vast skies

Star-Crossed (M)


☆Genre: Angst/Fluff/Smut || CEO!Jimin

☆Pairing: Jimin x Reader

☆Length: 22.7k

☆Summary: Like a constellation hung from the skies above, he who had once illuminated the lackluster night sky of the bustling city appeared to you like  a meteor shower raining upon the pitch black horizon, And just as quick and abrupt as the celestial display had graced its way through the lonely skies above, he left just as suddenly as it had arrived. But you should’ve expected this ill-fated story, a waitress struggling to get by had never been fitting of an heir-to-be CEO. What was written in the stars was written into history, and history is an irrevocable phenomenon that cannot be reversed.

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      When it came to love, you never understood what all the fuss was about, truly, you didn’t. Not until you met Steve Harrington, that is, and the whole world just started making sense.


The first privilege came in arguably the most affectionate show of love – a kiss placed on your lips so early in the morning you never quite know whether you’re dreaming or awake. And it is the absolute sweetest because you are the first thing on Steve’s mind when he opens his eyes and the last one before he closes them.

Early birds chirp their cheery tunes at dawn and the sun slowly rises; bright rays peak through the closed curtains of your room and burn the side of your cheek in almost a loving way. Steve is the first to stir – naturally, he is much more sensitive to sudden changes in lighting and temperature – and once he pries one hazy sleep ridden eye open all he can make out is a blurry image of your white ceiling. He blinks a few times, inhales a few breaths that taste like your perfume before his senses finally flow back into him and he tilts his head to the side. His hair sticks to his face and he shoves it out his eyes; he sees you still deep in sleep and most likely dreaming. And he wastes no time to lay his hand on your waist, feel your hot skin burn his fingertips as a lazy smile blooms on his lips. This peace lasts a moment, or possibly much longer, after all it’s hard to tell time when most of the world is still sleeping. He leans in and captures your lips in a soft kiss – a kiss he gives you every morning because true to the fairytale of Sleeping Beauty, you can only be awoken by a true loves kiss. He tried other methods. Tickling. Calling your name. A dozen alarm clocks. Nothing got a reaction, except this one thing and he did not use it sparingly.

The vast skies of dreams cloud with reality as slowly you feel yourself sucked into a stuffy, hot room, with dewy sweat coating your skin and batches of hair tickling your cheeks. The senses alert  in one deep inhale and you grin immediately once you realize that Steve’s lips still rest on yours; a raspy giggle escapes you as you playfully smack his arm and he gradually, with one last peck on your cheek and a sweet and hoarse ‘Good morning…’ moves back to his pillow. Your hand finds his under the sheets, your fingers squeezing his as you hum.

Babe…” You whisper.


Not morning…”

“Morning. School.”



Hawkins Movie Theatre is your favorite spot to hang out and of course Steve knows this. After all, he took you here on your first date. So each time you stepped through those double doors felt like the first time holding his hand all over again.

Midnight séance. A horror movie with flashy imagery and more nudity than you expected plays on screen as teenagers that are legal and not sit in couples and whisper amongst themselves. You sink into the plush red seat and inhale the scent of popcorn, cola, and something frying. The sounds are loud and unpleasant and you have to refrain from cringing when the volume jumps just a bit too loud. Your eyes stay glued to the screen despite the urge to ogle your boyfriend – you know that once you glance at him you will be unable to look away.

His hand rests on your thigh. Naturally, shoulder hugs are only for starting lovebirds, but you still remember how he pulled the old ‘yawn-wrap-my-arm-around-your-shoulders-don’t-freak-out-please’ shtick on you and how you absolutely swooned. Suddenly memories appear more interesting than the movie and you drift away. Oh, what a rainy day it had been when he had asked you out, not all that smug and cool. Not like the rumors painted him to be at all. He caught you after school, after basketball practice, as you were leaving your club with a stack of books and flyers occupying the space in your hands. He had offered to carry some heavier books and you had smiled sweetly at him for it. Then, once you reached your locker, and as you put the clutter away he had asked you if you wanted to ‘Catch a movie sometime?’. Your first reaction was to raise a brow in confusion and mild amusement. When you saw that he was serious, and despite himself nervous, your cheeks bloomed red and a shaky ‘Yeah…I’d like that’ fell from your lips before you could even think about it.

Steve’s hand squeezes your thigh and you perk up. Meeting eyes with him you try to bite down the smile. Seems he got bored of the movie, too.


Your house had been turned upside down as you, in great anger, tried to explain what the hell had happened to one of your friends. And how no one was supposed to know about it.

Steve sat on your bed with a book in his hand – English literature, can’t say it’s his favorite – as you pace around the small space of your room with your hands up in the air repeating the same wild gestures as you fight to control the volume of your voice. With blushed cheeks and a permanent frown on your face, you suddenly halt and stare at him, “Can you believe it?!”

“No.” He says, turning a page, “How could she?” His voice tatters on the edge of genuine interest. Frankly, he doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal, but if you want to vent he isn’t going to stop you.

“I know, right!?” You release a frustrated sigh and run a shaky hand through your hair; a moment of absolute silence passes and worried Steve glances up at you. Wide eyed, you state, “I don’t think I can be friends with her after this.”

