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What happened with gerard?

So basically some guy has suddenly (years after danger days was even released) claimed that Gerard stole his artwork and didn’t credit him. It’s making me really agitated because people seem to feel the need to scour the earth for any possible reason to hate on Gerard without even knowing the full story. There are always two parts to a story and we have no idea if this guy is even being truthful meaning that these people have no right to jump to conclusions or say hateful things until there is proof. His artwork may have been stolen, we don’t know anything for sure, people working for mcr could have done it, Gerard might have been part of it being fully aware. We don’t know but the thing is that this was YEARS ago and Gerard is, I’m sure, a much different and more mature person than he was all those years ago. I’m so tired of people dragging him down, they’re vengeful, rude drama stirrers who seriously need to reevaluate their mediocre lives and stop hating on people they don’t even know just because it’s a celebrity.

edit: It has come to light that Gerard did indeed mention him a recent interview here, also tweeting Vasilis in 2010 here, thanking him for designing the ray guns. Gerard never deliberately hid credit, this is all false and pathetic drama being stirred up by attention seekers! Vasilis sounds really angry that Becky (his ex) drew the comic and this situation is really unpleasant I feel like he’s picked Gerard to stir up drama because of tension between his ex and after all, we all know Gee is an easy target, he’s placid and kind and he’s not one to start fights which is why Vasilis probably targeted him.


A Proper Send Off (Though, A Little To Late On My End)

I just read Mike Mignola’s Hellboy in Hell #1 the other day, and it was amazing. After reading it, I remembered seeing a five-page fan comic that recounts the epic of Hellboy from his arrival on Earth in Seed of Destruction to his passage into the beyond in The Storm and The Fury, in all of the awesomeness that it is due, by artist supreme, Vasilis Lolos (Conan). So, I thought I would share it with you guys. Enjoy!

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