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Eras of the Post-Apocalypse

Civilization has fallen. Whether it’s a mystical ritual gone horribly wrong, an invasion of barbarians, or a worldwide nuclear TPK, the world is thrown into chaos. But, as Pete “Sneaky Bastard” Baelish once said, chaos is a ladder, not a spiral. Will your characters climb that ladder?
One major consideration, though; how long ago was the Great Apocalyptic Event? This can affect what resources and enemies, if any, are present. Nuclear war leads to radiation zones that wear down over time. The same can be said of magical wards and manifest zones. Technology and/or magical artifacts might still be ready to be used (and the characters being young enough to know how they work). And most importantly, communities need time to regroup and rebuild. The eras listed below are left vague and general- they are mostly a form of “shorthand” for DMs to give their players an idea of what the game world is like.

This era takes place on the ruins of society. The Event that destroyed civilization probably occurred within memory of most of the adult inhabitants of the world (assuming they’re human in aging). It could’ve been last month, it could have been twenty years ago- either way, society is destroyed.
Buildings still stand, damaged but largely intact. Technological devices will be damaged but still functioning. Multi-charged and single use pre-Event magic items, such as scrolls and potions, will be available. Fuel, food, batteries, and ammunition will be available to those who are good at scavenging. As the scavengers pick the area clean, however, people eventually turn to raiding to get what they want.
Lawful society is highly disorganized if set in the decentralized modern setting, but in the medieval setting, communities will be largely unaffected, instead becoming insular and looking to their own defenses. With the lack of an armed central authority, however, bandit gangs will become more common, and travel eventually grinds to a crawl due to the danger.

Generation Zero
In this era, multiple decades to a century have passed since the Event. Only the oldest survivors remember what life was like before the collapse of the old kingdom, but most adults were born after the Event. Pre-Event items will be closely guarded and uncommon, and the people who can maintain and repair them are dying off. The ruins still stand, although they are more dangerous than ever due to erosion. Not that you’d want to go there anyway- it’s probably full of monsters and picked clean of useful stuff by now.
Society has begun rebuilding in small, fortified or hidden settlements. Some come under control of brutal warlords, while others look to a town sheriff if they’re lucky. These settlements are always self-sufficient, but may trade with their neighbors depending on geography and the dangers of the roads. Scavenger bands are rare now; everyone on the road is most likely a bandit or a raider. These gangs prey upon the weak and hide from the strong. Only the heartiest souls wander the land, but their occupation is perilous as hell.

Dark Ages
At least a century has past since the Event, and only the elders of the Elves remember the old kingdom. Everyone else remembers the old world only in the form of semi-mythical stories, handed down word-of-mouth from the previous generations. While the ruins of the ancients may still stand, and the most perilous of them will contain hidden treasures, what remains of the old kingdom’s magic and/or technology is incomprehensible to the current inhabitants of the world. It is possible that pre-Event relics remain, but the people who guard and maintain them have only a vague notion of how they work.
Society has grown beyond simple survival. Trade goods are made. Records are kept, art is created, music is composed, and people develop new mystical traditions. Travel increases with trade, but the dangers of the previous era have not gone away. Warlords covet any settlement that prospers, and vast wildernesses remain. Given luck, skill, and time, these warlords can become the kings of the new kingdoms that are rising.

New World
Many centuries, to perhaps a millennium or more, have passed since the Event. Only the immortal undead remember the old kingdom (assuming their brains are intact). Legends tell of civilization wrought low, but the details are sketchy and sometimes embellished. If anything remains and is still functional, no one knows properly how it works. Simple technology, or even the customs and rituals of the old kingdom, are mysteries to the current inhabitants of the world.
The ruins of the ancients remain as worn-out monuments or buried memories, if they still stand at all. At this point, the old kingdom is merely a backdrop element that explains all the mysterious ruins in the countryside, and little else.
Society has formed into what could be considered a new civilization, although it is likely primitive and more violent than it’s ancestor civilization. Vast regions remain unpopulated and lawless, but other areas have come under the control of small nation-states and independent city-states, usually ruled by warriors or priests of some stripe.

In the Mist - Prologue

In the Mist takes place in America in the mid 1800s. Jamie Fraser has left everything behind to start a new life, to get a second chance. This follows his discovery of a whole new world and discovering himself. And you never know who you’ll meet along the way. 

