a non-exhaustive list of photos that go up on the wall in the foxhole court lounge before neil josten graduates:

  • nicky and aaron and kevin jammed into one side of a fast food restaurant booth at 3am on new years day, eating burgers while looking varying stages of wasted (taken by an amused dan from the next booth over, from between neil and andrew’s heads)
  • renee alone, an artistic shot that captures the light in her hair, turning it into a proper rainbow, and the gilded line of her jaw and cheek (everyone thinks it was taken by dan. it was allison)
  • aaron and katelyn together, aaron’s expression so quiet and so, so light as he looks up at her where she’s perched on a table looking back (taken by allison, who knows what it means to be a pretty girl who loves someone all broken inside. she’s not jealous that katelyn has better luck than her - she’s, in a strange way, proud)
  • kevin and wymack talking on the sidelines, serious as always, taken to catch wymack’s attentively bowed head and the considering light in kevin’s eyes (you better believe dan took that one)
  • neil lying back against andrew’s side, andrew’s arm hooked over his shoulder and his hand splayed loose and easy over neil’s chest while he stares out the window, neil’s chin on his chest as he sleeps, taken on a long bus ride home (taken by renee. andrew knows it was her - she took him turning his face away as the tacit permission it was)
  • dan and matt kissing and grinning and kissing, helmets under arms, at the end of dan’s last practice before the penultimate game of her final season as fox captain (taken by renee from the bench, with a smile on her own face)
  • the entire team with the trophy, the one that proves them better than a one-shot wonder after all (taken by katelyn, heart so swollen with pride she can barely swallow)
  • the girls arm in arm, dressed in fox orange, all grinning after their graduation ceremony in abby’s backyard
  • the aftermath of that, where matt bounds in behind them and hugs the three of them at once so they’re all in various stages of open-mouthed yelling and laughing (both taken by a gruff but impossibly proud wymack)
  • matt bent over to talk to neil on the court, their height difference comical (a sports photographer took that one, but nicky’s the one to put it on the wall. neil is bemused)
  • nicky and erik, from his surprise visit during the last games of the fall season, where nicky has obviously been smiling (taken by neil, at nicky’s request but without complaint)
  • andrew’s profile and neil’s face in focus, capturing the intensity with which he looks at andrew - more open than he would have known how to be a few years back, and just a little soft (taken by nicky. fair’s fair)
  • neil alone by the whiteboard in the lounge, arms crossed and mouth open as he lectures the freshman (read; tears them to pieces) as their captain (taken by matt, who admires neil’s ability to verbally destroy people)
  • kevin and neil talking to the press, in gear but with their helmets off. kevin smiling (they won), neil’s eyes cool and serious (a press shot that nicky cut out and put up. kevin likes that they look like professionals in it, and likes having neil josten beside him)
  • kevin and wymack at his graduation, heads together. kevin’s smiling (taken by neil because kevin as a human belongs to the foxes, and belongs on the wall)
  • matt in the jersey of his new pro team under his graduation gown, posing like a superhero with an arm thrown over his head (taken by neil, laughing)
  • matt and nicky grinning with the ocean in the background, arms over shoulders (taken by dan on their group trip to california - there’s blurs in the background that would, with a sharper focus, resolve into a sunburn-victim neil, a black-clad arm belonging to andrew, the back of kevin’s head, and the irrepressible and smiling jeremy knox, their guide for the day) 
  • andrew leaning against the driver side door of the maserati in an undisclosed location, staring into the camera like he’s challenging the man behind it (neil. it’s neil)

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Do you have any headcanons regarding the process of becoming a gym leader or the qualifications of gym leaders?

They vary a lot location to location, but generally speaking, a potential gym leader must:

- Go through the Pokémon challenge successfully

- Be a citizen of whatever region they will work in

- Gain the acceptance of a current gym leader as a successor

- Accept a period of training from said leader (length of time varies by region)

- Have a two- to four-year degree in teaching (again, varies by region)

Each place has an additional rules and regulations.

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Do you do commissions? I just really like the way you draw Blueberry! xux

Heya cookie :)
So far I did only private requested comissions, but I’ve never dared to open/offer commissions. (So you’re really flattering me, to ask for this)
Why? ‘cause I still believe my art is lil’ crappy and needs improvement. My style varies from picture to picture,  because I always try out new stuff. My scetches are fine, but colo pictures aren’t that hot by me x)

However, if you are truly interested in commissions by me, then simply pm me :) I’m always giving my best, if a picture is not for me, so you would get something good in return. And I would talk this out with ya.
If there are more ppl interested in that, I would put of some rules and FAQs for info.