You want his opinion. Dear God, you want his opinion. His advice is debatable in quality (Dustin, after all, didn’t get the girl despite Steve’s 100% proven technique) and to toss in his two cents in the beef that you have with your friend? This may potentially ruin your and hers friendship, or at the very least what’s left of it. Silently, he puts the book aside and motions for you to come closer. Sadly you walk over, and gently grasping your hand he pulls you into his lap. His head comes to rest on your shoulder as his arms wrap around your waist and you find a comfortable position to rest. A heavy sigh escapes your lips and he can’t help but frown. He doesn’t want to see you like this.

Hey…” He calls softly, his fingers hooking some loose strands of (color) hair over your ear, “Don’t be sad. I mean, I’m really not the best person to discuss girl troubles with, but like you said…She’s a bitch.”

You nod, “I know, but…But she’s my bitch, Steve.”

He thinks, “…Yeah. She’s your bitch.”

“I should call her.”

“Yep. You go do that.”


You love looking at pictures. Especially on rainy days when there is nothing better to do and the need for social interaction is on an all-time low. You suppose you like them so much because they are proof. Proof that something magical had happened.

Oh my God!” Your mother cries, her hands grasping the Polaroid camera as if her life depends on it, “Oh my God, (F/Name)! (F/Name) come here! Our little baby’s all grown up now!” Her voice cracks at the end and you can’t help but release an amused smile.

You share a look with Steve. He gives a shrug. The two of you stand together, his arm around your waist. Graduation. You wear your best dress, finest hairdo, and perfect smile. You are positive Steve put an extra hours’ worth of work into his hair today, and you have the sudden urge to run your finger through it, though the amount of self-control you have surprises even you.

Another flash lights up the room and flinch and squint your eyes to shield yourself from the sudden attack. This is possibly the sixteenth picture that had fallen to the floor with your mothers promise to ‘Pick it up later! Now pose!’. Not having the heart in you to refuse her, you straighten your back, smile to the camera, and pray that you don’t look half as uncomfortable as you feel. Steve leans in and you feel his breath brush your ear, “Do you think she’ll ever stop?”

“Smile and pretend like you’re having a good time, sweetie.”


The amount of records you have stocked up in your room makes Steve proud to call you his girl. The fact that the two of you share the same music taste is a huge plus, too.

…And your favorite song starts playing on the radio that goes in perfect tune with your laughing. Steve’s car suddenly turns into a dance floor – you squirm in your seat and do quick work to open the window to let the whole neighborhood hear your jam. The stars shape into fairy lights and street lamps flicker like at the disco on a Friday night. You close your eyes and inhale the scent of dewy grass as and wind and pollinated sleeping flowers. Summer is your favorite time of year, and no matter what hour you decide to sneak out the house you always find yourself in a permanent state of daze and awe. Last remnants of heat tickle your cheeks and you flash your eyes open, look at Steve and he shares your brilliant smile.

You hold your choice of beer up to his face, “Sippy!” You demand. He gives you a dismissive laugh, his hands firmly on the steering wheel as he continues to drive around.

“I can’t—“ But before he can finish you turn up the volume and demand again.


“I’ll have to park the car!” He warns. You shake your head, “We’ll have to walk a mile home!”

“Don’t care! Sippy!”

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anonymous asked:

I love your blog, and especially your tags! Question: is "there with vast wings across the cancelled skies", a reference to something? Because if so, I want to look it up, that's a wonderful phrase!

Quite unexpectedly, as Vasserot
The armless ambidextrian was lighting
A match between his great and second toe,
And Ralph the lion was engaged in biting
The neck of Madame Sossman while the drum
Pointed, and Teeny was about to cough
In waltz-time swinging Jocko by the thumb
Quite unexpectedly to top blew off:

And there, there overhead, there, there hung over
Those thousands of white faces, those dazed eyes,
There in the starless dark, the poise, the hover,
There with vast wings across the cancelled skies,
There in the sudden blackness the black pall
Of nothing, nothing, nothing – nothing at all.

- The End of the World, by Archibald MacLeish

Let’s lay and forget this whole worldly mess
now we entwine on this bed freshly made
and leave behind all that had us afraid;
slowly learning love’s not a game of chess,
as in this embrace our long sighs confess
every word we’ve so anxiously weighed
‘til only truth shines in the daylight’s fade
and the lone stars illume your falling dress.
Shyly, a crescent moon mimics your smile
and brightens the sky to match your eyes,
envious of how yours now beguile mine
for I had been her lover for a while;
longing to one time traverse the vast skies,
but heaven’s where earthly bodies entwine.
—  “Discovering heaven”, a Petrarchan sonnet by M.A. Tempels © 2017

devilgate-drive  asked:

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

Don’t Look Back (Keep Your Eyes On Me) (Arin/everyone | nsfw | 36k)

“It’s just…clearly, you’re stuck on Dan, even if you don’t want to admit it, so I don’t think fucking anyone else will ever be enough. Barry will never be enough…” Ross trails off for a moment, his eyes taking on a faraway look. Arin feels like fucking shit. “I will never be enough. You’ll never be satisfied because we’re not Dan.”

I know I always pick this one but it was where my fics in this fandom started and I just really still love it and am proud of it. Arin fucks everyone except Dan and Dan finds out. There are feelings to be had. The epitome of my love for bottom!Arin. 

Waiting To Be Found (Ross/Barry | nsfw | 44k) 

Ross, the show-runner for the wildly popular cartoon Gameoverse is beginning to crack under the pressure of creating the second season of his show. When his best friend and co-worker Arin suggests a vacation it sounds like just the thing Ross needs to unwind. Ross finds himself at a bed and breakfast in a sleepy Oregon town run by best friends Suzy and Vernon. Ross also meets the bed and breakfast’s handsome handyman Barry, and for Ross, what starts as a simple vacation turns into more than he could have ever expected. 

