Look guys, this foundation has made a long term (10 years) birth control for men. Its called vasagel. And while in India the product has gone through long term human trials (100% success rate!!!!) it’s now in its second animal trial for America and hopefully be at human trials here in early 2014. But we need your help funding this product tumblr! So please donate to their non profit foundation!
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SCIENCE - On parlait déjà d'une pilule contraceptive pour hommes. Aujourd'hui, c'est un gel, du nom de Vasalgel, qui fait parler de lui. Réversible, sans hormones, il s'injecte dans le canal déférent et bloque les s…

Si cette méthode fait un carton, je raccroche officiellement mon tablier de féministe. 
(Sinon, 50 boules que tout le monde va hurler à la mascarade, à la torture, et qu'ils vont tous mettre en doute l'origine/la qualité du produit. Et que donc, la contraception restera une affaire de “gonzesses”. J'espère me tromper.)

This article explains how for over 20 years now in India, there has been a drug that when inserted into the vas deferens, is 100% effective against pregnancy for 10 years. And is reversible by flushing the drug out. And then in six months or less, can have children. American trials on animals are starting now. Why is it that we have so many disturbing types of birth control easily approved that cause cancer and a myriad of other side effects so easily approved for women, yet this has taken decades to come to light? Apparently it came up on American radar last year, and then disappeared again.

I realize that it most likely will fail due to the “lack of interest” the pharmaceutical companies see. What they fail to realize is that if this option exists, more women would likely stop taking birth control with their long-term partners, and ask them to do this instead (because it *is* reversible, unlike a vasectomy, which while technically “reversible”, may fail due to multiple factors). At this point, a vasectomy, condom, or a form of female birth control have been the only options. And condoms fail, come off, break, or just plain hurt some women. Hopefully in the next 10 years we’ll see something come of this (or more likely, it will simply drop off the map again like all other male forms of birth control have before).

theintjcapricorn asked:

Speaking of ze birth controls. Have you heard of the Vasagel that they're working on for men? I'm really hoping it works, because men deserve to have control of their own reproductive rights as well. But it's supposed to be very effective and reversible.

I have heard about it! I saw an article on Twitter a week ago or something about it (or at least about something similar). I just hope they’re able to develop one that every man can use because of the same reason, they should be able to have a choice too without having to resort to a vasectomy.