After months of work, I finally finished it!  The design isn’t mine but for those of you who might want to create this for yourselves, you can buy the PDF here and the artist is JackTheStitcher.  I did do a few alterations from the original design, but I mostly followed the pattern.


Meng Fei, a gymnast known for her intricate choreography and great execution of difficult skills. (Inspired by @iordikachu ‘s Meng Fei favorite gymnasts gif set)

Vault || 4.36 || Round-off, flic-flac on -stretched salto bwd with 3/1 twist off || 6.20

Had a little bit of fun with this one. Just like it took Hong 4 years to show this vault, it took me 4 years to finally make a good edit of this vault. Not bad right!

SIDE NOTE: I’ll be taking what do you guys want to see next? or do you guys want me to stop? I’m open to any suggestions 

DISCLAIMER: This vault is currently not listed in the 2017 - 2020 Code of Points so all of the written information (Vault Number, Description, Start Value, and Short -Hand Character) was made up by me