One of those ideas that just nags at you until you have to write it. I knew this was going to turn out huge and I am proud of myself for committing to it to finish it. Also was written for the first GGBB! 

Vast Skies (Ryan/Matt | teen | 3k)

Matt and Ryan are going to Nevada to hunt Pokemon, but once they actually reach the desert it seems all Matt can focus on is Ryan.

This fic just gives me warm feelings because I wrote it as I first got into them and it was summer and I can so vividly remember the feeling I was in when I wrote it and go back to that head space and memory very easily. 

Winds Will Change (Dan/Brian | Mature | 7k) 

Dan is a ninja, skilled, at the top of his game, but he feels empty and alone in his violent world. Disenchanted with his life, Dan can feel something coming, a storm inside of him that will surely change everything.

In-universe N /S/ P fic with Danny and Brian’s backstories. This is one that just poured out of me and I wrote most of it in one sitting in one night because the idea captivated me so much. 

Oregon (Arin/Dan | nsfw | 9k)

It’s been such a long time since Arin and Dan have traveled alone, just the two of them. Dan’s not used to the quiet stretched between them. Usually, when they travel, it’s chaos, a jumble of seven or eight people trying to get their shit together. Right now, Arin is sleep-mussed, wearing only pajama pants and a hoodie, looking like he would happily crawl back into bed if given the chance.

Another that I am just very happy with. A lot of my ideas are drawn from real life experiences they have and I like the idea of them falling in love and it being the least scary thing because they already did love each other in so many senses of the word. 

LAND of SAND & FOG - Skeleton Coast, Namibia - photographs by Adrian Gaut - CNTraveler December 2014

  • ‘The epic landscape - miles and miles of desert untouched by man or beast - that you fly over to reach Namibia’s Skeleton Coast.” ~ Maria Shollenbarger

anonymous asked:

I lost my best friend today and he took my will to live with him. Can u think of anything in this world that might be worth living for because I honestly can think of none. When u have no friends or family who care it gets awful lonely and getting up in the morning is hard my best friend was all I had and now hes gone I dont know if I can keep going.

Hey sweetheart. I just want to start off by saying that I’m so so sorry for your loss. I’ve never lost a best friend and I cannot even begin to imagine the pain you must be going through. But I’m always here for you okay? I would be honoured to be your friend, should you want me as one of course.

Now on to things worth living for

  • feeling the warm sun on your face after a long winter
  • soft grass blades
  • the smell of flowers that are just a little too strong
  • wallpaper so ugly you can’t help but smile
  • puppies who need love
  • older dogs who want nothing more than to cuddle you
  • kittens and cats!
  • the crunchy sound leaves make beneath your feet in late september
  • groaning at bad puns
  • learning a new language and the rush of pride you get when you can finally understand a native speaker in it
  • big comfy shirts that feel like hugs 
  • watching a thunderstorm from your cozy home
  • snow balls
  • frost 
  • your favourite music
  • music you haven’t heard yet that’s going to be your favourite one day
  • poetry that makes you cry
  • strangers who compliment you in public
  • complimenting someone in public and watching their face light up
  • random acts of kindness
  • mittens!
  • your favourite foods
  • funny internet videos
  • inside jokes 
  • laughing so hard you snort
  • the catharsis of a good cry
  • drinking a huge cold glass of water when you’re just parched
  • lemonade
  • kids. they can be annoying but those fuckers are adorable
  • candy that pops in your mouth
  • movies that leave you examining your entire life
  • riddles that frustrate you but you love them anyway
  • tongue twisters you can’t quite get right yet
  • your favourite books
  • the most awful books (because making fun of them is always a good time)
  • the cool side of the pillow
  • dandelions and the realization that for the last few decades, everyone has been trying to kill them but they’re still standing. they’re still growing and still being their own kind of beautiful. realizing that you too are a dandelion
  • baking a new dish and having it turn out just perfect
  • dancing because the music is so good and you’re just so happy it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks
  • singing along to your favourite songs
  • long drives with endless vast skies and staring into the cars going past you wondering what those people are thinking about, where they’re going, and what they’re looking for.
  • finally figuring out what you’re looking for
  • finding what you’re looking for
  • hugs
  • bees (they’re scary but they’re good)
  • warm showers
  • swimming in lakes or the ocean!
  • ice cream!
  • recovery
  • those moments when you really feel alive. no matter how cliche that sounds, everyone has those moments. when it’s like you’re seeing in colour for the first time in years
  • swing sets and swinging so high your shoes punch holes in the clouds
  • memorizing things and being able to recite them perfectly, impressing everyone
  • sewing or knitting, even if it’s a mess
  • old people who are surprisingly kind
  • forgiving and being forgiven
  • meeting people who will become your whole world
  • cuddles
  • shoes that fit just right
  • warm towels
  • waking up from a nightmare and knowing it’s over, it wasn’t real and you’re safe and okay
  • good dreams
  • cows! cows are sweet and docile and you have to pet a cow at least once
  • making fun of canadians (i am a canadian and its a hobby of mine, i think you might enjoy it)
  • trashy reality tv
  • mysteries that you try to solve
  • jigsaw puzzles that drive you kind of crazy but give you the best feeling when you finally finish them
  • finding money on the ground
  • baby birds 
  • your future. because it is so so so bright.

