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Gymnastics Legends (Part 3/): Aliya Mustafina

  • 7 Olympics medals, 11 World medals, and 12 European medals
  • 2x Olympic Champion, 3x World Champion, and 5x European Champion
  • 2010 All Around World Champion
  • 2012 & 2016 Olympic Uneven Bars Champion (the first female gymnast to defend an Olympic event title since Svetlana Khorkina in 1996 & 2000)
  • 2013 Balance Beam World Champion
  • first female gymnast since Simona Amanar (also in 1996 & 2000) to medal in the all around at two consecutive Olympics
  • has a World or Olympic medal in every single final (team, all around, vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise)
  • came back from a devastating ACL injury to be the most decorated gymnast at the 2012 Olympic games
  • 2nd most decorated female Russian gymnast of all time
  • tied for the most Olympic medals of any female Russian gymnast
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Got You On My Gaydar (Pharah/Mercy)

A/N: A short fic for @theivorytowercrumbles​. I promised I’d write something like this months ago. (NSFW)

Pairing is Pharah/Mercy, set in some ambiguous modern AU.

“Don’t look now, love,” Lena said, nodding over to the doorway. “But I think the vampire’s emerged from her cave.”

Confused, Fareeha followed Lena’s gaze to see their roommate hovering near the entrance of the Palazzo. Amélie was the last person she expected to see at the bar, even if it was Pride weekend. She looked just a little uncomfortable, scanning the room with her arms tightly crossed.

Leaning as far back in her stool as she could go without falling off, Fareeha yelled across the bar for her roommate’s attention. “Hey! Amélie! Over here!” She had her experience dealing with more than a few rowdy crowds, and Fareeha developed an earbreaking whistle just for the occasion. It pierced right through all the noise.

Amélie twitched at the familiar call. Rolling her eyes before she even spotted the pair, Amélie set her shoulders straight and searched until they met eyes. Fareeha grinned, lifting up her beer in a salute.

Reluctantly, like a cat slinking into view, Amélie wove through the crowd to join them.

"Whatcha doin’ here?” Lena wanted to know. “I thought you said you were going to stay in tonight, neighbor.”

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anonymous asked:

I don't get why everyone loves Yao Jinnan. like........what's so special about her?

Oh boy.  If this don’t blow ya mind, I don’t know what will:

But as for what’s so special?  Welp, I mean, I’m not a die-hard Yinnan fan, but I think her 2014 Worlds UB EF routine def has a tonnn of special in it.  The Chinese team is bomb at pirouetting, but that set was like….geez.  And even though this is from a diff year and not even nearly as good as those done in 2014, it still a gif that shows all THREE (and a half) of them:

And she’s just one of those girls who makes seriously hard stuff look seamlessly easy:

And, on a Chinese team, where vault is their notoriously weak event, she’s like, I’m gonna be a bamf and have a basically perf DTY:

But, you don’t hafta like her.  This is your opinion and feels and preferences, and it’s okay to not “get it”.  We all have very different interests.  These are just all the things I admire about her gymnastics.

every so often (most nights)

The car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and you have to walk 4 miles to the nearest town in the pouring rain.

All of you crowd into the tiny pub, a few vibrant locals scattered around, drowning themselves in cheap crystalline glasses filled with whiskey.

You’re all soaked to the skin, and the rain is still chucking down outside, droplets on the windows catching the warm glow from the light fixtures swinging precariously in their sockets. It reminds you of when you were five and you would spend evenings down the pub on your Mum’s knee, the smell of chips in your nostrils, the conversation and music in the background like a din in your ears, and all you wanted to was sleep.

Everything is cheaply upholstered, the corner booths done up in tartan fabrics and a scratchy carpet on the floor imbued with cigarette smoke and fraying at the edges, certain spots worn down by the feet of many patrons over the years, although you have no idea how many, considering this pub is at least an hour away from anywhere worth visiting.

You couldn’t manage to drag the car out here and Sirius refused to spend another night sleeping inside, since Remus just gave him a lengthy lecture on foot-and-mouth disease, and he’s yet to figure out that it’s not a real thing. Remus currently trying to make calls on his mobile while Sirius slams himself down at the bar and demands a whiskey straight, and Peter is attempting to dry his socks out by the open fire.

Everything is jaded and homely and kind of scraggy and undone, the warmth of the place a mixture of the coat hooks by the door and the ash sprinkled around the hearth like grave dust, soot stains on the carpet and worn brick walls, chipping tabletops and lacquered counter.