The world was escaping the bitterness of winter and emerging into the blossom of spring. What was once covered in blankets of white, gave way to silent streams and grass that had been left dormant for three long months. The sun still disappeared early in the evening, kissing the sky with hues of purple and blue before fading into black.

Human civilization was steadily growing and expanding into the wilds of the New World. Taking away the natural beauty of life. But for now, only the wooden railroads ran among them.

The outside world moved quickly outside the frosted glass window of the train car. Most of the passengers were asleep now, but Jamie Fraser remained wide awake. He hadn’t been there long, practically just arrived. The journey across the Atlantic was hardly tolerable, he spent nearly every minute of it with his head over a bucket.

But now he was on solid ground again, or would be. On the ship he often dreamed of the hills and moors he had lived among for so long in Scotland. He’d thought that life here would be much different, savage and harsh, as the rumors went.

Yet the vast wilderness and wildlife often reminded him of home, albeit much colder.

This place was a second chance, a fresh start. He took comfort in the thought, the only con being that he was on his own. There was no Jenny, no family, nor friends. No one he knew. This was the first time in his life that he was really, truly alone.

He didn’t remember falling asleep, but the overpowering smell of stale pipe smoke and the rising chatter of his fellow passengers had pulled him from sleep.

A short, slender man had taken a seat next to him, seeking pleasant conversation. He stood out from most of the other passengers, dressed in what could be assumed his Sunday best.

“Not long now. I can’t wait to see my Charlotte again. It’s been so long!“ His lips curled into a smile underneath a graying moustache. “Do you have anyone waiting for you?” He sounded happy, hopeful. Ecstatic to finally be going home.

Jamie gave a faint smile and shook his head, “No, I’m on my own.” He felt his heart sink in his chest as he thought about everyone he had left behind. The thought bringing on a new wave of grief and loneliness.

“Ah, a Scot! What brings you to America?” The man’s joyful countenance never faded, and it only made Jamie long to feel the same.

How could he tell the man that he left to save his family? That the constant fighting between the English and the Scots had torn them apart? That he had no one but himself to rely on?

“Work.” He lied. He turned to gaze at the dull browns and greens of the wheat fields that whizzed past them, wishing that they would swallow him whole.

The man smiled faintly, taking the hint that conversation was not wanted here.

Jamie let out a sigh once he was alone again, not realizing that he had been holding it.

The window fogged in reaction to the warm air against the cold glass, temporarily obscuring some of the view.

He couldn’t wait until they reached their destination.

The man was right, it didn’t take long before they came to a halt. People were lined outside the station, safe and happy in the embrace of their loved ones. They all had a home to go to, a place where they belonged. A purpose.

Jamie hardly had more than the clothes on his back. No place, no purpose, no destination. He hadn’t the slightest idea what was to become of him, where he would go or who he would be. Nothing but the hope that everything would be alright in the end.

And it all began with a step.


Visiting the New Gold Butte National Monument

The new Gold Butte National Monument covers nearly 300,000 acres of remote and rugged desert landscape in southeastern Nevada. The area is less than two hours from the Las Vegas Strip, but a world apart. Here dramatically chiseled red Navajo sandstone, twisting canyons, and tree-clad mountains of the adjoining Paiute Wilderness punctuate vast stretches of the Mojave Desert dotted with Joshua trees and desert shrubs.

The 99 mile long Gold Butte National Backcountry Byway provides access to a cross section of the area’s features and begins just south of Interstate 15 near Bunkerville, NV. The first 20 miles of the byway to Whitney Pockets are mostly paved and accessible by passenger vehicles. Other unpaved portions of the route can be accessed by high clearance vehicles and some may require 4-WD. Check visitor kiosks for area information.

The brightly hued sandstone provides a stunning canvas for the area’s famously beautiful rock art, and the desert provides critical habitat for the desert tortoise. The byway and other routes provide access outdoor recreation, and visitors to the monument can camp (undeveloped), hike to fantastic rock formations and hidden rock art sites, and visit the area’s namesake mining ghost town. Wildlife viewing and hunting opportunities are available and the area even has a population of majestic desert bighorn sheep. A full array of visitor services are available in Mesquite Nevada just north of the new monument. Stock up on supplies as no services are available on the byway or elsewhere in the monument.

Two tiny dwarf galaxies have wandered from a vast cosmic wilderness into a nearby “big city” packed with galaxies. After being in a quiet inactive period for billions of years, they are ready to party by starting a firestorm of star birth. Hubble Space Telescope has captured the glow of new stars in these small, ancient galaxies, called Pisces A and Pisces B.