I love you okay? Please come talk to me if you need anything, anything at all. Whether that be advice, an ear to listen. or a friend. 

Please be safe, be strong, and be kind to your beautiful self 

Please don’t leave me alone. Not out here, not in the vast skies. It’s so dark. So cold
—  a lonely call from outer space

I’m going to miss hiking every day, my boots and legs stained with red dirt, taking in the vast skies and the endless landscape. I’m going to miss driving down the most stunning roads, hiking up to lookout points for sunsets, and enjoying the most beautiful views for each water break. The mountains, the canyons, the red rock - they call me. I know I’ll be back. Til next time, Arizona.

extra dose of caffeine with espresso tea time! that sounds like a gross drink, tbh.

prompt: first kiss under the stars

erwin falls off his horse and tumbles a few yards before his mind catches up. his right scabbard is decimated from where he landed on it, and he feels the bruise already forming up the muscles of his thigh. he gets on his knees, holds his body up with his arms, breathes out a breath that tastes like copper and drips red onto the grass. he looks up, shudders and withers at the sounds of the rear squads rushing past him.

his body is light, and he’s roughly piled onto the back of a dark horse. his head is swimming, but he’s trying to regain it. he’s commander, he needs to lead his men. he coughs as he takes the reign from the small but calloused hands behind him. he feels those hands secure on his hips, the body attached to them pushing closer to his back.

“i’ll fire a flare.”

erwin nods, kicks the horse’s ribs and they’re racing off. the black flare rockets into the sky above them.

“we’ll head toward the forest to regroup.” erwin says. it’s weak, and he doesn’t know if he said it loud enough over the sound of hooves on the ground, but the man responds a confirmation and fires another flare.

by the time they are safely in the trees, erwin has his mind back. him and levi are standing on a thick branch, watching as the last couple of squads make their way to the forest edge. erwin doesn’t look at levi when he says it, doesn’t even want to acknowledge that he has said it, but he could have died. so many times he could have died, and levi was always there to save him. “may i kiss you?”

levi looks up at him, eyes wide and disbelieving. they’re quiet as levi turns his attention back to the horizon, his arms folding over his chest as he says, “that’s inappropriate, commander.”

levi never calls erwin ‘commander’.

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Carry me pt 4

Carry me (Saeran x MC)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: Saeran/MC -you
Rating : M
Mentions of abuse (nothing graphic!)
Summary: AU where all of the RFA are completely obsessed with MC the princess of the story, they become so very obsessed with her that they keep her in a golden cage. The RFA is the bad guy and the MC is tormented by each and every one in the RFA. Until her prince comes and saves her. Or at least tries to. 

In this part the Gatekeeper (Saeyoung) have more special moments than before. Who is the leader and how will he affect our heroines life?

Author’s Notes: Mc is a princess like/former dying star~~ everyone is enthralled by her beauty and pure heart~ Hope you like it so far! ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡


Save me, save me from everything that is holding me back from soaring high above the vast blue skies with you. Unleash these cold, iron chains that are keeping me from you; unleash me from this pain and let me feel your warm embrace, let me feel your hands around my waist. I want to breathe you in, I want to recall your smell, but it has been so long I am afraid that I am about to forget. Though I am constantly wishing for a miracle to just let me go, to let us be one, to finally be together. I constantly fear that I might lose myself inside this cage and in time even lose all of the special memories we made together and in time lose all memories of you. If it wasn’t for the random visits from the gatekeeper, I would by now, probably be guessing if I might have made you up. 

There were no signs of you ever being here, ever stepping through those gates, setting foot in my heart like you did on that day. But the pain, I feel of not having you near is clearly a sign that you ought to be. That you must exist somewhere out there and not just in my heart. 

The gatekeepers visiting kept me sane and he has been trying to ease the pain by being somewhat kind to me. He hasn’t let Zen enter through the gates no matter how much he screams at times or if he cries out for me. I have felt bad for him, I did somehow feel his pain and I did wish to ease the pain, but the gatekeeper made me promise not to let him enter. Zen was…not well enough to be left alone with me, so they decided to let him be off of the drug he craved so much – the drug being me. On the other hand, Yoosung was allowed to visit. I was completely flabbergasted at that – for it was him who has hurt me much more often than Zen ever did and it was Yoosung who broke me so often. But alas, I had no saying in the matter, they thought Yoosung was too nice, too sweet to hurt me too badly. And I must confess that he was actually very kind to me. It was strange how he at times could be very kind and would spoil me rotten with his kindness and his presents but at times his darker side would come up and he would try to corrupt me. His sweet side loved to dress me in pretty dresses, play games with me and cook me food. He loved to make me sweets and he would usually see me as a sweet, cute girl. Although he seemed so loving, so gentle and just so sugary sweet, there was darkness inside of him. A kind of darkness that could only be found in people who lost a lot in their lives. Yoosung did seem like someone who has lost something very special to him – a former lover or someone else? I didn’t know, since he never spoke about it as openly as one would think, he kept most of his pain deep inside of him – all of which made him become more vicious. 

As he was in his darker modes all he wanted, was to sink low and he would take me with him if I allowed it. At times his darker self would turn out to be very sweet, but his sweetness was hidden behind pity. Like today when he came to visit me, his eyes were full of pity. His behaviour was akin to that of a disobedient child. He would slap me and call me a whore but in just a split second he would kiss the wounds he left behind and stare at me with pity. It was a game that I never could win and it would always make me feel strange. For at times I liked his companionship and I even thought at times that he was a kind and gentle boy, but he would often inflict pain that not one of them would ever do. He was just a strange boy that tried very hard to be a man.

