vatican church

Old Saint Peter’s Basilica was falling to pieces by the early Renaissance, so it was torn down to be rebuilt. Hence, today’s building is not the original Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Piazza San Pietro, Vatican City

Took a sneaky snap of the Sistine Chapel because I am a rebel! When you enter the chapel, employees inside sternly tell all visitors to be quiet every few minutes. Additionally, they get really angry when people take pictures because no photography/video is allowed.  

Sistine Chapel, Vatican City


YESTERDAY something important happened. For most of you it won’t probably matter but please give it 5 minutes if you care for all LGBT people, not just those from the US! For LGBT people in Poland, a deeply catholic land that still treats us like dirt in the name of God, it’s so damn important… this is why I ask you to share this.

This is a footage from a film in the making titled “Artykuł osiemnasty” (“the 18th article”). That title is also a name of the polish law that describes marriage as a union between a man and a woman (which is the most powerful tool for polish goverment to still block civil unions, same sex marriages and basically any other law propositions that could help sexual minorities to survive).  

In this country they will lynch you in the name of God. In public television you hear a priest (Dariusz Oko, mentioned in the speech) telling with no shame that gay men are deviants who sleep with thousands of partners a year and their sex leads to anal bleedins and shitting themselves (sounds like a speech taken out from a mouth of some Ugandan clerk, not a guy invited to national television in the country that is a member of the European Union, doesn’t it?). You hear a newly elected president who, asked about homosexuals working in his office, answers he wouldn’t mind as long as they don’t go half naked, because he won’t tolerate anyone inpropriately dressed for work, no matter gay or straight. Finally, not a long time ago, a 14 year old boy (who knows if he was gay, maybe not) hangs himself on the shoe lace because he’s bullied in school so badly and the reason is he looks and behaves like a “faggot”. And even then, people have to literally scream at minister of education to enforce her to say that word, to finally hear the word “homophobia” coming from her mouth. But nothing else happens. Homophobic teachers, including priests who teach religion in public schools, keep verbally bashing LGBT people. Facebook is full of “fanpages” still bullying that poor boy (like “Dominik, it’s good he’s dead”).

And this is a brave Vatican priest (he comes from a polish city, Gdansk) who decided to break the silence. It all started when he wrote an article about hatred that is affecting our country and our church on the example of mentioned above priest Dariusz Oko, titled “Theology and violence”…

Then he offically came out. He was interviewed already by few polish leading newspapers, he even said he is in a relationship with a man and loves him and that helped him to become a better priest. 

Today at 12 pm. (in one hour) he is going to give a speech IN VATICAN CITY, in protection of LGBT people. The makers of polish film “Artykuł osiemnasty” are there with him.

Here, finally, a translation of what he’s saying. I gave you a context to make you understand why his coming out is so emotional and so important. I stole most of the translation tho, it comes from some catholic website that called him mentally ill, so I’m not gonna give a link to them.

My name is Krzysztof Charamsa. Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa. I am a member of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith…the second secretary of the International Theological Commission. I’m a theologian, philosopher; I lecture in bioethics at the Pontifical Gregorian University… I am gay.

I love our country, our fatherland, I am a patriot… when in parliament, in my fatherland, someone can  put down a homosexual person with impunity, with impunity! And nobody turns off his microphone!

If someone can travel around, as does Fr. [Dariusz] Oko my country with his theater of the absurd, demagoguery, ideologies, and do so with impunity!

When someone becomes the president of this country, and can be allowed with impunity to make insinuations about improper attire of my social group, and the next day not apologize for his words; with impunity!

When the former president for five years, didn’t meet with homosexual families, not even for half an hour, to look them in the eye. With impunity ignore then! Those for whom they were established to serve.

The Church is silent, hideously silent, and when Dominic from Bieżuń takes his own life, because  he can’t endure homophobia; the hate. Then the Church is silent, and legalistically, leaves everything before some prosecutor. When the Church should be a moral authority, is then silent. That means we have struck a growing crisis, hypocrisy, falsehood, insensitivity. Where is our Gospel?”

also, please go and like this video on Youtube. It would matter tons because hate this is getting is depressing.