The Shivering Sea is bounded to the west by Westeros, to the south by Essos, to the north by the vast frozen wilderness of ice and snow that seafarers call the White Waste, and to the east by lands and seas unknown. … Of all the queer and fabulous denizens of the Shivering Sea, however, the greatest are the ice dragons. These colossal beasts, many times larger than the dragons of Valyria, are said to be made of living ice, with eyes of pale blue crystal and vast translucent wings through which the moon and stars can be glimpsed as they wheel across the sky. Whereas common dragons (if any dragon can truly be said to be common) breathe flame, ice dragons supposedly breathe cold, a chill so terrible that it can freeze a man solid in half a heartbeat.

Sailors from half a hundred nations have glimpsed these great beasts over the centuries, so mayhaps there is some truth behind the tales. Archmaester Margate has suggested that many legends of the north–freezing mists, ice ships, Cannibal Bay, and the like–can be explained as distorted reports of ice-dragon activity. Though an amusing notion, and not without a certain elegance, this remains the purest conjecture. As ice dragons supposedly melt when slain, no actual proof of their existence has ever been found. (The World of Ice and Fire)

asoiaf meme (minor characters): ice dragons (¾ legends)

fics masterlist

so i am bored and decided to make a masterlist of my fics and as a bonus, i’ll be adding sneak peaks to my 2 upcoming jikook fics. i mentioned one a while ago, and the sneak peak was already released, but i haven’t mentioned anything about the 2nd upcoming fic so you guys will be the first to see it :)

There’s Nothing Like Us / jikook / 3k / completed / ao3

jungkook’s still mourning over it. he’s still dwelling over it; trying to think back on whatever he could have done to make jimin walk away from him. he tried to think on whatever he could have said for jimin to reject his proposal.

I Didn’t Come To Your Bed To Pray / jikook / 471 words / completed / ao3

‘you’re sinful, hyung.’ 'i didn’t come to your bed to pray, kookie. i came to sin.’ based off of the prompts; things you said at 1am, things you said too quietly, and things you said after you kissed me while also being loosely inspired by jikook’s 'adult ceremony’ performance.

You’re My Home / jikook / 1k / completed / ao3

'I miss it all. I miss it so much, my chest could combust if I even think about it…but then again, I don’t miss it.’ requested by anon off of tumblr based off of the prompt 'things you said when you thought i was asleep’

I’ll Never Let You Go / jikook / 5k / completed / ao3

Jimin’s normally more confident than this. He’s normally a bit more cocky and a hell of a lot more sassy.

But, right now, oh no, he’s far from being any of those.

Especially with the male in front of him looking at him with a knowing, amused glint in his eye and a small smirk tugging at the corner of his lips.

The male who happened to be Jimin’s last night stand 2 days ago.

And the son of the CEO of a company that Jimin’s currently being interviewed for.

Well, if Jimin wasn’t going to hell right now, he sure as hell booked a one-way ticket by now.

crushes, badboys, and frienemies? / jikook / 30k / completed / ao3

Jimin’s got a not-so-secretive crush. Taehyung’s the definition of worst bff ever. Jungkook’s a Badboy with a capital B.

the eyes of the circassian sea (run away with me) / jikook / 8k / completed / ao3

A young mermaid with the face of a 19 year old but the eyes of the Circassian Sea. He had broad shoulders and muscles like he lifted barrels of fish as if they were feathers. His jaw was sharp, nose defined, and a thin upper lip with a plump lower lip but they were still a delicate shade of pink; Jimin was always tempted to kiss his breathe away.But, still, Jimin found himself going back to his holding cell every night with a tray full of food and hearts in his eyes.


the fantasy-au fic where Jimin’s captain captures the beautiful mermaid, Jungkook, and Jimin is 10000000.99% smitten for him.

one shot / on-going / bangdae with jikook, markbum / ao3

It was either kill or be killed; there was no in between. In dark times such as these, gangs littered the streets of Korea like leeches - causing trouble wherever they deemed worthy. B.A.P was at the top of the Most Wanted list. They were the most wanted gang in South Korea whole. Dead or alive, they had a huge prize hanging on top of their heads.