He left soon enough, after he kissed me all over, after he played his perverted games. He might seem innocent but between the sheets was the one place where he was able to let himself go and let his desires run wild. He could be as free as he desired. Most of the times he would envelop his whole body around me – he seemed almost like a snake, holding me tightly to his body. His hands would slide everywhere they could, he was gentle and teasing. Every time he touched a new spot that made me go wild he would tease some more. 

He loved to nib at my skin. He was like a small animal. Nibbling, kissing and licking that was all he would do. But most of all he loved to pound me, my legs over his shoulders and he would kiss them in between the pounding. But his gaze was unbelievable, filled with so much love and care – only at those times I truly knew that he loved me. Somewhere deep inside of him, hidden behind all the insanity he did actually love and care for me, but after so many times of being hunted down, hurt and loved at the same time – I was afraid that I would stoop to his level and become insane. 

After he finished, he would – almost demand – that I was bathed by him and afterwards he would comb my long hair. In a way he loved me, praised me but also despised the idea of having to share me. It made him go mad and in that way it was easy for him to hurt me. After he hurt me he would go crazier – it was a never ending spiral. Yoosung was far gone and it was in a way his own fault and the fault of the leader. For the leader thought it was good for the members to let out their deepest, darkest selves out on someone who could be hidden from society and how great is it, that all of them including him felt so strongly for me?  Afterwards he dressed me in a way the next visitor would want – this time a baggy shirt that was as big as a dress, thigh highs and no underwear. Either it was Jumin or the gatekeeper, Jaehee visited me yesterday so it wasn’t possible for her to visit that often – she liked to visit once a week. She told me that she felt dirty if she visited more often, she did need me but her craving and lusting for me was almost as sweet as having me. 

I waited patiently on my little sofa and decided to sing, it soon was a song of great anguish and sadness. My dearest, if you only knew that all the songs I sing, all the tears I shed are for you and only for you. I beg of you to come and take me far, far away from here. I gaze towards the gate where I know that you are waiting, waiting to come and save me. You are there watching over me, smiling patiently to come to my rescue. I could only hope for you to come and be with me. My voice was now hoarse for I started to shed some tears and they ever so rudely interrupted my train of thought. Also someone else interrupted my singing with their clapping. 

“I do love your singing, little canary.” Spoke the gatekeeper ever so sweetly. 

Though he used to be quite abrupt with me at the beginning and he seemed to hate me, he changed, ever so slightly. The words directed at me were much kinder, sweeter and soft spoken. His touches surprised me, but they were there and gentle. He took care of any wounds the visitors might have left behind and he would just talk and listen. He was a companion I longed for so long. But I never could fully trust his kindness it was just something that I couldn’t get used to, no matter how much time has passed and how many encounters we might have had. I never could believe him. He did try though. I might know though, why I never could believe him, the reason; were his eyes- they always seemed to be shrouded in mystery. 

To be a man able to hide so many secrets and with such ease was something that deeply frightened me. It was hard to put into words what actually frightened me, maybe it was the unknown, maybe it was the fact that he was so alike to Saeran, the one I wanted to be close with, maybe it was simply the fact that he was the one who held me behind these bars. It was him who didn’t free me, but let the canary sing behind golden bars. 

The gatekeeper sat next to me and looked at my body. “Are there any new wounds? Either you speak honestly about them or I will have to do a thorough check up on you” 
I winced at that, for his examinations aren’t pleasant, he never did anything that would make me go through pain, but he would often get annoyed by the amount of wounds or marks some of them would left behind. The whole ordeal of having me here and sharing me with each other might seem incredibly strange. I might have been locked up for a long time and I might have only lived as a star – but even I know that this whole situation is indeed strange. 

But it was the price I had to pay to even be alive. I was living a life that was painful and I might seem like a tortured princess, but the truth was a little different. I loved those times when Jumin would let me walk outside the villa with him. I loved being able to breathe in the fresh air, I loved to sing and I loved to learn new things and somewhere in my heart I did cherish these broken people. I must love them, since I let them make love to me. 

How did it feel, all of these things happening it goes something like this; hate me, break me, kiss my wounds, love me, push me away, hold me close, crush me, let me feel as good as new; but let someone save me sometime soon before I break apart. So before the gatekeeper could rip the shirt from my body, I stood up and pulled it off me. By now the only light that shone inside were the moon and stars, so I wasn’t as embarrassed as I used to be in daylight. He turned my body all around and noticed the hickeys on my legs and neck. 

Yoosung is always very thorough with you isn’t he?” Said the gatekeeper in a joking manner at which I only shrugged. “How can you still joke about it, when you always get so mad at them, especially at Zen and Yoosung?How can you say that you like me when you let me go through all of it every day?”

He sighed at that and pulled the shirt over my head. “You know that I can’t save you, it’s not my place to do something of that sorts, he has to save you or the leader has to set you free and you chances of getting either of those two are slim. He hasn’t been here in what 4 months?” 

“3 months.” I corrected him in a small voice. 

“Well 3-4 months makes no difference he left you behind is all I know. And I am trying to protect you, if I was a prince I would save you and keep you for myself. But by now, don’t you think they have become much nicer to you? It seems that the leader talked some sense into them.” 