That’s when a girl comes out from the back, a black apron tied around her waist over a faded, red gingham dress, her hair in plaits and a smile slashed across her mouth like it’s written in blood. She vaults herself over the back of a bar and wrings a dirty dishtowel around the lip of a whiskey glass, propelling it across the lacquered bartop to Sirius, hoisting the whiskey off a shelf behind the bar and pouring him his drink.

You meander over to sit at the bar.

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Crazy Skills & Combos Gymnasts Have Only Shown in Training (so far) Part 1/: Simone Biles

(L-R): 2 ½ Twist + Front Full + Straddle Jump (FX), Double Twisting Double Layout (Moors, FX), Biles + Punch Front (FX), Triple Twisting Yurchenko (VT), Triple Tuck (TumblTrak), Triple Twisting Double Tuck (TumblTrak), Double Arabian Full Out (TumblTrak), 1 ½ Twisting Double Tuck (Mustafina, UB), Standing Arabian + BHS (BB), Piked Double Arabian (Dos Santos I, TumblTrak), Double Twisting Double Tuck (Fabrichnova, UB), Double Layout + LOSO (TumblTrak), BHS Step-out + BHS Step-out + Triple Twist (BB), Yurchenko Double Tuck (VT), BHS + BHS + Double Twisting Double Tuck (BB), Standing Double Tuck, Full Twisting Double Layout (UB), LOSO + Back Tuck (BB)

The Gymternet’s Own World Championships, 2017!

Why should our favourite elite gymnasts have all the fun? We can hold our own Worlds just after Montreal 2017.  It’ll be super chill and hopefully super fun! Anyone is welcome to participate! 

Interested? Here’s the plan:

  • There are two competition categories, the A-division (who perform easier skills – think USAG level 3 or below) and the B-division (harder skills – USAG level 4 and above). Divisions are per event, not per competitor.  You can compete all A, all B, or some A and some B.
  • Routines comprise of 5 skills in the A-division, and the full 8 skills in the B-division.  What counts as a “routine” is chill.  You can just perform all the skills in a row, but it’s more fun to include choreo!
  • MAG and WAG compete together
  • You don’t have to do all four events if you don’t want to, but there will be an All Around competition.
  • The definition of “vault”, “bars,” “beam”, and “floor” are pretty relaxed.  If you can use the real deal, that’s awesome, but otherwise a patch of floor and a plank of wood are completely acceptable.  Use what you’ve got! Just, please don’t do anything silly and/or sue me. UPDATE: trampoline will be added as a fifth event! It will not count for the all-around.
  • Skill values (different to the elite ones) will be assigned.  They’ll be different for the A and B divisions.  There will also be connection bonuses on the relevant events.
  • The Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor videos will be released on the first day of Worlds 2017, and voting will open to the Gymternet. Voters assign an execution score, out of 10.  The top and bottom 10% of scores will be dropped, then the rest averaged.  This will be added to the difficulty score.
  • If you submit a skill that’s not in the FIG COP, it will be named for you (obviously unofficially, but still, get cracking on those original skills guys)

Please let me know if you’d be interested in this event! You can either like this post, or reblog it. Reblogging would be better, because more people will see it and we’ll get more competitors! (I’m only a small blog, so not many people will see this unless some of you guys put it out there)

If you’d like to help organise this, come up with the rules, compile the video, or do anything else, please reblog this saying so, or shoot me a message :)

If there’s enough interest for this to go ahead, I and whoever wants to help will put together a “proper” COP with all the skill values, connection bonus, and more specific entry instructions.  Entry will open at the beginning of July, and close in mid-August.  

The COP will be released ASAP (before 1 May) so you have max time to code whore the sh!t out of any dodgy skill valuations.  That should give you two months.

I’m excited for this to go ahead, so please reblog/like to let me know if you are too!

Again, this competition is really relaxed.  We’ll accommodate for absolutely anybody!

anonymous asked:

What skills qualify for each composition requirement in the COP?

I’ll do some of the most common skills as examples because like a million skills qualify for all.


