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Hello! First I wanna thank you for your "Magnus and Jewelry" gifsets, they are super awesome. Now, may I ask you if it's possible for you to share the psd you used here >> /post/150867071183 . Magnus skin looks the perfect color and I think it will help many people who have hard time with coloring POC characters. Thank you :)

I’m glad you like it!! I’ll share my base PSD since I don’t really work with fully colored PSDs. I color each gif individually; the lighting is just too different scene to scene. Like, the layers for this gif would make Magnus in this one as orange as the sun if I transferred them straight over.

Here’s the base PSD I’ve made that I use for everything:

☆ { DOWNLOAD }  ☆

You’ll notice it’s very dark/minimal; it’s literally just a base. The way I use it is that while I’ll always alter the individual layers of my base + build on them, the order they’re in rarely changes. Additional layers usually go directly above or under to brighten and color, but almost never in between. I have a color adjustment tutorial here.

I find more important than the PSD itself is knowing what your final outcome should look like. So I’ve made a palette for Magnus (using my base PSD) that should hopefully serve as a reference point:

[Note that this doesn’t include stylized colorings – that’s a more complicated topic and at that stage it really just depends on the individual set. Some are totally fine but others are more iffy which is why I encourage people to learn proper skin tones first before experimenting.]

Jellyfish Madness

Beneath the ocean waves lies a whole other world. Biology is vast and widely undiscovered in our oceans and habitats range from kelp forests, to coral reefs, and far beyond. Earlier this week we had a post that mentioned some of the causes and conditions of “underwater lakes”, which can be found here: And just as there are “underwater lakes” there are also “underwater deserts” or dead zones that prevent most aquatic life from flourishing. Some of these dead zones are caused by natural processes however recent studies conducted by NOAA and other agencies have determined that; surprise, surprise, humans haven’t helped.

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Soft!Dex headcannons

-his fav clothes to wear around his dorm is a baby pink hoodie and pastel blue sweats
-his fav colour is purple
-when he goes home over break his younger sister gives him flower crowns to get him through to the next holiday
-he currently owns about 30
-his fav on is made up of blue bells, daisy’s and lily’s all in varying shades of pastel purple
-he wants to die his hair but he’s worried that when his hair grows through natural again it will be a darker shade of red
-he loves his light red (hella orange) hair

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I love u art so so muchh it's look amazingg! make my day! :3 btw could i ask for u brush setting? U line look hella awesome uvu

thank you! and my brush settings are pretty basic; the 1st one i recently started using for doodles to give the lines a ‘sketchy’ feel and the 2nd is for my usual stuff for quick colouring/shading. I vary the “Min Size” of the brush on the 2nd one depending on my style preference :^)

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To the anon, when I first heard of stimming it was related to ADHD, but they also used the term fidgeting. Then I saw it was also for people with anxiety, and THEN I heard about autistic people doing it. It's for anybody. It's just a stimulating image/sound that people find relaxing or satisfying, anybody can do it, you don't have to be neurodivergent.

The energy is a bit wobbly today, leaving your highly-sensitive self wondering if it’s just you feeling insecure and wanting to retreat (it’s not just you; it’s an energy affecting us all to varying degrees).

Today is about choosing whether or not to drop your guard and defenses, and fully allow yourself to trust and love. You’ve been hurt before, and you’ve been protecting yourself. Trouble is, you realize the fortress you created is causing emotional numbness. You want to feel love and be loved, and that means expanding your emotional comfort zone.

Although the day may bring uncomfortable moments, it also brings blessings of you having compassion upon yourself. It’s as if you’re a parent lovingly watching over yourself, witnessing your struggle to let go of doubts and allow yourself to trust, have faith, and believe.

Ultimately, you realize that it’s about choosing to trust yourself, including trusting your intuition and the divine guidance messages which God sends to you. From there, you branch out to trust certain other people.

Spend today as quietly as possible, or with one very gentle person. Keep your schedule simple, and turn off electronics to avoid interruption of your conversation with God and yourself.

From the Past Life Oracle Cards with Dr. Brian Weiss at

This reading is for the next 24 hours in all time zones. I draw and post cards daily after I first pray about and tune-in to the current world energies which affect us all. You can give yourself a free card reading at:

My new Archangel Raphael Guidance App is now available! Receive healing support, guidance, and comforting messages at (iTunes) or (Android) Clickable link in IG profile.

