vaterans day

Above is a letter  my Grandfather sent to my Grandmother while he was in the pacific front. Because I’m at work, I can’t get the PDF files to be JPGs, so that was this is the best I could do, but I reproduced some of my favorite parts below, exactly as written.

“I am always telling the Japs about you and Carolyn and show them pictures of you both when you send them. I tell them how wonderful and beautiful you are and when one of them sees a picture of a movie star in a magazine the always make a point to tell on another (in my presence) that Crenshaw-Sans wife is more beautiful”

“It appears that this is going to be one of those long dry spells during which your letter to me accumulate at some non-designated point until such time as the postal service is once more resumed. Anyhow, it has been about 3 days since I received a letter from my sweet wife and baby. And 3 days out here without a letter seem life 3 years.”

“Will close out with all my love and devotion to my darling wife and baby and may your dreams be sweet dreams. As ever, your loving husband & daddie – Vernon   Sgt. Forrest V  Crenshaw (438571)

He was sent to the pacific front before my aunt was born, so when he wrote these, he had never met his daughter (I believe Aunt Carolyn was two before she and he ever met). My grandfather was sent to the Island of Peleliu because he could speak some Japanese and the previous two translators had been killed. Because of that, he also over saw the PoW camps and –per first hand accounts from Japanese PoWs- acted as an advocate to make sure they got humane treatment. He also apparently gave English lessons, per a mention in a letter he wrote, and a drawing a Japanese PoW gave him of him teaching.