Though I was angry at the part of Saeran abandoning me, I had to nod at all of them being nicer to me, but it didn’t change the fact that they were far away from differentiating from real love to obsession.  After some thinking I realised something, after being here for so long I never, even once have seen the leader. I always imagined him as an old, fat man who had a weird fetish but he never visited me, so I spoke up.  

“How come the leader has never visited me? You all speak of him so highly yet he never even once was here. Why?”

The gatekeeper only smirked at that, he stood up and stretched his arms out. “Well sweet puppet, do you think it was me who demanded you being dressed like that? You know Jumin’s taste and I would rather have you naked before me than that. But you do have some strange sixth sense don’t you? You see, the leader made an agreement with all of them. He too would visit you and if they would even try to harm you as they used to, he would destroy them all.”

I only sat there shocked, that - this situation wasn’t what I wanted, I hardly got used to all of them visiting now there was another person who would come and see me?

“If the leader wants it, he might be the only one in the end who can have you. So you should behave, sweet canary.” At that he leaned to my face and kissed my forehead. “Be a good girl, ok?” And so he disappeared. I waited in the dark, so I decided to light some candles.

 I walked to some of them surrounding my couch and lighted each one, while singing softly. Then I felt a small tap on my shoulder. 

So I turned around to see a tall handsome man, far taller than me and slightly taller than Jumin. He had teal coloured hair and beautiful eyes and he wore a beautiful, enchanting smile, which made me blush ever so slightly. 

“H-how may I help you?” I finally spoke up.

Ah, what a beauty no wonder they want you so badly.” He spoke and by then he went on one knee while taking hold of one of my hand and kissing it softly.

 “Greetings lovely princess I am the leader or as most people like to call me V. But you may call me as you wish, my goddess.” Speechless I only managed to nod in understanding. How can someone as charming as him be the leader of such an organisation filled with people like them? He took my hand and leaded me to the couch. 

“Let us sit and talk for a while, what do you say? My turn isn’t limited to any sort of time, so we can spend time freely with each other.” I sat down as wished and stared at him, I didn’t know what to ask of him so I only stared which followed to him blushing deep red. 

“P-please don’t stare so openly at me, you may not be aware of your beauty but you have a strong influence with your appearance.” My head tilted to the side and I questioned him. “What do you mean?” 

His hand found its way to mine and he grasped it gently. 

“At first I made a deal with the wizard, I wanted a woman as beautiful and enticing as the universe, I wanted a woman that was pure as freshly fallen snow, I wished for someone who could change and help me and my friends, to help me where I couldn’t. So then I found you, or you found me. You were barely “born” as a human so you may not recall, but the first thing you did - was  to run into my arms. You see, dearest princess it was you , who chose me.”

I chose V?

"The Boy Who Fell" Lyrics

The second piece for the recital.
The short version (first verse only) can be found here: [voice] [piano]

Oh, how the skies seem vast today!
Breathing in, breathing out, wind in his hair.
Boy who used to stand alone
For once stood with another.

One chance he had to speak his heart;
If he could speak no guilt would dwell.
Chance was missed, and all was lost:
So down to hell, boy who fell!

Falling, falling, falling,
Falling down to hell.

Oh, how the boy cries out in fear!
The only thing he wants is to go home.
Boy who used to always hide;
Must now face the unknown.

One chance he has to win his fight;
If he can’t win, it will be his knell.
To win he must survive this fight;
To escape from hell, boy who fell!

The Signs as Bangtan Quotes

from non-title tracks. let me know if you want one with only title tracks!! 

 Aries: “A little sense of liberation, a little sense of regret; a little sense of hostility towards this world that’s strange to me.“ -어른아이, BTS

Taurus: “I was too shy to become your sun, so I became a cold moon.” -이불킥, BTS

Gemini: “When in love, be passionate. When you’re singing, make it prickly, passionate and prickly.” -INTRO: SKOOL LUV AFFAIR, BTS

Cancer: “I’m ready to be cut by your rose-like embrace, as I hold you again.” -잡아줘 (Hold Me Tight), BTS

Leo: "Moss surely grows on a stone that doesn’t roll. If you can’t return, go straight through your mistakes and forget them all.“ -INTRO: NEVERMIND, BTS

Virgo: "That’s the only thing money can’t buy; the dreams are free size, aim to the vast skies.” -The Stars, BTS

Libra: “It’s like a wind that gently strokes me. It’s like a dust that gently drifts along; you’re there but for some reason, I can’t reach you. Stop; you, who’s like a dream is a butterfly high to me.” -BUTTERFLY, BTS

Scorpio: “It was all beautiful, right, our path, but they’ve all faded; dry leaves come down like tears. The wind blows and everything grows apart all day, the rain is falling and you’re shattering. Until the very last leaf– you.” -고엽, BTS

Sagittarius: “My mother said the sea is blue; she said to let out your voice as far as you can. But what to do, it’s so dark and, there are only different whales
speaking entirely different words.” -WHALIEN 52, BTS

Capricorn: “I just shout out-loud to the world that everything’s gonna be alright. But the world gives me fear, then just stop; thoughts fill my head and instead of the ball, I throw my future. Because of the other’s standard of success, my worries spread like cancer again, god damn it.” -INTRO: 화양연화, BTS

Aquarius: “If the standard of beauty is sea you are the deep sea itself. A mini cultural asset that should be taken care of on a national level.” -호르몬 전쟁, BTS

Pisces: “When I feel like I’m forgetting myself, in that place I find my old self
(I) remember everything, even your smell– you’re my summer autumn
winter and every spring.” -MA CITY, BTS

drizzlewillneverbesatisfied  asked:

Can we have a look into what the asylum was like for Papyrus and Sans?

