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Alum POC here. can someone give a little context as to that House Advisor message? It seems like a positive message to me but I'm curious to know if it's in response to something specific?

The house advisor was responding to a queer woman of color who was speaking against someone who said heterophobia was a prevalent problem on campus on facebook. The advisor was equating discrimination against the dominant classes with institutionalized oppression  and hate speech and this is problematic because heterophobia cannot be a thing based on systems of power and this was a response to a brown person when there havent been these types of responses to actual hate speech on campus and there are other commentaries one can make on how this person was holding themselves accountable to their words and the administration jumped on them. 

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As a VC '09 alum and POC, I totally understand the community as being frustrating, racist, and willfully ignorant. People hide behind the anonymity of the internet to share their misguided and privileged beliefs through sites like SayAnything VC, without recognizing their own faults, because it's easier to blame someone else. Especially if you are not accountable. Be angry, be vocal and stay strong. If you need anything, have questions about life outside the bubble, feel free to ask!

Thanks for the support!