  • no CR obvs


  • low to high and high to low transition: shaposh, toe shoot, van Leeuwen, pak, bail
  • same bar flight: Tkachev, Gienger, Jaeger
  • non-flight element w/360 turn: giant full, toe full, any full pirouette (or more than a full, like a Healy/Ling/Ono/Rybalko/etc)
  • different grips: backward skills are literally almost any swing skill you see on bars like a giant or stalder or toe on or whatever; forward skills are anything done in like reverse or L grip, many will either do something like a front giant full or something even more basic, some do a more advanced Endo or Weiler…also like, if they do a Jaeger or double front or something, they can count the blind change or hop change that comes before that skill since it’s still a grip change even if it’s not like, a super-highly valued swinging element


  • two dance element connection, one must be 180: this can be a leap + leap, leap + jump, jump + jump, or jump/leap + spin, a common simple one is a split jump to sissone
  • turn on one foot: self-explanatory, at least a full but can be anything higher than that like a double or triple, and can be in any shape (pirouette style, L turn, Y turn, attitude, etc)
  • acro series: 2+ acro skills combined, can be a basic bhs + loso, a triple series like a bhs + bhs + layout, or something more intricate like a side aerial + loso + loso or side aerial + onodi or literally any combo of skills from the acro section of the COP
  • acro elements front and back: kinda self-explanatory? some common back elements are layouts, tuck full, bhs, etc, and some common front elements are front aerial, front tuck, front pike


  • two dance element connection, one must be 180: same as beam, but you’ll see more advanced combos here, like a switch ring to switch half or something, and they don’t have to be directly connected (which is why you’ll see little running prance kinda steps between them)
  • front and back elements: must be in the actual tumbling run, front would be a double front, arabian double front, punch front tuck/pike/layout, back would be a double back, triple full, double double, etc.
  • double saltos: double tuck, double layout, double front, arabian, any skill with two flips
  • salto w/minimum one full twist: double double, punch front full, triple full, full-in, any skill with at least one twist

Gymnastics Legends (Part 2/): Simone Biles, the greatest female gymnast of all time

  • the first female gymnast to sweep the major all around titles (Worlds & Olympics) in a quad (2013-2016)
  • 5 Olympic medals and 14 World medals
  • 4x Olympic Champion and 10x World champion
  • has been a World or Olympic champion in vault, balance beam, and floor exercise
  • swept every major floor title this quad
  • shares the record for the most gold medals by a female gymnast in a single Olympic games
  • 4x US National Champion (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)
  • most decorated American gymnast of all time
  • has her own eponymous skill, the “Biles,” or a double layout with ½ turn
Sweet, Sweet Victory

You’re a could’ve-been Olympic gymnastics champion now training someone else for the US team. He’s the current Women’s Head Coach who wants to take over her training. You two have a competition to decide who gets their way.

also known as

“Fuck You for It”

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader
word count: 5186
author’s note: I threw a little bit of the movie Stick It in here too for plot reasons. I hope you don’t mind!

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Amazing Day at Regionals!!

Sami (Shapiro) invited me over to her place then we headed to regionals, sat right behind OU’s parent section and cheered on everyone really!

My first ever gym competition!! Saw my faves Ebee, Ivie, Chayse, BRENNA!!, MAGGIE!, AJ Jackson.

OU is so polished! Like every routine is just like boom boom done!

There were some fantastic standout routines, Ebee’s Vault and bars, AJ Jackson’s floor (her first pass is insanely high, she could easily add another twist, ) Brenna’s double front.

After the meet, I met Maggie, Brenna and Elise Ray along with some cool gymternet folks

Brenna was the sweetest! I told her about how much the gymternet supported her and how her punch double front was amazing. Her mom was like go give her a hug and I got a pic with her. I was given her podium flowers and felt so special.

Congratulated Elise on UW making it to Nationals!! and she was really nice!

Dreams came true yesterday!

How Did the Elite Freshmen Do?

I was curious because this is definitely one of the strongest freshman classes in terms of former U.S. National Team members (this post only includes those who made at least a semi-major international team (i.e. Pac Rims, Pan Ams)). Please let me know if I forgot someone!

