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Gogo said "vashappenin" I'm totally convinced now! They are totally a couple goalzzz! Props to Yolanda for doing her homework but yeah I think no matter what she does at this point people who think they are pr will always think they are pr. And maybe I'm not looking hard enough but ever since it was announced gogo was going to be the photographer more people have been side eyeing them and dragging them.

Yolanda had her intern google that for like an hour, give her some credit. She tries, you guys, just like when she had her intern google the Toy Story references. 

Zayn’s face when she said ‘Vas happenin’’ was kind of my favorite thing, though?

I mean at this point, what I just don’t understand how could you naaaaht think they are PR, especially after the way this campaign went down and the obvious way Gigith’s name is branded throughout? Hand to thinking boob, this one of the most transparent PR relationships I think I’ve seen in recent hoe years. Whatever makes folks happy, I guess. 


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What music videos by Ben is it people usually don't like? Why was "what he did to Night Changes" unforgivable? I actually enjoyed it :) And the person who came up with "Brasserie Vashappenin" should get an award or something, lol

Well, This is Us was a piece of propaganda, so there’s that. Then Midnight Memories was a juvenile, poor quality imitation of their earlier videos (so I’m told), You & I was not only drab, but also plagiarized, and Night Changes essentially made a mockery of not only the song but also the band.

As for why I dislike the Night Changes video, the song is very poignant in both sound and lyrics. Some themes that come to mind when I listen to it are:

  • The relationship between parents and children, and the difficulty of watching your children making the same mistakes you did
  • The hopeful recklessness of youth that leads one to engage with an unsuitable partner
  • Feelings of regret for poor decisions (especially with respect to entering into a physical relationship when you are too young)

If I had to put a narrative to the song, it would be about a mother’s concern, and a daughter’s poor decision to sleep with a clearly unsuitable older man, which decision she immediately regrets. Then her mother’s pain at not having been able to protect her from it, and the emotional fallout for both of them at the loss of the daughter’s innocence. To me, that’s what the song is about.

And what did we get? Aspirational Y/N dates with each of the boys that went comically wrong. Was the video enjoyable to watch, if you embraced the cheesiness? Sure. But it cheapened the song, and cheapened the band, and didn’t do justice to either. It’s honestly an embarrassment.