#learningtotrustagain #droppingdefenses #openingyourhearttolove #drbrianweiss

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Ieri stavo per tornare a casa e mi è venuto un attacco d'ansia fortissimo. Il fatto di vedere i miei genitori sempre più infelici per colpa di un solo stipendio e io che li rendo sempre meno soddisfatti di me. Quindi ho deciso che oggi avrei passato la giornata a mandare curriculum e in questi giorni sarei andata ad iscrivermi nelle varie agenzie della zona che mi hanno consigliato. Speriamo in bene, ho bisogno di cavarmela da sola e di renderli sereni. Se lo meritano.

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I know this is kind of weird question but are "ethnic"(idk how else to phrase it) restaurants in France popular?

I got what you meant, restaurants that don’t serve franco-french food. It’s less varied than other countries. We have a huuuuuuuuuge kebab culture over here, kebab shops are absolutely everywhere and are open at any our of the night, even during New Year. Kebab is considered to be /the/ drunk food you get went you get out of the club at 4am. Kebab and Italian food are on the same level I reckon

Then there’s chinese restaurants. From my experience there’s at least one in every town.

It gets more scarse from there, unless you live in a MAJOR city like Paris, Nice, Lyon and the like. Japanese restaurants came very late, in the last decade or so and is slowly spreading throughout France 

ive come 2 a realization. 

for a while now, there have been basically 2 veins of thought on my dash wrt trillary and they are: 

vote for her, she suxx, but donald trump can’t be the figurehead of america 

and don’t vote for her (or it doesn’t matter if u vote) because she’s a war hawk imperialist etc etc just as evil as him just in a different way

and so far these both have been expressed in isolation, in different posts w varying degrees of intensity. some ppl saying voting is imperative, others calling for radical action and so on. 

but like. these truths exist simultaneously and arent completely mutually exclusive? 

donald trump is a vile clown and the country (esp minority groups) will suffer more with him as president + the empowered conservatives backing him. it’s not just that he’s incompetent, it’s that he’s a v good fear monger who creates a culture of intolerance that allows right wing loons to thrive and do their evil work out in plain view. he can’t allowed to be president and is actually dangerously close to the 50% support mark according to projections. but like. for whom is hillary clinton ‘better’? american moderates/faux liberals who fall hook, line, and sinker for her rlly basic policies? what about the black + brown ppl she helped incarcerate and still sees as thugs w no “value”? impoverished ppl? and the ppl in all the countries the us luvs to drop bombs on? plus the conservatives already in government will try n be evil and stonewall regardless. she doesn’t deserve to b president just because trump doesn’t kno how to shut his mouth. voting shouldn’t work that way. 2 shitheads enter a race and it shouldn’t be the case that one wins bc they’re a different kind of shithead. 

it simultaneously matters and doesn’t matter who u vote for in november and the idea of that is just. wildt to me. both these camps on are 100% right so where does that leave me come election day lmao. am i gonna stay my ass home or bite that huge ass bullet. 

German soldiers and a Panther tank in the Korsun-Cherkassy Pocket. The Korsun–Shevchenkovsky Offensive led to the Battle of the Korsun–Cherkasy Pocket which took place from 24 January to 16 February 1944. The offensive was part of the Dnieper–Carpathian Offensive. In it, the 1st and 2nd Ukrainian Fronts encircled German forces of Army Group South in a pocket near the Dnieper River. During weeks of fighting, the two Red Army Fronts tried to eradicate the pocket. The encircled German units attempted a breakout in coordination with a relief attempt by other German forces, resulting in heavy casualties, estimates of which vary.

The Soviet victory in the Korsun–Shevchenkovsky Offensive marked the successful implementation of Soviet deep operations. Soviet Deep Battle doctrine envisaged the breaking of the enemy’s forward defences to allow fresh operational reserves to exploit the breakthrough by driving into the strategic depth of the enemy front. The arrival of large numbers of U.S. and British built trucks and halftracks gave the Soviet forces much greater mobility than they had in the earlier portion of the war. This, coupled with the Soviet capacity to hold large formations in reserve gave the Red Army the ability to drive deep behind German defenses again and again.

Though the Soviet operation at Korsun did not result in the collapse in the German front that the Soviet command had hoped for, it marked a significant deterioration in the strength available to the German army on that front, especially in heavy weaponry, nearly all of which was lost during the breakout. Through the rest of the war the Red Army would place large German forces in jeopardy, while the Germans were stretched thin and constantly attempting to extract themselves from one crisis to the next. Mobile Soviet offensives were the hallmark of the Eastern front for the remainder of the war.

