Way back in October 2013, The Dead Weather and Third Man Records announced an incredibly special 7” featuring “Open Up (That’s Enough)” b/w “Rough Detective” as part of Vault Package #18. These two tracks were a fierce battle cry heralding the announcement of a brand new Dead Weather album that was to be released in a revolutionary fashion. Teased out over the past year and a half via a series of 7” singles, the physical versions of which were ONLY available via The Vault (Third Man’s one-of-a-kind subscription mail-order service), the band promised this would culminate in a brand new album in 2015. The third Dead Weather LP would be a full length album comprised not only of the previously released 7” singles, but newly recorded, previously-unheard material. Today, The Dead Weather officially announce their new album Dodge & Burn.

will be released worldwide in September 2015 on Third Man Records and will feature eight brand new songs, along with the four previously released tracks remixed and remastered. Alison Mosshart,  Jack White, Dean Fertita and Jack Lawrence spent their rare and sporadic free moments over the past year recording together in Nashville. With the members of the band heavily involved in other projects, The Dead Weather will not be touring in support of the new album. Thankfully the thick and heavy will satisfy your urges for the dark magic that is The Dead Weather for a very long time.

The ONLY special, limited edition version of the new album will be released as Vault Package #25, which will arrive the same week as the standard album release in September. The Dodge & Burn Vault Package will include:

  • A limited edition Dodge & Burn LP on Inclement Weather vinyl (that is to say opaque yellow with black ‘debris’) housed in a soft-touch embossed sleeve featuring metallic ink and a Vault-exclusive alternate cover designed by Rob Jones, also featuring a limited edition bonus poster inside. 
  • The only physical version of the new Dead Weather 7” and single from Dodge & Burn on yellow vinyl with black debris.
  • A deck of custom Dead Weather playing cards designed by Silent Giants featuring the band members as the King, Queen, Jack and Joker. Previously released in limited numbers and now, due to popular demand, re-issued for the Vault only with new packaging artwork.

Subscriptions for Vault Package #25 are open until July 31st, visit to sign up now! And if you need a reminder of what you’re in for, below are clips of the previously released tracks from the upcoming album. 



(bunch of sketches from work)
The Road to El Dorado inspired AU but everything is in Borderlands style

Rhys and Vaughn, a pair of Hyperion workers, stumble upon a map to the legendary vault one day. In the promise of riches they head on out to Pandora to find this “vault” which they’ve only heard legends of.

Little did they know how harsh Pandora is to newcomers and get caught up in a long journey full of danger. However they end up in a remote area called Sanctuary and are mistaken for Vault Hunters. They are treated like gods as the people think they are sent to help them.

However Handsome Jack a power-hungry ex CEO from hyperion sees through their charade and uses Rhys and Vaughn to get to the vault in hope to open it himself and gain control over the Warrior within.

I blame this song for this

Other characters I have in mind

Chel: Timothy Lawrence
Bibo the Armadillo: Gortys
Chief Tannabok: Marcus

In working on my forthcoming book on Buffalo State Hospital, I had to find and scan negatives from about a dozen days spent inside the sprawling Kirkbride plan asylum.  This brought back tons of memories - on one trip in 2006, I resolved to finally get a halfway decent shot of the ornate (and impenetrable) vault in the basement directly under the towers.  This would prove to be a tricky task - it’s pitch black down there; the scene is extremely contrasty, so I would have to choose a low-contrast, low-saturation, relatively slow portrait film - I decided on Fuji NPS 160.  I would have to set up LED lanterns to light the scene in an appropriate manner, and fill in the gaps light painting with my LED torch.  Then I’d have to set up my camera in the near-darkness, meter, and account for the relatively high reciprocity failure of this film.  In order to capture maximal detail, I settled on 15 minutes at f/8 - slightly overexposed by my calculations, but of course that could be accounted for in printing.  I spent well over an hour at it, while my friends mattlambros, Erin, and Dan photographed other parts of the building.  After two hours of setup and four exposures with various lighting designs, I finally walked away with an image that I liked - but now, looking at it again, I can’t help but wonder - what’s in that locked vault, door rusted in place, dial oxidized so it can’t even turn?  I doubt I’ll ever find out.

Print available here.