vaughn x mark

Dear Kingsman fandom, I’m here with some amazing news. Mark Millar (I hope he wasn’t kidding) just kind of confirmed that there will be a special edition DVD of “Kingsman” INCLUDING the deleted scenes (like the breakfast scene). That’s why I love Twitter. Thank you, Mark. I really hope this wasn’t a joke or else I’m forever heartbroken!

Spread the word!

Here it is. To show Matthew Vaughn that we really need the deleted scene of the morning after (aka breakfast scene) with Harry and Eggsy, we’re starting a little campaign on this Sunday the 23rd.

What to do? Post a picture of your breakfast, your cup of tea, a drawing of Eggsy & Harry eating breakfast, whatever fits to our little campaign (be creative!). Please use the hashtag #KingsmanBreakfast and tag KingsmanMovie in your tweet. You can also post something here on Tumblr, but we should focus on Twitter. Thank you! 

When?  Throughout the whole day (23rd August)! Enjoy your breakfast, wherever you are.

Let’s assemble the Kingsman agents and spread the word.