He remembers darkness.
An all-encompassing darkness permeated only by the occasional flip of of the sterilized lights. There was never any reason for the figures in the window to come into his room; any concoction they wished to give him could be distributed in gas form through his mask.
He was all alone.
Always alone with his thoughts.
Thoughts of what he’s done and what he could’ve done had he not been captured. Of everything he has yet to do.
And what he’s going to do once he breaks their shackles.

He hated them. The shrinks. Always thinking they could change him only to give up as soon as things got difficult.
He would laugh as they walked away from his cell, having failed to make him talk.
Some treated him like a small child, trying to buy his compliance with toys or sweets. Others tried to strong arm him with threats. And others still simply lost their patience with him as a patient…heh heh.
He went for a long time without without any shrinks at all. Just the nurses to give him his pills that he never actually took (he hid them in the secret compartment behind the wall).
It was always…dim in his cell. Not completely dark, more like someone hadn’t changed the lightbulb in a while.
In his dim world, his only companion was the small strip of light that shined under the door, and whatever could possibly be beyond it.

He dreams vividly at night. Of rolling green hills and vast, endless skies dyed blue.

He wants to see the sky again.

I know it isn’t the second week yet, but I want this up before I lose time to upload it for you guys <3. I really love this prompt so I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did writing it!

He who Lurks in the Dark (LeviHan - Fears/Phobias)

Theme: Fears or Phobias, entry for LeviHan Spook Fest 2017, Ghost

Rating: PG

send your requests/anons here x


Ever since she was a child, she had feared that eerie air that disturbed her at the dark of the night. The subtle sound of breathing she hears whenever one of her parents would turn the lights off after reading vast skies to her. The feeling of stares she gets despite being under her sheets with her eyes tightly shut. Some others may call it the boogie man, elders would call it a nuisance, or a figure of a child’s imagination. But to her, it never disappeared even when she grew older, even when she had went from home to home searching for some solitude and rest.

She had indulged herself in work and research to forget about it all. Sleepless, was her solution to not feel the discomfort or fear of feeling another presence with her. At the age of twenty-one, she was restless and still felt scared to go to slumber, and this was one of the nights she feared the most. When her body had begged for her to rest but she wouldn’t because her mind is still bugged with the phobia.

As soon as the light switch ticked and the bulb above her went off, she dashed and leapt towards her bed while furiously pulling the sheets up to the top of her head. Her pillow was tightly grasped over her left ear in an attempt to block the noise. She didn’t mind the heat she felt under the covers, it was better than to feel the creature that had seemed to follow her since her childhood.

But then it started again, the cold air drifting from her feet up to her arms then the chills sent up her spine. Then, soft footsteps and breathing made its way to her ears despite the barrier she built. It was awake, and it was going to keep her awake yet again.

“Silly attentive four eyes, I know you can hear me” her breath hitched upon its voice. This was the first time her greatest fear had spoken to her, yet it did not shake off the fright in her. “I know you are just under there, why don’t you come out? I’ve been waiting for years”

Her hands began to tremble, soft cries escaping her lips. She can feel her blanket getting lifted from her ankles, so she balled up and placed the pillow above her as mighty as she can. This spirit or ghost was going to drag her into the dark with it.

“Don’t worry I don’t bite, unless you make me impatient” she wasn’t sure if it was taunting, teasing or scaring her, but it still made her cower.

Her pillow was dragged away from her, which made her scream and cover her own eyes, still too anxious to look at what lurks in the dark. To many what ifs made its way to her mind, of those that she saw in horror movies. Was she encountering one of those, she sure hoped not. Admittedly, she was curious to see what bothered her since she was a kid, but the phobia was still far too greater than her strength.

“I told you, its okay” it caressed her cheek, in a soft manner, one that made her strangely calm down. “I guess I’ll remain a guardian to your nights then” it bitterly responded.

Her tears ran dry, voice silenced. She slowly opened her eyes and gasped. A figure loomed fading in front of her, far from what she expected. The moon made it glow for her, pale skin, dark hair and silvery eyes that she saw more like an angel than a ghost. It was gorgeous, and she was starting to accept her fear more than she thought she would.

Suddenly, light beat him who lurked in the dark, and he disappeared before her eyes. She shot up from the comfort of her mattress and searched for him, yet he was nowhere to be found. She looked into the mirror and saw tears streaking her face like little streams coming from her eyes.

She had lost him, but a sense of familiarity, tells her that his name is

“Levi” she whispered.

The Quest (”The Visit” Pt.3)

“The Visit” (Pt. 1) / “The Lesson” (Pt. 2) / “The Confrontation” (Pt. 4)

Ao3 Link 

Rowan Whitethorn flew long and hard. He flew over the stone houses of Dorenelle and soared across the continent of Wendlyn. He flew over the ocean; and when his magic couldn’t take it anymore, he trekked across Oakwald Forest – the forest of the Fae – all the way to Terrassen where something has happened to little Princess Aelin Ashryver Galathynius.

Rowan thought that if – no, when he found the Princess, he would take her far, far away from this place. She was so small, so fragile, but she was brave and strong. She was a fighter and she would make it out of this.