But then, Youngjae disappears and everything turns chaotic. With Yongguk’s most prized friend missing, the group is now set into a vulnerable stand-still. While trying to meet the fee of freeing his friend, Yongguk fails to notice the betrayal lurking just under his nose. When Zelo disappears, Yongguk feels more strings in him snap. Trust and loyalty are tested, hearts are broken, and lives are put on the line. After a rough fight with Daehyun, Yongguk thinks nothing worse could happen. But another member goes missing and Yongguk shatters. Has everything he held close turned into a lie? Who could he possibly trust? Who was the mastermind behind the entire plan? Who is the next victim this time? And will he arrive too late?How far will you go to save the person you love?

Would you risk your own freedom to gain the help you need?


I’m Not Human / jikook / fantasy soulmate au

• Jungkook chewed on his bottom lip as he saw his soul-mate reply written on the inside of his right forearm.

‘I want to see you. I don’t even know your name. Why won’t you tell me your name?’

Jungkook grabbed his Sharpie and began to write a reply.

‘Because it’s best that you just don’t see me. It’s best that you don’t know me.’

It didn’t take 5 seconds for a reply to begin to show up.

‘But we’re soul-mates… :( I told you my name… I don’t care who you are, I just want to see you…’

‘It’s best that you don’t.’

‘…Why not? Why don’t you want me to see you?’

‘Because I’m not human.’


The soul-mate au where Jungkook’s a vampire living off of legends where beings like him (as in the undead) never have soul-mates and Jimin’s a shy university student in Busan wanting nothing but to be loved.

cat & mouse (catch me if you can) / jikook / a/b/o au / smut, maybe

• Jungkook didn’t even reach his pubescent years when his pack sent him off in their usual ritual where soon-to-be alphas spend 2 years in the vast wilderness, alone. It’s common for only 5 out of 30 to return. But he faces his fate with his head held high, tears in his eyes, and a sinking feeling in his chest; he didn’t want to leave him behind. He didn’t want to leave Jimin behind, but he knew he had to.

“Promise me.” Jungkook whispered against Jimin’s lips as he held the trembling boy to him. “Promise me, hyung. Promise me you’ll wait for me.”

“I promise.” Jimin breathed, reaching up to cup Jungkook’s face in his hands as tears rolled down his cheeks. “Just…promise me you’ll come back.”

“…I promise.”

Only when Jungkook does, he doesn’t expect Jimin (now the most sought-after omega in the pack) to play cat and mouse with him.


Jimin x J-Hope 2 Shot Talk

Jimin chose J-Hope
Reason: Being with hyung always allows me to be my natural self. Our pictures are very natural too.

Q: If you can gain an ability of the opposite party, what would it be?
Jimin: Hyung’s optimistic and positive attitude. Not everyone can be like that.
J-Hope: Jimin’s eye smile. It’s too charming!

Q: If you two were to go on vacation together, where do you want to go?
J-Hope: Japan, Harajuku shopping!
Jimin: That’s right. Also traditional Japan streets and hot springs are nice too. There’s a mountain I want to go to but I forgot the name.

Q: What changed after you met each other?
Jimin: He became even more optimistic and positive (laughs). He originally is very cheerful and gentle… I have also been affected by it.
J-Hope: Jimin also became positive. Hope, hope!

Q: Please say something to each other regarding your upcoming Japan debut!
Jimin: My hyung that always shine on stage, let us also see your cool self in Japan!
J-Hope: Bangtan is nothing with you. Show your charms!

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The Burke family’s presence in Ireland can be traced back as far as the twelfth century, having always resided at their Galway estate.  Teach de Búrca is nestled in lush meadows and heather topped mountains, known for its haunting feeling of isolation.  Despite the family having a great deal of connections, very few are invited to visit the estate.  The last party hosted there was to celebrate Anastasia’s coming of age at seventeen.

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내 기분은 광활한 광야
사람들은 날 이해 못 해
나도 몰래 맛 가볼래
“My mood is like a vast wilderness. People don’t understand me, so I wanna lose it without knowing.”

Song: Sober (맨정신)

       Healing bones was a slow process - made even slower by the lack of company and fresh air. She was confined to her dark chambers at Castle Black, with only a few moth eaten books from the library to  pass the time. She was still too weak to walk any further than the door to her chambers       the feeling of helplessness was overwhelming. Her father was still north of the wall, she didn’t know if he was dead or alive - she hoped for the latter but she’d felt alone for a long time now.. before she could feel her fathers presence no matter how far away he may be - now there was NOTHING.