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ma che poi vedo un sacco di volte post in cui le persone si lamentano dello studio e dei test e di quanto il sistema americano li metta sotto pressione e li spinga quasi al suicido e... ma davvero? considerando che io probabilmente avrei fatto schifo se fossi andata in una scuola americana perché i test a crocette non li so fare (che schifo...), però oh, loro non c'hanno manco le interrogazioni 😂

si vabbe un americano che si fa il mio terzo anno di liceo classico allora crepa dentro, leggevamo in greco in classe, sotto scrutini c’erano tipo due settimane che facevi una verifica ogni santo giorno, ti interrogavano sicuro due volte al semestre, ti dovevi leggere dante e varie ed eventuali e per di in QUINTA GINNASIO ti leggevi tutto i promessi sposi dall’inizio alla fine hahahahahaahahahah altro che hemingway ma magari hemingway

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what are your thoughts on duolingo as a starting point?

Yep! I’m not familiar with most of the courses as they are all volunteer-made and can vary in quality, but the Russian and German trees are great! The Russian goes through all the grammar up to early B1. I’ve posted this link where you can get the grammar notes from Duolingo, but as with many things, it will ultimately depend on you and your efforts. You can have the best materials in the world but if don’t care, you won’t get much done. I suggest spending at least 20 minutes a day, and writing down notes and maybe make flashcards or find a Memrise course with them already made. The vocabulary is really the part that lacks in the courses, but I don’t expect them to make me learn 10,000 words in a small tree.

In addition to the lessons, I recommend using the “immersion” tab to practice translating and especially the discussion tab!!! People are always asking great questions, have amazing answers and resources where you could immerse yourself more, & they can explain certain sentences or concepts (I suggest going on the mobile site to see). It is a great little community. :)

I guess since I am a good 4-8 years older than the amazing teens on langblr and grew up in a community where people had to buy expensive video programs to learn English, the thought of having a free app that you can use whenever you want to learn a language is amazing to me? 

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Ruby is really cute and I love your art💜, but are demons like the angels?

Thank you ♥ Ruby’ll be pleased to hear that, hah. I’m not exactly sure what you mean with ‘like the angels’, though? I did put together an infosheet om demons:

Demons can be placed in roughly 3 categories;

*The standard, run-of-the-mill black-eyed ones

*The more powerful white-eyed ones

*The rarer red-eyed ones

All demons have the horns, although the standard demons usually have smaller ones. This makes them easier to hide and because of that, standard demons can fairly successfully assimilate as humans. …until you startle or anger them, that is.

Demons have a protective third eyelid/membrane that can be drawn over the eye to protect it. This usually means it makes an appearance when they’re startled, angry, or scared. The membrane varies in color from greyish-blackish to red, to white, depending on the subspecies of demon you’re dealing with.

Standard demons are quite common and because of their not-all-that-exclusive looks they’re not as sought-after as Angels or higher demons. This leads to loads of them living on the streets. But where Angels would be devastated by this, demons actually flourish. They’re not as attuned to humans as Angels are, and they can perfectly fend for themselves, thank you very much.

Demons are said to be far more stand-offish and oppertunistic than Angels. While it’s true to some extent, there are of course lots of exceptions in which demons adore ‘their’ human.

Regulations regarding standard demons are far less rigid than for Angels and higher Demons. Mostly because they don’t have quite that much power to hurt someone if they’d wanted, not counting their sharp, claw-like nails.

Strays are often caught, collared and released back onto the streets. They are usually equipped with a rudimentary corrective collar, reacting to loud vocalisations with a buzz, shock, or cloud of sharp-smelling chemicals. These standard collars can be activated from a distance as well, usually by law-enforcement or other authorities, when they see a demon do something they don’t want them doing.

The white-eyed demons are more of a commodity, although they’re a lot more dangerous as well. They have a power of suggestion that is sometimes referred to as a form of mind-control. Coupled with their above average strength and very short fuse, there are lots of safety measures in place for them.

The red-eyed demons are not all that physically powerful, but they have a knack of getting their human whatever they want- in exchange for something else, of course. This makes them HIGHLY valuable, and the most spoiled ones by far.

Angels and Demons instinctively don’t like each other. Archangels especially would like to chase them away from what they hold dear. In the wild, standard Demons are persistent thieves plundering food and other resources, while the higher Demons won’t shy away from nabbing a stray fledgeling for shits and giggles and leaving it all by its lonesome in the wilderness.

