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Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) dir. Matthew Vaughn

Why are so many people claiming we are hating on golden circle because hartwin wasn’t canon? I loved Harry and Eggsys relationship in the movie, it was one of the best parts to me.

It was all the unnecessary sex, romance, death, and destruction that made me disappointed and feel let down.

If you liked the movie, awesome! Enjoy it! And if you had issues with how they handled the characters and events of the previous movie, you’re allowed to be upset and express yourself.

Kingsman: the golden circle soundtrack is 🐐..

I know everyone is talking about “country road take me home” but can we just shout out the whole amazing soundtrack!?



And that amazing ass cover of word up by cameo!

Elizabeth “Ginger Ale” Hopkins

For @sassafrasx and @kingsmansecretsanta

Prompt: Tell me more about Ginger: What’s her background/life story?

I wasn’t entirely sure about what was meant by this, since it was in the “other prompts” category, so I figured I would make a mini-aesthetic set and talk about my thoughts on Ginger’s back story. Head canons below:

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