Maddie Desch (Alabama):

All-Around: N/A

Vault: N/A

Bars: N/A

Beam: T-59th (9.8000)

Floor: T-46th (9.8500)

Rachel Gowey (Florida):

All-Around: N/A

Vault: N/A

Bars: T-16th (9.8875)

Beam: T-25th (9.8750)

Floor: N/A

Amelia Hundley (Florida)

All-Around: 12th (39.4125)

Vault: T-24th (9.8500)

Bars: T-26th (9.8625)

Beam: T-52nd (9.8250)

Floor: T-30th (9.8750)

Madison Kocian (UCLA):

All-Around: 7th (39.5500)

Vault: T-18th (9.8750)

Bars: T-22nd (9.8750)

Beam: T-33rd (9.8625)

Floor: T-7th (9.9375)

Maggie Nichols (Oklahoma):

All-Around: 29th (39.1250)

Vault: T-5th (9.9000)

Bars: T-1st (9.9500)

Beam: 81st (9.3500)

Floor: T-10th (9.9250)

Kyla Ross (UCLA):

All-Around: 6th (39.5750)

Vault: T-29th (9.8375)

Bars: T-1st (9.9500)

Beam: 1st (9.9625)

Floor: T-64th (9.8250)

Mykayla Skinner (Utah):

All-Around: 2nd (39.6125)

Vault: T-5th (9.9000)

Bars: T-38th (9.8375)

Beam: T-8th (9.9125)

Floor: T-1st (9.9625)

Sabrina Vega (Georgia):

All-Around: N/A

Vault: N/A

Bars: N/A

Beam: T-74th (9.6500)

Floor: N/A

Summary of Anta Cup EF

Sooooooo there are loads of good routines from Anta Cup EF which has just ended! Many juniors surprised us by how much they have improved over the winter :).  (I KNOW THE NAME OF THE COMPETITION IS CONFUSING, I always thought its Li Ning Cup until someone reminded me that they’ve changed sponsors :/, also, because this cup is sorted by region, so in Chinese most people just address it as “East Cup” or “Southwest Cup” or something like that)

Also, it must be noted that team Beijing and some other provinces joined this competition on a wildcard basis - that is - they are only here as guests and will not given a placing. 

On vault a new comer grabbed the top spot - 2003 babie Yu Linmin rocked a DTY and a Lopez to net scores of 14.45 and 14.325 respectively. You can click the link on the right to watch the two vaults :) VT1 VT2 

On bars we have 4 pretty routines from Fan Yilin, Lv Jiaqi, Du Siyu and Fuxia Qiuran, the latter 2 being wildcard so they will not be given a placing. 

Fan Yilin seemed to be in decent shape as she’s absolutely beautiful on the bar - though she has downgraded her dismount to a double pike :/ She scored 6.3+8.4 but also received a weird 0.3 penalty out of… nowhere? But she still won the competition with 14.400. Yilin’s Bar 

Lv Jiaqi is equally beautiful on bar as she scored a 14.200 - 6.1+8.1. Jiaqi’s Bar

02 born junior and my fave Du Siyu rocked her bars with a 14.200 as well - its a shame she isn’t given a placing. Siyu’s Bar

Finally, new senior Fuxia Qiuran from Beijing displayed beautiful lines on bars and scored 14.000 Qiuran’s Bar 

Ironically, 3 out of the 4 top scorers have a C difficulty dismount :/

On beam we have some great routines coming again from Yilin - she showcased combinations from combinations and scored a 14.000 for her very difficult beam set of 6.3 difficulty. Yilin’s Beam

However, the top score of the competition actually came from Du Siyu - although she only did one LOSO after her BHS, she finished her beam set without a wobble. She scored 5.9+8.05 to clinch the de facto gold with a 14.05. Siyu’s Beam

The third fantastic routine came from 2003 Beijing babe Tang Xijing - She went all in on her routine and even upgraded her dismount to a triple twist! Although she’s a bit nervous during the competition and broke at least 2 connections, she still has a difficulty of 6.3! I do feel that the E-score of 7.15 is absolutely ridiculous so please don’t be underwhelmed by her 13.45 beam score :/ Xijing’s Beam

On floor, our beloved Siyu once again scored the highest! She didn’t use her full difficulty this time but a 13.15 is enough to net her the top-score of the day. Siyu’s floor

Besides Siyu, we also have 2003 babe Huang Yijing who is an absolute delight as she ALWAYS does her tumbling straight from her round-off! She does no BHS at all and hence always finishes her tumbling in the middle of the floor. Her beam is also really pretty with a FHS+front tuck, but she fell during the prelims and did not manage to qualify. Yijing’s floor

So yep, that somewhat wrapped up the entire competition! I’m really pleasantly surprised by the progress many of the girls have made, and I wish that all of them can have a fun, happy and fruitful career in gymnastics :)

My Thoughts on the Georgia Situation

In case you haven’t been on the Gymternet in the past 24 hours (or past few days), I’m here to inform you that there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the University of Georgia gymnastics team over the past few days. Last week, it was announced that three Georgia gymnasts were “dismissed” from the team (Caroline Bradford, Jasmine Arnold and Natalie Vaculik).

