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johnnycanuck-posts  asked:

Hey Toon! It looks like we're getting closer and closer to the point where this stops being sci-fi and starts being real, but... Can vat-grown meat be kosher?

Heeeey!  This question has been asked an awful lot over the years, and the short answer is: possibly, depending.

The long answer is extremely long and includes such factors as:

  • is the meat grown from a cell taken from a kosher animal?
  • was the kosher animal alive when the cell was taken?
    • if so, does that count as the prohibition of eiver min hachai (eating the meat of a still-living animal)?
    • if not, was the kosher animal slaughtered according to halachic requirements?
  • what is the meat grown on?
  • is the meat considered living while still in the vat, and if so, how does one properly slaughter it?
  • probably a bunch more stuff that has slipped my mind

And of course, there is widespread disagreement as to which factors are relevant, and what solutions will be acceptable.  But most authorities agree that it is at least theoretically possible for vat-grown meat to be made in such a way as to be kosher.

Of course, the next question is whether vat-grown meat counts as meat or not.  (Spoiler: there is widespread disagreement.)

anonymous asked:

So, you posted a pic of a "meat cube" recently, "the future of meat..." I don't suppose you were referring to cultured meat, aka vat meat? I hope it's the future of meat, cos I know I'm totally up for some of that juicy vatmeat..! also, it's not a GMO! For those who worry about that sort of thing.

Hi! I’m a huge fan and proponent of vat grown animal tissue for consumption and I hope it is developed further in the future. I’d love to have a cruelty free option for meat. I’m with you and totally up for it.

Underworlds 2/7 - Adlivun, Inuit Mythology

The Frozen Deep-Sea Wasteland

After death, all souls descend into the goddess Sedna’s home of ice storms and confusion. The brutal cold purifies the good and stamps out the bad, while bubbling vats of seal meat cook for all eternity.