This is actually a homework assignment for my production design class, we had to draw something in two-point perspective. Of course, when I couldn’t think of anything to draw, I happened to be watching one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes, Silence in the Library. So I ended up drawing this, the Doctor and Donna running from the Vashta Nerada. It’s nothing too fancy (and doesn’t really go with the episode, but whatevs), but I might just clean it up and make it a full painting (gonna add some book shelves and fun stuff, too :D). But for now, here’s the WIP. 

No but this was like one of the saddest scenes of one of the saddest episodes of the series when you go back and watch it.

Because he doesn’t know who River is at this point, not really, but he knows she’s his wife because she told him his name, and he knows it would take someone really special to convince him to get married. And she knows, she probably knew from the second she found out that the Doctor didn’t know who she was, that she’s going to die.

But she also knows that she’s going to save the Doctor, and that he’ll get to have an entire future with her, even though her future with him is over. And that’s good enough for her. And the Doctor’s completely terrified, completely helpless to save her, and it’s breaking his heart, and he doesn’t even know that he’s looking at the daughter of Amy Pond, the child of the TARDIS, the one who gave up her last regeneration energy to save him. And she’s doing it again, she’s saving him again.

But she’s saving herself, too. Because without him, she wouldn’t even exist. She was born on the TARDIS, the daughter of Amy Pond and Rory Williams and the TARDIS. And if the Doctor dies, then he never meets Amy and Rory, and she never exists. So she’s not only saving the Doctor - she’s saving herself, too.

But she can’t tell him that. The Doctor, her husband, the greatest man she ever knew and loved - and she can’t tell him anything, because it hasn’t happened for him yet. None of it. All of the things they’ve seen, all of the things they’ve done together - fighting off the Weeping Angels, creating and destroying the paradox of Lake Silencio, closing the cracks in the universe - she remembers all of it, but he doesn’t know about any of it, and so she’s dying for a man who doesn’t even really know who she is. Not yet, anyways.