      The little sleep she had was plagued by nightmares of vast snowy wildernesses and legions of the undead - faces she knew amongst them, her father, her aunt, her cousins - JON. She awoke with a start, her heart pounding against her ribs, gasping for air, her dark hair sticking to her sweating forehead. Adrenaline was coarsing through her veins and at the darkened figure in her room she found herself reaching for an axe that wasn’t there. After a moment she realized it to be Satin. Sat at the table in her room, a lit candle flickering over the page of one of the tomes she’d  taken from the library.

         ‘’    Satin?’’ She raised her brow a little, slender fingers pushing back the wisps of damp hair that stuck to her skin. She moved to sit more comfortable in bed, tugging her furs over her chest as she did. ‘’What are you doing?’’

@onlywhores && i plotted


Cryptid Profile: The Minnesota Iceman

Throughout the late 1960’s and 70’s, an attraction made its way to shopping malls, carnivals, and state fairs across the United States. The object on display was housed in a large refrigerated container and was frozen solid in a large block of ice. Those lucky enough to see the attraction describe the mystery object in ice as male, human-like, 6ft tall, hairy, with large hands and feet, very dark brown hair about 3 - 4 inches long,and a flattened nose. One of its arms appeared to be broken and one of its eyes appeared to have been knocked out of its socket, allegedly by a bullet that was said to have entered the creature’s head from behind.

The creature became known as The Minnesota Iceman.

The summer of 1967 was the year that Minnesota native Frank Hansen began touring the Iceman. The attraction locations were the normal stopping points for an item of this nature, so for the entire summer, onlookers from all over would make their way to local fairs and carnivals and pay 25 cents to feast their eyes upon the frozen monster. Hansen was describing the creature as a “man left over from the ice age.”

The attraction quickly spread through word of mouth until it reached the ears of two cryptozoologists by the names of Ivan Sanderson and Dr. Bernard Heuvelmans in 1968. Heuvelmans had been staying with Sanderson as a house guest when they began hearing about a large creature that was not fully man yet not fully animal either. Their interest grew even more when they heard it was also incased in a block of ice. Sanderson and Heuvelmans made their way to Hansen’s farm where they were able to view the creature themselves while it was currently being stored for the winter.

Upon arriving at Hansen’s farm, both men made their way into a cramped trailer that housed the refrigerated container that kept the iceman frozen solid. The best possible way for both men to view and examine the frozen man was to hang bright lights over the glass which kept the block of ice contained. At one point (as told by Hansen), one of the men placed one of the hot lights directly on top of the cold glass which caused the entire thing to shatter. Both Sanderson and Heuvelmans were front row when the pungent odor from the rotting flesh of a corpse filled the room. After examining the creature for three days, Heuvelmans declared the iceman as genuine and authentic.

Both Sanderson and Heuvelmans wrote papers on the creature after the examination. Heuvelmans wrote “Preliminary Note on a Specimen Preserved in Ice: Unknown Living Hominid” for The Institute of Natural Sciences in Belgium. Sanderson wrote an article entitled “Living Fossil” for Argosy Magazine.

Eventually, these papers, continued word of mouth, and the asking of Dr. John Napier to examine the creature by Sanderson led to the Smithsonian Institution getting involved. The Smithsonian eventually heard of a theory that the Iceman may be a normal human that was murdered and passed around under the guise of an attraction and asked the FBI to investigate. The agency found no wrong doing upon viewing the creature and Hansen was able to add a sign to his attraction that read “The Near-Man…. Investigated by the FBI” when the Iceman went back on tour.

Many viewers of the creature asked Hansen where the creature came from, he originally told them that the he met a man in early 1967 in Arizona who was in possession of the creature. The man told Hansen that the creature was discovered floating in the ocean by Chinese fishermen while frozen in a giant 6,000lb block of ice. Hansen promptly bought the creature off the man and began to display it. He also told onlookers that the creature was discovered in the vast wilderness of Siberia and was killed out of fear, frozen in ice, and shipped back to the United States. Later in life though, Hansen told the actual true story of how he came upon the creature.

