varxx darkrage


Art by @masharts and @lyraheart-art

Introducing the next chapter in the lives of my characters. <3 Enjoy!

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Aali never knew if these things were planned. Whether someone in the mists was messing with her, or whether the events she was thrown were necessary. She thought it might be a little bit of both.  It was a little over a year since Mordremoth’s downfall, but the Pact was a duty that lasted a lifetime.

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@charrwithacamera Fashion Friday #4

Sad I can’t edit these >_< maybe later. Ralli’s husband in all his glory!

Necromancer Varxx Darkrage

Helm: Whispers Secret Cowl

Shoulders: None

Chest: Vestments of the Lich

Gloves: Aurora Gloves

Leggings: Feathered Pants

Boots: Carapace Shoes

Dyes: Emerald, White, Shadow Blue, Icing, Stone.