Pankit Thakker Reviews Badlapur :

Badlapur toys with many shades of grey, significantly enhancing the effect of its pivotal dramatic conflict.

Director has succeeded to keep the audience engrossed.
Film manages to maintain the pace. Although it is a revenge drama with full dose of thrill; quirky comedy certainly makes you laugh at most of the places.
Music is top notch and its the best part of the film. Camera work is awesome and background music is thrilling.

Badlapur is a complete performance driven film. This Film deals with a dark humour revenge.This movie is more practical than many of the other movies; reason being that the protagonist is not ethically correct every time and thats true for any common man.
Whole star cast has done a great job especially Varun and Nawazuddin,kudos for them.
A typical turn around in climax which I will certainly not give away.
Must watch for people who can handle a bit of gore.

Badlapur is a film that will find patrons amidst the multiplex crowd. And yes, it is a film that will continue to live-on in the minds of cinema lovers for a long time to come.

I give this film 4hearts upon 5hearts.