vaughn and sydney

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Nick x Jess
Rhaegar x Lyanna
Elektra x Matt
Wyatt x Lucy
Booth x Brennan
Roy x Thea
Jim x Pam
Rory x Logan
Sydney x Vaughn
Laurel x Frank
Cece x Schmidt
Nathan x Haley
Lucas x Peyton
Padme x Anakin
Edward x Bella
Rachel x Ross
Monica x Chandler
Justice League only (Batman x Wonder woman)
Batman cannon - Batman and Cat Woman
Robin x Starfire
Kurt x Jane
Jake x Amy
Elena x Stefan
All Disney couples

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ALIAS Episodes (In No Particular Order) - 1.21 RENDEZVOUS

“He is my friend. He is, like, one of my best friends.”
“I understand that.”
"No, you don’t. You get to tell your friends that you work for the CIA while I go home and look desperately for a tiny moment that I can be honest with anyone about anything. Now that Will knows the truth - he’s never going to trust me again. You should have seen his face in Paris. It was like he was looking at a stranger.”
"But he wasn’t. He was looking at you. Maybe for the first time. He was looking at you.”

47 Days of Alias | Day 44: FREE SPACE - Whatever you want this day to be

3x12 - Crossings

Vaughn: We’re not going to make it out of here. There’s something I need you to know.
Sydney: Vaughn…
Vaughn: In my life, there is only one person.
Sydney: Don’t do this.
Vaughn: Look at me.
Sydney: Vaughn…
Vaughn: The only reason I pushed you away…
Sydney: Please…
Vaughn: The only reason, I didn’t know how to be around you.
Sydney: They’re coming.
Vaughn: Sydney…
Sydney: I know. I know.
Sydney: (whispering) We’ll find each other. We always find each other.