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Relationship status: Single

Favorite color: Even though most of my wardrobe is in the grey category, I do love bright oranges and purples and reds (which most my wardrobe may lack but my converse collection makes up for)

Lipstick or chapstick: Neither?

Last song I listened to: Listening to this right now

Last movie I watched: The Accountant was on TV last night 

Top 3 TV Shows: Lost, Alias, Blindspot

Top 3 Characters: That’s just rude… I’m gonna pick three male and three female from each of the shows above because… rude.

Jack Shephard and Kate Austen (Lost) Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn (Alias) and Jane Doe and Kurt Weller (Blindspot)

Top 3 Bands: Honestly no idea… I have such a diverse taste in music it changes from day to day. I spent all weekend listening to Abba, then yesterday it was country music and today it’s 1930s-1950s Arabic music…

Books I’m reading: Stupid and Contagious (Caprice Crane)

Tagging whoever wants to do this ;)


Raccoon by Michael Hicks
Via Flickr:
Raccoon at Percy Warner Park