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For your consideration: SuperFriends Halloween
  • Alex is Belle, Maggie is The Beast. Maggie is upset bc people keep calling her cute all night and she’s like ‘i’m not cute, bitch. i’m scary’
  • Alex and Maggie both go as Superman, just to annoy Kara
  • Alex and Maggie both go as Kara, just to annoy Kara
  • Everyone goes as Alex and Maggie (button downs tucked into tight ass jeans, leather jackets)
  • Maggie is Princess Peach. Alex is Mario. They make Kara go as Bowser and Winn as Toad.
  • J’onn always wins best dressed, bc he just transforms into other people
  • Alex goes as Kara. Maggie goes as Cat Grant, calls Alex Kiera all night. Real Kara responds out of habit.
  • Lena shows up in a bald cap and is clearly supposed to be Lex. Everybody pauses for a second and there’s dead silence, and then they all start pissing their pants laughing. She’s invited back the next year.  
  • Maggie dressed as Lexa. Alex comes out of the bedroom, ALSO dressed as Lexa, ‘we can’t BOTH be Lexa’. Maggie pours them shots. ‘We’ll let the spirits decide’.  
  • Kara retaliates to years of Halloween abuse, goes as Alex, does the most perfect imitation, flirts with maggie all night as a cherry on top.
  • Vasquez wears normal clothes and an eyepatch, deadpans ‘I’m a pirate now fuck off’ whenever someone asks about her costume (she doesn’t like Halloween very much)
  • Winn going as Jon Snow bc Winnter is Coming. 
  • Winn painting himself green and wearing Jon Snow outfit: J’onn Snow
  • Everyone goes as different versions of J'onn. J'onn Travolta. J'onn Lenon. J'onn McClain. J'onn Cena.
  • J’onn goes as a pizza delivery guy every year after the Papa J’onns Incident
  • Maggie wears a black muscle tee and says 'I’m Alex’s favorite guns’ as she flexes. She’s not wrong.  
  • Maggie and James, both massive Simpsons Nerds, go as Lenny and Carl
  • Maggie goes as Lisa’s Floreda outfit. Nobody gets it. Maggie is smadissapointed in her friends

Supergirl faces! The good guys. I hope like hell I didn’t forget anyone. Kara, Cat, James, J’onn, M’Gann, Alex, Maggie, Lena, Winn, Vasquez.

These actually turned out a lot cuter than I thought they would.

(in the style of faces from The Genius)

Shall We Begin?

Supergirl Virtual Season begins 5th June 2017. Thanks to @catgranting for the badass art this time round.

The season will run on AO3 and Tumblr, with a new ‘episode’ each week for you to enjoy. The first of those episodes - in fact episodes 1 and 2 - have been written by @inspectorboxer and @fictorium, their first collaboration. 

That will kick off our season of diving deep into Supercat (and Sanvers!). Are you all ready?

Watch out for updates on who’s writing what from episode 3 onwards, and what to expect from the incredibly talented artists, too! Follow here on @sgvs for updates, or on Twitter.
















This wicked gifset is courtesy of the amazing @mitski!! 

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“Time to go?” Kara called from behind the curtains that separated her bedroom from the rest of the apartment.

Alex nodded as she checked the last of her weapons, sliding them into her backpack and zipping it closed. “Yeah. Winn and Vasquez will be here with the van any minute.” There were more plans to share, but she found her words deserted her at the sight of her sister.

An unpleasant shock skittered through her veins, and Alex took an involuntary step back. Having expected to see Kara in her trademark cape and crest, Alex was wholly unprepared to find her wearing the navy body suit she had sported while under the influence of red kryptonite. “I…” Alex swallowed, finding it hard to breathe as all the hurts from that fateful confrontation between them bubbled to the surface. The way Kara had looked at Alex like she was no one, nothing; the cruel and taunting words spoken right there in that room.

Alex cleared her throat. “I thought you burned that.”

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UPDATE: ACT 3 is now up on AO3.

Just in case anyone has forgotten how Act 2 ended yesterday… oh you didn’t? Huh. This little piece of OMG is brought to you by @pinkrabbitpro, and you can hit the ask box or AO3 comments with appropriate levels of love

Now what more does @spaceshipsarecool have in store for us? 

“Cat,” Kara broke away from the kiss, needing a moment to make sure this was real. She ran the tips of her fingers over Cat’s cheek, brushing gently down the side of her neck until she could press her palm flat against Cat’s chest to feel the beat of her heart.

“I’m here, Kara,” Cat assured, pronouncing her name with its proper inflection once again. Kara’s eyelids started to slip closed in response, but she struggled to keep them open, not wanting to limit herself by cutting off even one sensation when she had all of Cat in front of her like this now.

All of Cat with her now, the taste of her still on Kara’s lips, the pressure of her touch on Kara’s skin, and even the scent of her engulfing everything around. Kara felt dizzy, fantasies and wishful thinking falling away as the present became all consuming; the sight of Cat staring at her so unguardedly too precious to miss for even a second.

Cat was smiling, making no effort to hide the desire in her eyes, or how it was softened by the care that transformed her words from a statement into a promise. I’m here, I’m not going anywhere, I won’t leave you alone.

It took what was left of Kara’s breath away, and Cat’s smile grew as she watched Kara come to terms with what this meant.

Read Act 3 on AO3 here.

Like Nowhere On Earth

The Prehistoric Park AU no one asked for.

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“Kara what the hell are you doing here?” Alex hisses. She’s pressed into the dirt, the stink of loam in her nostrils and her sister’s wide blue eyes staring back at her through the thick ferns.

Kara wriggles closer on her elbows. “I wanted to help.”

Far, far above them, something rustles. Alex reaches out a dirty hand and clamps it over Kara’s mouth. On her other side, Lucy takes the safety off her tranq gun.

“That’s not gonna work,” Maggie whispers harshly. She’s almost on top of Alex, not daring to move.

“Not on whatever’s up there,” Lucy grumbles.

“Major Lane if you tranquilise my sister I will leave you stranded seventy million years in the past.”

“If you guys don’t shut up we’re all going to be left dead seventy million years in the past,” Vasquez snaps, and the three bickering women have the grace to fall silent.

Something, Kara thinks it’s a leaf, falls slowly down from the treetops, spiralling on the still air like smoke caught on the wind. Except then it extends its wings and soars gracefully away, a meter or so above their heads.

“Hey, our first dinosaur,” Maggie whispers, once it’s gone.

“Which kind?” Kara plucks Alex’s hand from her mouth, curious.

“I’m a botanist, little Danvers.“

Kara pouts. 

"Okay, uhh, early Cretaceous, Argentina… if I had to hazard a guess, he’s a-“


The ground beneath them shakes, tiny bits of rotting leaves shivering with the sound of heavy footsteps.

Thud. Thud.

“A pterosaur.” Maggie murmurs.

“And what’s that?” Kara points and Maggie’s gaze follows her finger, up, up, up far above her head.

“A very, very good reason to run.”

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Burning Passion - SilentRain91

Word Count: 222, 837

Summary: Kara finds herself drawn to Miss Luthor, even when she learns about the alien detection device she made. Lena notices Kara easily, but wants to be mindful of her position as a professor.

Alex is annoyed when she learns Maggie will be sharing a room with her. Things change as she finds herself falling for Maggie, however, Maggie doesn’t believe in soulmates. Maggie digs how feisty Alex can be and it scares her to be falling for Alex, who is waiting for her soulmate.

This is the story of how their lives entangle with one another and unfold.