle. Maybe he watched the Olympics one day as a small adorable child and was captivated by the gymnastics team, he decided that one day he would run his own gym and shape the world of gymnastics to his will. Mikoto just started a gym because Kusanagi inherited it from his uncle and Totsuka was super into gymnastics at the time (despite having weak ankles that made it difficult for him to ever be a decent gymnast) and somehow Mikoto ended up being surrounded by dudes who really wanted to learn gymnastics from him and he was like eh, why not. The Homra guys are definitely the big muscle-bound gymnastic types, they excel at a lot of the power-based events though Scepter 4 gives them a run for their money sometimes – like vault, Homra has a lot of strong guys who can put a lot of power into their vaults but the Scepter 4 guys while not as strong are a bit more agile and can do fancier moves in mid-air.

Originally Yata and Fushimi join the Homra gym together and Yata’s like this tiny flying powerhouse, he’s probably great at the vault and the pommel horse (despite his short legs). Fushimi’s better at things like the parallel bars and high bar, which Homra doesn’t really specialize in. Yata thinks it’s cool because that means Homra needs Fushimi, like he’s their best at those events but Fushimi doesn’t like it because he’s not very good at all at some of Homra’s best events. Also his floor routines are really delicate and seem more like the type of routines female gymnasts do and he feels like the Homra guys are mocking him for it (in addition, Fushimi secretly loves doing rhythmic gymnastics, he’s a master at using tools after all). Munakata spots Fushimi practicing his rhythmic gymnastics routine in secret at an unaffiliated gym one day and tries to recruit him on the spot. Fushimi joins Scepter 4 and of course he ruins things with Yata because that’s kinda what Fushimi does. Maybe even though Fushimi’s best events are the bars he convinces Munakata to train him in vault because that’s Yata’s best event and this way they can complete against each other. (Then in the big competition upstart gym Jungle tries to sabotage Homra by breaking Totsuka’s ankles and destroying Homra’s morale, in order to help defeat them Fushimi has to do a super dangerous vault that he sticks but he injures himself in the process. Fushimi’s sacrifice gives Yata the resolve to do the best vault of his life though and Homra and Scepter 4 end up tying for first place.)  

sad facts abt pre-war AU

  • Since she never signed any marriage papers the government doesn’t give her help since her ‘husband’ is overseas and that baby isn’t his
  • She’s really, really hoping her husband never comes back from the front lines.
  • Bunny was a preemie baby so Kay spends the majority of her money on medicals bills and tanks of oxygen
  • They don’t own a crib, only a stroller Kay was able to fix the wheel on. Since they share an apartment with 3 other people she spends the majority of her time wheeling it around the commonwealth.
  • They have no money for Vault insurance 

happy facts:

  • she has 3 dresses instead of 2!!!

You’re gonna deal with me telling you useless knick knack whatever facts, about my ocs,

- Jeremias sews small embroidery patterns/patches as a part time hobby.He usually does small flowers. He likes to decorate Veronica’s dresses with them

- Andrés stole toothbrushes around the vault, to use as paintbrushes

- August tore up grognak comic pages and made collages out of them, it soothed him when he would get over stimulated

- June became the record holder for most pull ups done within a minute, in the vault, it was 35

I tired my brain out already, sorry lmao,