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I'm so sorry but this is totes adorkable! Well, if Edelweiss (Vash / Roderich) were to get married, who would propose first, and how would their wedding plans go? (I'm Edelweiss trash so thus makes me H A P P Y)

(Alright look here I am the head honcho of Edelweiss garbage. It was my first ship, it is still my main ship after like 6 years.  Don’t ever apologize.)

The Proposal: 

  • Oh, it was a mess.  Then again, so were all their big moments.
  • There were actually two proposals!  Roderich proposed first, and Vash said no.  He loves Roderich, don’t get him wrong, but everybody knows about his track record with marriages.  He didn’t want to be ex-spouse number…3? 4? 6?  He’s lost track.
  • The second time, Vash actually proposed.  It took him FOREVER before he felt he could handle marriage, let alone to someone who had been through multiple marriages and divorces already.
  • The successful proposal was after Vash overheard Roderich telling others that he felt like Vash didn’t love him, Vash didn’t want to be with him, etc.  Vash wouldn’t have that.
  • Vash’s proposal, while not necessarily your definition of romantic, was very sentimental.  He printed out dozens, possibly even hundreds of pictures that he and Roderich had of one another while they were together.  He put them all together into a scrapbook with the question at the end.
  • Roderich cried when he saw it.  He obviously said yes.  The book was on display at their wedding.

The Wedding:

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Now I'm not gonna lie, I'm obsessed with anime. So I have to ask, when people ask you what you're favourite anime is what is the first one that comes to mind?

Hm. Well the first one to pop into my head was Trigun.
I just love Vash so much.
Second to that would probably be Beyond the Boundary or Free.

Six Instances that suggests Vash likes Meryl

Just for fun

This one is for VashxMeryl fans :)

One of the reasons Vash and Meryl’s relationship is so interesting is because they are such opposites, and they manage to overcome their oppositions to sincerely care about and respect one another.

I think it’s very clear in the series that Meryl grows to like Vash romantically, but does Vash like Meryl? That’s not as obvious. But it’s there. Trust me. I like to think Vash quite frankly can’t let himself get too close to anyone right now. But, as I was watching the series, I think one can easily argue he likes Meryl too, though it’s way more subtle. Here are just a few things I noticed.

  • In the second episode, Vash says, “I don’t let anyone in my sights get away. And I’m known for my bullets never missing their mark, especially if it’s the heart of a beautiful lady. BANG!” while he’s pointing a finger-gun toward Meryl. It’s kind of a fun play with foreshadowing.
  • It’s interesting to note that when Vash is fighting the Gung-Ho-Gun Zazie, that Zazie puts his gun to Meryl’s head, not to any of the children present. His actions suggests that Vash values Meryl’s life more than any of the children’s. I mean, seriously? That’s something!

  • In that same episode, Vash is troubled through most of it. Wolfwood tries (unsuccesfully) to cheer him up, but Vash only brightens when he’s watching Meryl. Wolfwood notices and says, “Women are a marvel, aren’t they?” Vash cheers up twice when watching Meryl.
  • Meryl and Milly were the only people Vash was actually willing to kill someone to protect. Legato tempts Vash to kill, but it isn’t until Milly and Meryl are being hurt that Vash actually does it. He kills someone for the first time. 

  • Vash says he’d like to stay in a town with Meryl for a long time.
  • And, Vash sees Rem’s great qualities in Meryl, and hugs her for a long time afterwards. Perhaps a little too long, in Meryl’s opinion.

Just thought I’d point those out for the fans.