Hansen told the story of how he had been hunting in the upper north woods of Wisconsin when he came upon what he thought was a group of bears in the distance. Frightened when one of the creatures turned in his direction and began to charge towards him, Hansen thought to only do one thing, he took aim and put the beast down with a shot to the head. The other two creatures retreated back into the woods. Upon approaching the fallen trophy, Hansen made the startling discovery that this was no bear, but a large hairy thing that resembled a mix between an ape and a man. Scared of the possibility that he could face jail time for killing this mystery creature, Hansen came up with a story about how it was discovered floating at sea, as well as a story about how it was found in Siberia. He loaded the carcass up and transported it back to Minnesota where it was promptly frozen.

Throughout the years, many people have come forward stating that the Iceman was a hoax. A father and son team from California claimed to have been hired to make a rubber Neanderthal body to be displayed in a cabinet under ice for a business man. A woman also came forward claiming to be the actual hunter who killed the Iceman when it attacked her near Bemidji, Minnesota. She said she killed the creature with a shot through the eye and sold his corpse for cash.

After growing old with the touring circuit, Hansen removed the creature from exhibition and even claimed to have buried it. Others state that Hansen sold it to a private collector for a hefty profit. But Hansen would never go on record stating what officially happened to the Iceman. Every once in a while, a rumor pops up stating the Iceman is currently being shown at local state fairs or museums again, but these have all been proven to be costumes or recreations built to the eyewitness descriptions of the classic creature.

Currently in Texas at the Museum of the Weird, a recreation exhibit of the original Minnesota Iceman (complete with refrigeration case and “authentic” recreation body within) has been put on permanent display for all to enjoy. (Photo of this recreated exhibit is shown below.)

-The Pine Barrens Institute

The Signs + BIGBANG Songs (MADE Edition)

솔직히 세상과 난 어울린 적 없어
홀로였던 내겐 사랑 따윈 벌써
// Honestly, I’ve never fit in with the world
I was always alone
Virgo, Aquarius
Bae Bae
BABY BABY 넌 시들지 마 이기적인 날 위해
그 모습 그대로 넌 그대로 여야만 해
// Baby baby don’t wither, this is all for the selfish me
You have to stay just as you are right now
Taurus, Leo
We Like 2 Party
오래간만에 불장난해
// Let’s play with fire for the first time in a while
Sagittarius, Aries

성공하고 싶어? Yes I’m the manual
// Wanna be successful? Yes I’m the manual

Bang Bang Bang
이유 모를 자신감이 볼만해
// It’s interesting to see this kind of unknown confidence

If You
오늘같이 가녀린 비가 내리는 날이면
너의 그림자가 떠오르고
// On days where thin rain falls like today
I remember your shadow

Lets Not Fall in Love
우리 약속하지 말아요 내일은 또 모르잖아요
하지만 이 말 만은 진심이야 그대 좋아해요
// Let’s not make promises, you never know when tomorrow comes
But I really mean it when I say I like you
Libra, Cancer

내 기분은 광활한 광야
사람들은 날 이해 못 해
// My mood is like a vast wilderness
People don’t understand me

lunadax  asked:

Hi Maggie! I'm a bookstore manager in Québec. The Scorpio Races is one of my fave YA books and I want everyone that wanders in my YA section to leave with it. I'll admit, being a stand alone book makes it harder to sell (yeah, series are popular around here) and somehow, me saying how much I loved it and how the way you wrote it made me travel, smell every smell and taste every flavour seems to be insufficient. Any tips? Apart from locking the doors until they buy it, I mean? Merci beacoup!!

Dear lunadex,

Here is the thing that I have discovered in the five years since The Scorpio Races has been published: you cannot trick people into buying it. It has action, romance, savagery — but you can’t use those to hook readers, because it is not an action or romance novel, nor is it particularly savage overall. It has man-eating horses, but it is not a horror. There are huge swaths of baking in it, but it is not otherwise comforting. It doesn’t even properly have teens: everyone is made old before their time on the island of Thisby. 

Really, it is a novel about nostalgia. It’s nostalgic for some imagined Celtic past filmed with old BBC graininess, a past where people wore flat caps and wool, where cars were slow and horses were fast, where civilization was intimate and hand-hewn and wilderness was vast and briny. There’s magic, but barely more than is in our lives now. If you’d like to visit that past and spend a bit of time on Thisby opening cupboards and peering into dark, cavernous stables and picking sand out of your hair after being thrown from a horse who may eat you, The Scorpio Races is the book for you. If that sounds dull, it is probably not. That is mostly what I tell people.

Also, sometimes I just wordlessly put it in their hands after they say “I’ve read the Raven Cycle, what do I do now?”



P.S. thank you for hand-selling my book