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The Wedding Planner - p r o l o g u e (Ethan Dolan Mini Series)

A/N: Hi everyone! I know it’s been a very long time since I posted anything. I had honestly lost all inspiration and all the good story lines I could think of had been taken! But anyway, inspiration finally struck, so I am proud to present: THE WEDDING PLANNER. 
Word Count: 712
Warnings: None really. ENJOY!
DISCLAIMER: I don’t really know much about weddings so I apologise if my research is wrong. 

Ever since I was a little girl, I had always dreamed of having a huge wedding. For as long as I can remember I’ve spent hours lying awake at night, imagining every little detail.

The ceremony would take place within the garden of a grand hotel with miles and miles of greenery, overlooking a lake with endless forest behind it, contrasting beautifully with the vast blue skies. Surrounded by nature.

The groom and I would stand under a man built gazebo with brick roofing and pristine white pillars with wooden flooring. Flowers of all colours would be embedded all around us. Our guests will sit before us on white wooden chairs as we recite our vows and say our I do’s.

The reception would then be held inside the hotel’s hall, a wide room shaped like a dome. The guests will be seated on round tables, decorated white table cloth and golden confetti, a cake stand filled with cupcakes as the center piece. Fairy lights will be strung around the hall, twinkling happily.

There will be a grand stage at the front of the room for the band, the stars in full view from the skyline as the evening goes on. Followed on will be a grand buffet with all the food money call buy: pies and drumsticks and ham and cheese triangle sandwiches and sausage rolls… And to top it all off I would have the most beautiful wedding cake. Three tiers, red velvet, completely white, coloured icing creating the illusion of vines and flowers wrapped around it, and of course the groom and bride standing proudly at the top.

So you see, I’ve got it all planned out. There was now only one thing I needed to complete my perfect wedding… a groom. So my quest to find the perfect groom began. I started going on countless dates, accepting any man who asked me, even if I knew purely by looking at them that they weren’t my type, or our personalities weren’t going to be compatible by the way he had asked me for a date.

I’ve even been desperate enough to accept help from my mother, who set me up on quite possibly the worst date I have ever been on in my life. It became an obsession to me, like I was forcing myself to find the perfect man just so I could have my dream wedding. It got to a point where I began going on second, third and fourth dates with men that I had no attraction to whatsoever, thinking that maybe if I just kept pushing it, a spark would ignite.

I grew increasingly frustrated, and convinced myself that I was the problem, that I wasn’t good enough, that I was the reason that I had no connection with these men. I began to hate myself and it was a huge knock to my self esteem; eventually I withdrew from the dating scene altogether.

I took out my frustrations out the best way I knew how, I planned weddings. I spent hours flicking through wedding magazines, cutting out locations, cakes, dresses, colour themes.. anything wedding related. I stuck what I thought looked good together down on paper and stuck them in plastic wallets, eventually making enough of them to put together a folder. I hadn’t intended for anybody to see it. It was supposed to be a way to let off steam and that’s it.

That all changed when I had invited my only and best friend Amelia round for a glass of wine after a particularly grueling day at work, the joys of retail. We were both well on our well to tipsy and were quickly becoming giggling messes, when Amelia spotted the folder from where I had carelessly left it, lying on the coffee table. “Ooh, what’s this?” She asked, placing her wine glass on the coffee table and dragging the book onto her lap.

“Just some stuff I’ve been working on, nothing important really.” I shrugged nonchalantly, but I eyed her curiously as she slowly flicked through the pages, her eyes drinking in every detail. Her face morphed into awe. “Y/N,” she breathed out, slowly looking up at me, “these are incredible.” I felt my face burning up, so I looked down to watch my finger, which was lightly tracing the rim of my wine glass. “S’ nothin” I mumbled, not wanting to make a big deal.

Amelia grabbed my hand, forcing me to look back at her. I was taken back by how excited she looked. “You could become, like, a wedding planner.”

Suddenly everything just seemed to click for me. It made so much sense now, it was something I was so passionate about. Why not make a career out of it?

Even if I couldn’t have the perfect wedding myself, I could make sure somebody else did.

A wild river runs between two jagged mountains at Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve, creating a doorway to a wilderness of glacier-carved valleys and aurora-lit night skies. This vast landscape lies north of the Arctic Circle and has no roads or trails – making for adventurous exploration. Photo by Carl Johnson, National Park Service.

The lovely @pringlesaremydivision tagged me in the challenge to post the last sentence from 5 of your fics which sounds so fun so I’m gonna do it! 

For now, Ross doesn’t mind calling both places home. 

Waiting To Be Found: Barry/Ross

They don’t speak, not even a goodnight, somehow, he thinks, they don’t need words for this feeling, for whatever has blossomed between them.

Vast Skies: Matt/Ryan

Dan’s a big believer in everything happening for a reason, in putting time into something paying off in the end, and, as he rests his head against Arin’s, closing his eyes and letting himself follow Arin into sleep, Dan knows, he just knows, that, right now, he’s exactly where he’s supposed to be.

Oregon: Dan/Arin

From somewhere in the office, they can hear Barry ‘aw’-ing again.

Don’t Look Back: Arin/Everyone / Arin/Dan

Brian looks around himself sometimes, the family they created, the whole lot of them laughing and fucking around and being happy, and he’ll scan over Arin, over Dan, how the light is back to their faces, the same light Brian feels warm in his chest and he knows that Dan absolutely belongs here with them, with him, with his family.

Briefly Held: Arin/Brian / Arin/Dan / Arin/Brian/Dan

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