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Inktober Day 5
Tea Time with Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara

Ornate Table and Edibles thanks to Diamond Tiara’s fam, Exquisite Silverware and Tea Set thanks to Silver Spoon’s fam! Quite regal…
I really want them to have more talking roles in the next season. We haven’t had much from them since Season 5!

Karamel Fanfic #43

Title: A Loving Family

Prompt: Kara doesn’t know how to react when she sees what Mon-El brought home. 

Word Count: 1843

Also posted on AO3

Hey y'all!

So… I guess this is what literally having nothing to do looks like lol. Because even though I was just planning to write one one-shot yesterday, I got too bored at around midnight and OF COURSE had to start a new one. But I did promise I’d be posting more frequently, right?

For this fanfic I wanna thank by beautiful beta @somos-poeiraestelar​ for giving me the idea, because not only it was really fun to write, I really needed a fluff fix after that exam week. So thank you sweetie, I know I’m not always the best writer to work with (with the angst and al), but I love youuuuuu :)

Hope you enjoy this!

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Suprising Chibs by getting a tattoo of his name.

WARNINGS: Language

You went through your sketchbook but sighed, you wanted to make this tattoo for your Old Man special but every design that you made just wasn’t good enough, “UGH!” You screamed in frustration. “Ye alright love.” You heard Chibs say and you tossed your sketchbook into the closet , “Yes I’m peachy baby what’s wrong? I though you were at work?” You questioned and cursed yourself for being a terrible liar in front of your husband. Chibs raised a brow as he wrapped an arm around your waist, “Ye hidin’ another man in here aye there love?” Chibs chuckled as he kissed your neck but you laughed it off, “No.”

“Good cause ye sweet ass is mine.” He grinned as he slapped your ass making you smile and he went over to the door, “Love ye lass.” He told you before leaving and you sighed, “Damn that was close.” You whispered.

“I like this font but not the design, this one’s better.” You told Happy and he nodded, “Yeah I agree. I don’t like that color, do this one instead.” You gasped, “Oh that’s so pretty.” You smiled, “He’s gonna go fucking crazy.”

“Who will?” You heard Chibs say and Happy covered the sketch book with a porn mag that was on the floor, “Hey love hey brother…” Chibs stopped and his head tilted when he noticed the magazine, “Uh what are ye two doin’?” You laughed as you realized what he was staring, “Oh I was just asking Happy for some good sex advice, ya know for your birthday.” You winked and Chibs blushed but covered it as he looked away, “Uh huh, we alright. We gotta go love, Gemma’s dinner is about to start.” He told you and you stood up, waving to Happy as you mouthed a ‘thank you.’

You grabbed your bag, trying to walk quietly out of the room but gasped when you felt a hand on your wrist, “Were are ye going Y/N?” Chibs asked groggily and you turned to look at him, “Hey baby. I was just gonna go to the store.” You lied and he saw it, “Dammit girl why do ye keep lying to me? What did Ah do wrong?” He sighed and you raised a brow, did he think you were cheating, you thought and you sighed, “Filip, whatever you think I’m doing I’m not.” You told him and Chibs nodded, “Ah’m sorry Ah know ye wouldn’t do that. It’s just, ye been so distant Ah get worried.” He told you as he pulled you close, kissing your shoulder up to your jaw.

“I love you too much to cheat Filip.” You smiled and he pressed his forehead to yours, “Just trust me okay.” You told him and he nodded, “Now I have to go, and you need sleep, it’s too early for you on your birthday.” You chuckled and he nodded. Your arms went around his neck as he pressed his lips to yours, his hands going to you ass pressing you closer to him, “Ye sure Ah can’t get my present now?” He growled against your lips and you smirked pushing him away.

“I haven’t gotten your gift you’ll have to wait.”