The announcement of the dismissal strikes me as a tad odd, strictly because Arnold and Bradford were walk-ons, and because walk-ons typically don’t contribute on many events, they are known for coming and going without much drama surrounding their departures. It’s just part of the game. The perhaps more surprising announcement is that of Vaculik’s departure from the team, a scholarship athlete who contributed heavily on vault, bars and beam during her freshmen and sophomore seasons, but was forced to only compete on bars twice this season due to nagging injuries and illness. With only one year left of eligibility, it seems weird that Vaculik would be dismissed from the team, especially due to her contributions in her first two years of collegiate gymnastics. 

Gymnasts being booted from the team aside, it was announced yesterday evening (Monday, April 24) that Danna Durante was officially fired as Georgia’s head coach. It is also rumoured that along with Durante being given the boot, two assistant coaches were ALSO fired and that the three gymnasts originally “dismissed” from the team last week, will in reality not be kicked off the Georgia squad. 

Now that we have some background, here are my thoughts below. **Please note that this is simply my speculation and opinion on the situation. 

First off, I would like to acknowledge that Durante’s behaviour in the past week or so has been sketchy at best. It is rumoured that she has closed the gym until July, post-poned the end of year team banquet, and dismissed three gymnasts from the team. While I cannot condone the lack of transparency of the situation, I have to admit that there have been worse things occurring in the NCAA gymnastics world this year (*cough* MSU, PSU *cough*). In the Georgia student paper, it was announced that Durante was let go, with no reason given for her sudden termination. Leaving the public to speculate as to what is happening behind closed doors. 

In my opinion, I don’t agree with Durante’s firing. She brought a team that didn’t go to the Super Six ONCE under Jay Clark, to a team that qualified to Nationals every year under her reign and made it to the Super Six three out of the five years. If Danna was dismissed due to abusive coaching practices, I would 100% endorse her dismissal. However, it is speculated that she was fired for “lack of improving results” over the past few years. THIS IS WHY WE NEED TRANSPARENCY. If she was fired for not having good results, I think this just further reinforces the idea that athletic directors do not understand how the sport of gymnastics works. Sure, Georgia has been unable to reproduce another national championship victory after winning five consecutive championships from 2005-2009, but times have changed since then. Joining powerhouses UCLA, Florida, Utah and Alabama,  the main challengers during the 05-09 time period, are LSU and Oklahoma, thought to be the top two teams this season. There are more top teams than ever before that can challenge for a national championship, and Georgia is in the middle of a program re-build. After losing many top recruits to other schools when Jay Clark left (the biggest ones being Lexie Priessman and Ruby Harrold), Danna finally had some top gymnasts recruited for the next few recruiting classes, including athletes like Emily Schild, Marissa Oakley, Ashley Foss, Rachael Lukacs and Megan Roberts.

Unless there were deeper issues, it would appear that Durante was fired in the middle of her rebuild. It is also possible that the athletic director from Georgia received many complaints after Durante dismissed the three gymnasts from the team, which could contribute to her termination. Along with Durante being fired however, it is rumoured that two of her assistant coaches were ALSO let go. At this time however, I don’t believe this to be the case as only Durante’s name was removed from the Georgia Gymnastics website. Bottom line here is that many of the controversy surrounding this issue would be put to rest if Georgia was a little more upfront about the reasoning surrounding their decisions.

So what do you think, was Durante rightfully terminated? Will the three gymnasts originally dismissed from the team have their positions reinstated? Will the two assistant coaches stay? Let’s keep the conversation going! 

- Inbar-Gienger (aka Emily) 

The 4 Times Gladion Helped You Out

Title: The 4 times Gladion helped you out (and the 1 time he helped himself)

Note: So here’s another thing that got out of hand. It’s that How To Be Single AU but I fixed the ending!!

Pairing: Gladion x Reader or Gladion x Moon (surprise surprise) if you prefer. Hau x Lillie.


You’ve always known what kind of guy you wanted in life.

It didn’t hit you until you started looking for him that there were rules and barriers and codes of conduct for that sort of thing. You always thought it would be simple as meeting a guy in the everyday and getting to know each other, like your best friends Lillie and Hau, happily married for almost a year. In fact, they’re so happy that sometimes you just want to get away from them. Which, brings you to…

“You done staring at my bar?”

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