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Is it foolish to think that Varys, who has spies everywhere and was aware of Rhaegar's intentions to depose his father, knows of Jon Snow's true parentage? There's no textual evidence (that I can think of) to support it (for instance, his conversations with Ned about Robert's bastards), but it seems unlikely that one of the greatest spymaster's in history wouldn't know the greatest secret in Westeros' recent history.

First off I should note I don’t believe Varys was right about “Rhaegar’s intentions to depose his father” – I think he was deliberately stirring shit in House Targaryen as part of his Blackfyre restoration plans, and the supposed secret backer of the Harrenhal tourney being Rhaegar is a red herring placed in TWOIAF on purpose. (I think there’s a lot of things Yandel is very wrong about in TWOIAF, and while some like magic and the Others and such are obvious, there’s many political mistakes and oversights too. He’s a very unreliable narrator, deliberately so.)

Secondly, Varys is an excellent spymaster, but he doesn’t know everything. He only knows what his little birds can see or hear. (Like, Olenna had loud singing cover up her conversation with Sansa, Littlefinger had Sansa meet Dontos in the godswood specifically to avoid the little birds, and that’s why LF reported the Tyrell betrothal plan to Tywin while Varys hadn’t heard anything about it. Also Varys doesn’t seem to have had any awareness of Sandor and Sansa’s interactions.) Note that Varys was still fairly new to Westeros at the time of Robert’s Rebellion and almost certainly didn’t have a full spy network yet, certainly not in the Red Mountains where the Tower of Joy was, and probably not in Starfall either. Jaime relates that during the Rebellion “Prince Rhaegar could not be found”, which means people were looking but couldn’t find him, which means Varys didn’t know either. (Or if he did know, he wasn’t saying, again to stir shit.) The Tower of Joy was very out of the way.

But still, it’s possible that Varys does know about R+L=J, either from his spies back when or gathered knowledge since then. If so, he’s likely factored in the possible revelation of Jon’s parentage into his plans to bring Aegon to the throne. Whether Varys has false counter-information ready in case of a reveal, or if he’d simply be using a semi-truthful legal strategy (Aegon is older; even if Rhaegar married Lyanna it was bigamous and thus illegal; etc), or even if he doesn’t know and finds out when the secret is made public (if it’s made public), it probably doesn’t matter. Varys is very utilitarian: he’ll do what he must, whatever it may be.

(btw I don’t mind if someone asks the same question of all the meta people on tumblr, presumably in hopes of getting different answers, but personally I prefer if it’s proceeded with a statement that that’s what you’re doing. It makes me feel less like a meta monkey dancing for your entertainment, thanks.)

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i literally just signed up to ask you a question my liege. Love the page, love EA, congrats. Something that has bothered me for some time now besides the dragon that escaped Winterfell, is as Tyrion awaits his second trial by combat in the black cells under the Red Keep. A coin is found with a hand on it. The order of the greenhand. Is there a secret society pulling levers? I assume Hightower is its leader cause i want him to be. Will the Greenhands play a larger or rather more open roll?

Thanks! I think the key detail is where the coin was found: in Rugen’s room. Rugen, of course, is actually Varys in disguise; we learned in ADWD where his loyalty really lies, and it’s not with Highgarden, so I think the Spider left the coin there in order to foment divide between the Lannisters and Tyrells. As Varys himself says in the epilogue to ADWD, his goal is for the current regime to crumble from within to ease his perfect prince’s path to the Iron Throne. 


Asexual characters on tv shows:

Lord Varys from Game of Thrones || Raphael Santiago from Shadowhunters

Game of Thrones Season 6: A Short Plot Summary.

“You spoke of Varys. Does the eunuch know all of it?”

“Not from my lips,” Catelyn said. “You did not wed a fool, Eddard Stark. But Varys has ways of learning things that no man could know. He has some dark art, Ned, I swear it.”

“He has spies, that is well known,” Ned said, dismissive.

“It is more than that,” Catelyn insisted. “Ser Rodrik spoke to Ser Aron Santagar in all secrecy, yet somehow the Spider knew of their conversation. I fear that man.”

I often see Catelyn’s concerns about Varys invoked to demonstrate that she’s stupid or, at least, politically incompetent. The gist seems to be, “Wow, can this woman really not understand the concept of spies? The world doesn’t run on honor and trust, lady.” This bothers me, because her reaction is actually very astute and a good example of how honor and trust can be an asset in the game of thrones.

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