This dudebabe, is Anthony Swift. Not only is he a rad dude, he’s one of the best roommates I’ve ever had. You can lurk him at @goatbagxvx. He surprised me last night and asked me to do his 12g Nostril piercings so his High Nostril piercings(done by @false_mrsa) wouldn’t be lonely anymore. He’s wearing some 4mm Black Onyx Cabs made by the always awesome folks at @anatometalinc(where he works!). Thanks for the surprise homie! It was a blast. #adamrichins #anatometalinc #anatometal #vaughnbodyarts #montereybay #monterey #mpc #santacruz #ucsc #nostrilpiercing #pairednostrils #nose #nosepiercing (at Vaughn Body Arts)

Ashley paid us a visit for a helix and two lobe piercings.

She chose two 18k rose gold Tama ends with Mint Green gems, and a three gem cluster with dark blue opals set in implant grade titanium, all from anatometal​.

Looking great, Ashley. Thanks so much!

Monterey, CA

This is a bit of a late post, but I want to acknowledge Cody Vaughn for being so awesome and deciding on a new flat piercing for me. I absolutely love it, and the orange opal :3
Cody was very professional and informative, but also cracked jokes with me and made the experience amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a greater piercer.
If you’re ever in Monterey, I highly suggest you stop by Vaughn Body Arts. He’s the best

Arianna stopped by wanting a double daith piercing. We did the smaller diameter two months ago, and the second one (larger diameter) the other day. 

16g 14k rose gold captive bead rings from Body Vision Los Angeles. Such a fun set of piercings. Thank you so much, Arianna! 

The days left to get your present shopping taken care of are quickly counting down. 

Looking for something extra special for your loved one? 

We just received this amazing navel curve from BVLA. 

14k solid yellow gold with the most stunning Mystic Topaz we’ve seen yet. 

One in stock and it won’t be here for long. 

We also have gift certificates! 

Monterey, CA

As the owner of my studio, I have the choice to wear whatever jewelry I’d like.
You’ll notice that I only wear jewelry from the companies whose jewelry I pierce YOU with.

I demand the absolute best for my piercings and would offer nothing less for my wonderful clients.

These 1” marquise eyelets with amber yellow and brown CZ gems from anatometal are simply stunning.

Treat yourself to the finest quality jewelry made. Your piercings deserve nothing less.

Special presents for my lovely girlfriend. 2mm genuine Ice Blue diamonds for her nostril piercings, and for her conch a Rose with Genuine VS white diamonds and Ice Blue Diamonds, and a huge Paraiba Topaz in the center. All set in white gold.

Thank you to BVLA for making these so perfectly and getting them here so quickly!

We pierced Kaitlyn’s industrial back in June. 

She stopped by wanting to change it out to a fancier looking piece. 

She chose this amazing Anatometal implant grade titanium barbell with a 4mm princess-cut dark blue opal and two 3mm purple opals, all anodized into a copper finish. 

Love it! 

Thank you, Kaitlyn! 

Our client Carter is a talented photographer with a sharp eye for detail.

We pierced his Industrial back in September with this Anatometal gemmed barbell with light blue and black opals.

He wanted to add on to it and picked out a 4mm bullet cut white opal from anatometal and a 14k white gold “William Tell” feather from Body Vision Los Angeles.

Really digging the overall look of this.

Thanks as always for being such a rad client, Carter!

Macy stopped in for a piercing and asked for help in choosing what to get. 

She has an awesome ridge on the top of her ear that allowed us room not only for a unique piercing, but also the shape and space needed for this anatometal cluster to comfortably fit and flow with her anatomy. 

Thanks so much for letting us do this fun piercing, Macy!