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kuroken hcs?

ah yess pardon me if these are a little cat-centric :3c

  • kenma is selectively cuddly. one second he plops down and curls up in kuroo’s lap, the next he prefers to keep some space between them, although he likes to touch kuroo in some way – like putting just his feet in his lap – almost 24/7 
  • despite this kenma is very affectionate with kuroo and likes to mess with his hair, since kuroo can’t seem to get it under control. one day he put his hair five pig tails of varying size
  • kuroo unabashedly went to school like that and everyone complimented kenma’s handiwork (”it’s such an improvement over the way he usually wears it!”)
  • kenma’s favorite way to play is with his back against kuroo’s chest so kuroo can watch what he’s doing, and sometimes kenma will explain his strategies to kuroo, who makes a pleasant rumbling sound that’s a lot like purring
  • one thing kenma never gets sick of is having his hair played with. kuroo knows how to braid, and when kenma’s hair gets longer, he learns how to fishtail. sometimes he weaves wildflowers into the braids. kuroo is so proud of himself and he sends pictures to everyone he knows
  • a headcanon that i will die with is that kenma does that kneading thing
  • kuroo knows all of kenma’s passwords (kenma tells him, of course, because trust has never been an issue) and doesnt need to write them down or ask kenma to tell him again. he just remembers
  • kuroo tamps down his extroversion a lot so that he doesnt make kenma uncomfortable or put him in awkward situations, but kenma also accommodates and makes an effort to go out with kuroo sometimes
  • but both of them actually prefer to stay in and play video games or sleep or watch a show; they’re low maintenance people who dont need to be out and about all the time
  • kuroo loves manga and he recommends some to kenma, who gets kuroo into video games, so sometimes they swap for a day or two, or do the same thing together. they are invested in each other’s pastimes and never spoil anything bc that’s a sin why would you do that
  • they bicker about where to eat so they have to write places down on colored popsicle sticks and draw them from a jar when they come to an impasse. they always end up drawing at least six times 
  • kenma has ridiculous upper body strength and can lift kuroo up for a few seconds

imma stop bc im all out of steam. thank you for the ask :*

ma si’ nato in Italy.

“So per certo che l’estero è stata la nostra salvezza”. Mattia, detto Pinna, uno dei batteristi più interessanti in circolazione. Grande groove, batteria scarna e personalità da scapestrato. Parlavamo degli ultimi tour fatti con gli Hormonauts di Andy MacFarlane, scozzese di Santarcangelo di Romagna. Una volta fecero 5 date in Italia e almeno 2O in Europa tra Germania, Austria, Svezia, Finlandia, Danimarca, Paesi Bassi e Inghilterra. Poi si sono spostati in America, nel Texas: chiamati per rappresentare l’Italia al Sxsw festival, “mica l’Eurovision”, aggiunse con soddisfazione. Forte di questi successi, alla fine di quasi due mesi di fuoco è tornato in Italia, convinto di riuscire a trovare il medesimo entusiasmo, ma ad attenderlo c’era solo una data ad Arezzo tra vecchi amici abbattuti e pessimisti: “Perfino i più preparati, quelli che parlano varie lingue e sono dei mostri con gli strumenti, vengono rifiutati dal mercato estero. Sono costretti a essere italiani, suonare italiani, è una cosa indecente”. Mattia, come altri musicisti sul campo, colleziona storie di gente che si è ritrovata alienata, costretta a dipendere dai genitori pure a trent’anni e oltre, con quattro dischi alle spalle. Che vorrebbero fuggire ma sono intrappolati nel sistema che produce musica che non funziona all’estero e mai funzionerà, se non per altri italiani che all’estero ci vivono. Così restano a fare quello che hanno sempre fatto, piuttosto che suonare a Londra con la strana impressione di aver fatto una data a Pomezia - o trovare un modo perché questo non succeda. Perché se sei Ligabue e suoni alla Royal Albert Hall puoi almeno vantarti della location, ma se ti ritrovi al Greencoat davanti (al massimo) a 8O paganti quasi totalmente italiani, allora parliamone.

Da anni gli analisti e i mezzi di informazione italiani lanciano l’allarme sulla “fuga di braccia e cervelli”, ma ogni mese trovare un gruppo o un solista che si faccia un giro al di fuori del pianerottolo di casa sua è una vera impresa. Anche se poi è difficile stabilire con certezza quante siano le partenze, visto che l’Istat non si occupa certo di queste cose, c’è la certezza che anche i nomi considerabili e in effetti considerati “pronti e competitivi per lavorare oltre i confini” (per esempio i Verdena) all’atto pratico collezionano solo 8 date in Europa, e l’America se non sei Il Volo resta spesso una chimera. Ogni tanto spunta un nome (penso agli A Classic Education) di qualcuno che sembra destinato a grandi cose, ma spesso si tratta di fuochi di paglia destinati a spengnersi in una manciata di anni. Resta il mondo delle band strumentali e quello ancora più vasto del folk e del etnico a reggere bene il confronto ma, detto francamente, andare ancora in giro a suon di pizziche e tarante (o i canti degli alpini, fa lo stesso) per essere cagati non mi sembra una grande vittoria per nessuno. Questo non vuol dire però che non ci siano davvero elementi di interesse per un pubblico internazionale rispetto alla nostra musica. Un Donato Dozzy, un Teho Teardo, un Alborosie sono eccezioni più che valide, ma potrei citare anche gli internazionalmente noti ZU, ma sono appunto eccezioni (e due senza cantato!) di un mondo dove l’unica data fuori confine in tour che magari durano anni è uno scoglio che tu sia Emma Marrone o Vinicio Capossela - anche lui spesso “venduto” più come “prodotto” etnico o world-music per circoli culural-letterari e centri folcloristici che come cantautore.

