varxx darkrage


@charrwithacamera Fashion Friday #4

Sad I can’t edit these >_< maybe later. Ralli’s husband in all his glory!

Necromancer Varxx Darkrage

Helm: Whispers Secret Cowl

Shoulders: None

Chest: Vestments of the Lich

Gloves: Aurora Gloves

Leggings: Feathered Pants

Boots: Carapace Shoes

Dyes: Emerald, White, Shadow Blue, Icing, Stone.

I give you my hand, and you give me yours.

You fight for me, and I fight for you.

You and I, two sides of a whole.

My love for you will see us through.

I just want them to get married and be happy they’ve been through enough already but the jungle has other ideas and i’m die ;_;

humorium-deactivated20140414  asked:

"That’s the cheesiest pickup line I’ve ever heard."

Varxx grinned. “Oh, playing hard to get? That’s fine by me.” Varxx held up the rose he had… acquired from a nearby cart up to his nose. “I always thought that the word happiness started with an H.” He held out the rose to her, giving his best charming smile. “So why does it seem to start with U?”

“Varxx.” A sudden voice came from behind him, making him freeze with a  dreadful look on his face. Ralli stood behind him, arms crossed and glaring ice.