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This reminds me of a little girl who had to get her head right and start believing, a little girl from a steel town who had the dream to dance. No one believed in that little welder girl, but thank God she believed in herself.

Are you talking about Flashdance? The movie from the ‘80s?

You’re damn right I am.

Teach Me To Dance - Castiel Drabble

Summary: Fluff ensues when Cas asks you to help him learn to slow dance

Words: 489

Warnings: None, fluff

You sat in the cold library, a novel on your lap and a blanket around your shoulders. The boys have been gone for a few days, but are overdue to return. The sun was finally set and you were becoming restless, not wanting to spend another night alone.

About an hour late, there’s a small knock on the library door, finally. “Come in,” You mumble, setting your book off to the side. Cas shuffles in, sitting in the chair across from you. “How was it?” You could tell from the look on his face something wasn’t right.

“Average, nothing out of the ordinary.” He spoke, but something was up.

“What’s got you all bothered?” You ask, placing your hand on his leg.

“Well, the hunt was at a hotel. And there happened to be a wedding reception ther-” You chuckle, briefly cutting him off.

“Don’t tell me you boys were wedding crashers.” Cas furrows his brow. “Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn….?” You coax him toward your reference and he just shakes his head. “Dammit, Cas. Get with the times. What do you want?”

“Will you teach me to dance?” He blurts. “I’ve never understood how humans could do that so gracefully. They’re disastrous creatures, but somehow they all manage to move so elegantly.” He looks down at his feet. “I’m not sure if I could manage this vessel like that.”

“Of course,” you smile and stand up, pushing the furniture to the edge of the room. “C’mere,” you pull him to the middle of the floor. “Your right hand goes here, left holds my hand.” You place his hand on your waist. “Usually, you’d be the one to lead. But since you’re an amateur, I guess I’ll take the reins,” you wink, “Now we should stand offset from each other, now lucky for you slow dancing is pretty simple. Sway with me.” You rock back in forth, only to the crackling of the fireplace. “If we want to get a little fancier, you can spin me.”

“How…?” He questions and continues to sway.

“Swing me out with your left hand and I’ll spin on my toes,” you responds and he practically tosses you with his right hand. “Your other left,” a giggle escapes your lips and he embarrassingly spins you with his left. You sway quietly in the library and eventually pull yourself into Cas’s chest. Instead of getting tense, he pulls you into his chest, and resting his chin on the top of your head. You start to pull away but he tightens his grip.

“Not yet,” this was the only time Cas seemed confident tonight. He strongly held you as the two of you stood in the library, barely moving now. “I just love holding you.” You smiled and closed your eyes, listening to the small noises of the bunker. “You can teach me to dance anytime.” He says, then presses his lips to the top of your head.


Two and a half years ago, when I was filming a movie called This is Where I Leave You, Shawn Levy asked me to stop by and improvise in a video with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn for YouTube Comedy Week. I just came across it again today. Enjoy!