Anche se nessuno dei musicisti con cui parlo se la sente mai di mettere sotto processo quelle “persone che permettono la nostra sopravvivenza, anche se abbiamo superato tutti i trentacinque anni”, ovvero mamma e papà nelle dure parole di Roberta Sammarelli dei sopracitati Verdena, dal vissuto quotidiano e dal sottotesto di qualcuno emergono tutte le responsabilità dei genitori. Dalle vecchie generazioni non c’è mai stata comprensione e non è mai stato dato il modo alle nuove di esprimersi su larga scala secondo quei canoni veramente competitivi all’estero. Il dileggio, l’incomprensione o l’indifferenza hanno sempre serpeggiato laddove qualcuno ha provato a farsi largo con regole proprie (dico Sanremo, ma anche Tenco e la quasi totalità dei palchi con visibilità nazionale) oppure uniformarsi a standard datati oramai anche per mia madre è stata la sottesa costrizione per essere presi in considerazione. Questo per me è un danno gravissimo e una colpa imperdonabile. Qualcuno la pensa come me. “Sono anni che ci danno l’illusione che qualcosa stia lì lì per cambiare, ma non ci hanno mai avvertiti che era una finta. Ci hanno sedotto con la loro realtà e uniformato alla loro visione del mondo”. A parlare è uno che a Sanremo c’è stato e si è reso conto della stronzata fatta. “Chi ci va, in genere ci ritorna ed è sempre peggio. Perché è un circolo vizioso che ti da un’abnorme visibilità qua ma non attecchisce all’estero, perché ti vuole preciso e perfetto per un circuito radiofonico che è atroce e inesportabile”. Così ci sono due circuiti affascinanti: il primo è creato da quelli che all’estero neanche ci vogliono andare, che come unico scopo han quello di fare il botto in Italia e se poi capita l’occasione ladra di sconfinare ben venga, fa curriculum; il secondo è quello di chi vorrebbe pure andarci ma proviene da una nazione musicalmente (ancora) arretrata, che non viene presa quasi per nulla seriamente e costringe i propri artisti a sottostare a regole postbelliche a-là Nunzio Filogamo per essere calcolati.

Risultato: 1O date qua per un qualunque nome di merda che venga da fuori, 1 data per noi fuori se tutto va bene, l’agenzia di booking si sbatte abbastanza e quel giorno non piove. La cosa divertente è che il prodotto musicale italiano a conti fatti è parecchio esterofilo eppure all'estero non va, “perché derivativo ed è difficile convincere un inglese”, dice Teardo, che oggi suonerà ad Amsterdam e domani a Tokyo, mentre il prodotto musicale estero, anche se infimo, qua va tantissimo. Lisa, giovane musicista sarda che da tempo vive tra York e Londra, sostiene invece che in Italia “sta per scoppiare un conflitto generazionale”. Ma dall’estero, si sa, dalla tv, non si capisce niente. La verità è che la società che i sessantottini hanno lasciato hai loro nipoti è decisamente diversa da come l’avevano progettata. Musicalmente parlando, e forse anche per tutto il resto. Molto più vicina a quella dei loro odiati padri e nonni di quanto uno si potesse immaginare. Una soluzione, lasciando perdere iniziative come il Puglia Sound o Palermitani nel Mondo, l’avevano messa in campo quei folli del punk hardcore torinese negli anni Ottanta: non contare sugli altri e fare tutto da sè,  prendere e partire per suonare. “E’ il suonare per suonare, ma se c’hai il culo pesante e freddo la notte mica ce la fai” nelle parole di Andrea dei Crunch. “Ti organizzi 2O o 3O date non per passare alla storia, gli applausi ogni sera o guadagnare 6 mila euro al mese, l’ideale dovrebbe essere quello di suonare”. Dovrebbe.