Higher Demons are known to pick fights with the common seraphs as well, often being fairly evenly matched with them.

Demons don’t have the flock-structure Angels have, although they do grou together for convenience’s sake. That’s not to say they won’t defend their pack ferociously when threatened, because while oppertunistic, Demons are also loyal to what they hold dear.

Various ‎– Love, Peace & Poetry - Turkish Psychedelic Music
Q.D.K. Media ‎– LP 047
Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Gonna dig out the comps today, get some spice happening.  Do you like psychedelic music?  Do you like digging for obscure pieces of awesome?  Get these10 volumes, all mind blowers.  Japan, Africa, Mexico, Chile, Asia, Brasil, Latin America, America, British.  Globe trotting series, no psych pebble is left unturned.  "Nuggets" might be the cornerstone of any psych collection, the most obvious starting point.  Those who like to travel the beaten path will be amply rewarded by the “Love, Peace & Poetry”.  Nuggets flawlessy compiles the far more recognizeable stuff. This collection isn’t nearly as obvious in that it contain’s no “hits” but to my ears, it’s far more substantive and varied.  Globetrotting on acid, through your earholes.


Sandor Clegane "The Hound" Headcanon

I can’t be the only SanSan shipper whose personal Sandor headcanon occasionally depends upon the fanfic that I am reading, right? Or maybe it is just me. Rory McCann is my Sandor headcanon for most of the fanfics that I’ve read, likely because I watched the show before reading the books.

There are a couple of exceptions, though. Peter Steele is one {no surprise there}, but there are also a few where my Sandor headcanon is a former boyfriend of mine. He fits the physical description of Sandor well, except for the scars. “F” is tall, 6'5, with shoulder length black hair and muscular. He has that silent brooding thing going on which is what first attracted me to him. So I guess it’s not strange that he would make an appearance as my Sandor headcanon.

It’s interesting how headcanon for may vary from FF stories, GRRM’s books, and the show.

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Just wondering who you would use on your team if you were battling competitively? Or just like, some of your top pick for competitive pokemon this gen

I’d probably pick up like Toxapex (Merciless+baneful bunker and the like), Primarina (if Liquid Voice is released). Araquanid (that ability), Drizzle Pelipper if I was running rain (I guess it kinda counts b/c Drizzle is new; works decently at stopping Pheromosa if its not running HP Electric), the UBs to varying extents I guess (with Pheromosa and Celesteela being the ones I’m most interested in), Mascots (but especially Lunala), Bewear (Fluffy) Alola Raichu with Tapu Koko support (all the Tapus really), Minior (Shields Down plus Shell Smash), Bruxish (Strong Jaw+Psychic Fangs though Dazzling is nice). That may look like a lot of picks but this is out of 700+ mons (did try to keep it to only alola dex and new ones tho). Tbh, I do think a lot of the new ones are “good” (to varying degrees) depending on what format you’re choosing and the team composition but I can’t say majority you know. Battle Bond Greninja looks nice but it loses out on Protean and you legally can only have a neutral natured one so there’s that. But this is pretty much what I like the most tbh.

After some reflection on the issue at hand, i just want to say that if you subscribe to the belief that cultural and ethnic identity can easily be divided with walls into absolutes then please block me and never engage with me ever again.

If you believe that individuals can’t have a hand in multiple cultures because of their background to varying degrees and thus, that people can’t talk about these cultures at all, or identify with these cultures in any way, then please kindly fuck off.  

I’m not interested in strangers on the internet psychoanalyzing my writing and then diagnosing my cultural and ethnic identity, and finally prescribing me topics in which I am allowed to discuss like they know me better than I do.  

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Don't know if this has been asked before, but if Skalt did bring male delegates like they have presumably done in the past, who goes to whose country, and how does the new couple support each other since both are trained in domestics rather than having an inheritance/income to support a spouse.

It’s a matter of negotation that varies from circumstance to circumstance, but generally if the woman (or man) in question had no assets of their own they would go back to Skalt, which has a much better group support social system.

They don’t have the traditional “earner” vs. “homemaker” arrangements. Everyone contributes how they can to the tribe and the tribe takes care of everyone in it.

Learning ASL, and Gaster’s helping. He’s still a bit too fast and delicately signed for me to keep up though, hehe

Signing a simple ‘Hello, my name is Gaster.’ 

Or at least I hope so ahahaha