“Surprise!” Everyone shouted as you and Chibs stepped into the clubhouse, a wide smile on your face as he looked around noticing the banner with his name. There was a Scottish flag hanging up and some Scottish thistle in really pretty vases by the cake, it looked amazing, “Aye thank you baby.” Chibs said as he turned to kiss you, “Hey this wasn’t the gift I was telling you about.” You grinned and he smiled as you turned your back to him and unzipped your sweater. “Ready?” You smiled and everyone cheered as you turned around to show him his real present that was on your shoulder.

“Y/N…ye did that for me?” He asked you and you nodded your head smiling, “Do you like, Hap and I worked hard on it.” You laughed but it was cut off as his lips crashed to yours in a breathtaking kiss. You held onto his arms his arm around your waist holding you up, “Ah love it.” He said as he pulled away to look at the tattoo. His name was in a swirly banner with the Scottish flag behind it and some Scottish thistle on each side of the banner, “Ah love it man, ye really did good.” He smiled and kissed you again, “Did Ah tell ye how much Ah love ye?”

“All the time baby. Happy birthday Filip.”

Notice Me Senpai! Guide to Items. Masterlist-kinda...

Forgive me if there is already a item guide to this game.

Warning: This list may update. I also used event items lol

Nerd Senpai: Egg Basket, most Easter items, Guitar, PC Station

Young Senpai: Vase of Roses, most Easter items, Guitar, Stuffed Bear

Lazy Senpai: L. Sofa Set, Guitar, PC Station, Reclining Chair

Art Club Senpai: Vase of Roses, Stuffed Bear, Egg Basket, PC Station

School Festival Senpai: Taiko Drum, Chocolate Cake, Guitar, Piano, Alpaca

Science Lab Senpai: Reclining Chair, PC Station, Grand Piano

Gamer Senpai: Heart-shaped Cookies, Chocolate Cookies, Stuffed Bear

Gourmet Club Senpai: Chocolate Cake, Most Valentine food items, Ice Cream Machine

Delinquent Senpai: Heart Chocolates, Chocolate Cake, Stuffed Bear

Basketball Captain Senpai: Heart Balloons, Guitar, Stuffed Bear

Drama Club Senpai: Vase of Roses, Stuffed Bear, Guitar, Fondue

Goat Senpai: Choco Bunny, Vase of Roses, Stuffed Bear

Calligraphy Club Senpai: Egg Basket, Grand Piano, Reclining Chair, Teaset Afternoon

Butler Senpai: Chocolate Cake, Vase of Roses, Teaset Afternoon, Fondue

Student Council President: PC Station, Reclining Chair, Stuffed Bear

Crammer Senpai: PC Station, Stuffed Bear, Reclining Chair

Idol Senpai: Grand Piano, Bush

Rocker Senpai: Guitar, Stuffed Bear, Reclining Chair

Sensei: Reclining Chair, Stuffed Bear, Guitar

Childhood-Friend Senpai: Stuffed Bear, Reclining Chair, Guitar

School Infirmary Sensei: Teaset Afternoon, Tea Ceremony, Parasol and Mat 

Playboy Senpai: Fondue, Mirror, Minipool

Cupid Senpai: Valentine’s Day items, Teaset Afternoon

Tea Ceremony Senpai: Tea Ceremony, Mat with Food, White Day Set

Archery Team Senpai: Mat with Food, White Day Set, Dango

Ninja Senpai: Bush

Swim Team Senpai: Minipool, Sandcastle

Part-time Job Senpai: Cooler, Goldfish Scooping Booth, Yakitori Stand

Director Senpai: Director’s Chair

Villan Senpai: Villain Chair, Maid Cafe Set

NOTE: Most of these items cost gems (ex. Stuffed Bear 25 gems). It is recommended to get the expansion first. 

To get the Childhood-Friend Senpai: buy a cafe theme along wth favorite items. 

For Tea Ceremony, Archery Team, and Ninja Senpais get the 300 gem Sakura themes along with items. Well, it just makes the scenery more pretty. They show up more often with those themes actually.

Using the Easter Cafe Theme (200 gems) will have the boys show up with bunny ears.

Crammer Senpai only appears when there’s wifi.

If there is more that is needed to be added to this list, please let me know!